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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

The gymnastic exercises

And then there's the sex thing too like Uh-huh that matters that matters like You can check okay you can take all the Boxes and then that one box Is not good well I decides matter A certain size It's not hitting an area that needs to Be hit I like to be mentally stimulated And I don't feel like a lot of men do That for me I don't want to talk about Fitness all the [ __ ] time I'm not Just a fitness girl let's be transparent I've been married and divorced okay and I feel like after my divorce I boxed up a lot personally just with Different things I was doing in my life And once I bought stuff I felt like Some different type of men Were starting to be in my state there's Been multiple guys who try to holler at Me and they know my circle and holler to Holler everybody in the circle and um I Think it's nothing guys in the gym do That Oh Um I prefer a dad because I have kids And I don't want more kids so if I am Dating someone who doesn't have kids I Don't want kids Probably not gonna make it too far [Music] Yo guys man You're back at it again Can't stop obviously we won't stop we

Never stop working You're too addicted He's too addicted to being sexy I'm here today for the for the same Goddess man All the sexy cheats Kelly Kelly Today she's going to be teaching Us how to be sexy Once you type the sexy In the gym what do you mean I like him Shredded section Or you know Like on pocket section I mean I said it's a bodybuilder from Being a bodybuilder but um Yeah I like a little bit of software You know just like y'all might like a Woman who looks like she's in shape but At the same time Still kind of soft Maybe I thought man is like soft and Something in my heart you know Shocked she shot my heart So have you ever dated a bodybuilder Trainer for my But I'm not really a um Um I just wouldn't probably take Somebody And that's not even just about a look It's about You care enough To [ __ ] together so I just and then I'm

You know I'm in shape so I would want Somebody who can match my energy and my Lifestyle and um start probably what you Think It's really overweight or super stupid I'm not like a baby I want to be able to lay on your chest And then you know feel something under There and not just clean up not to call It all in this [ __ ] every breastplate or Whatever but like you don't like skinny Guys you pick like a big dude I mean I Might think Um height I probably wouldn't want someone shorter Than me but you know it's not a deal Breaker but I don't have a preference I'm just attracted to like attractive Man it's just it definitely matters did You say you need to hear about it right But that's not what you're talking about It Okay okay Okay [Music] I don't understand you know I don't care How much you could lose your hips if It's not a certain size It's not giving an area that needs to be Hit what if you notice how to use this It's just not the same size though it Can't So it has to hit an area for

You to be satisfied Um not necessarily so I could be Satisfied without that area being hit But it's better if it isn't it Yeah it is I I get that is this a dating Questionnaire or is this a sex question Uh no no no no no no this is uh you know You're on a date and we're talking about Science because that's why guys come to The gym Get these shots up So what's your favorite exercise Deadlift squat hip thrust Walk-in lenses and then I do a lot of That So I pull down Pull-Ups And Decor kind of like Hanging leg raises and all everything Poor I appreciate the woman like her That good Pull-Ups Because there's a good ways to do the Pull-offs too what put it away I don't know another way to do it When she do pull-ups right Be careful Foreign Very carefully respectful A lot of women are on Instagram and Tick Tock right now you know they just Twerking they they butt but like when She do the Pull-Ups Like her butt cheers like it's it looks Like it's twerking too so I appreciate That you know what I mean it's like nine

Does for real especially when you do the The burgers pull-ups she's putting some Strength into the sexy it's working she Don't even have it's working it works For it works for her how old am I told Me you're straight now Guys let me know in the comment section I think that's over Here Why super duper why not just single To sound better A long time Because I like what I like And um I just Oh no I'm not impressed for a Relationship I don't I don't really meet your men Often that make it to the relationship Box You know so we're still advice It's kind of requirement it just I want To be Um you know satisfied on all levels so Physical attraction is a thing you know A lot of older women and just older People in general say like as well it's In here that matters looks fade yeah you Want to be attracted to who your baby Period like you want to be attracted to That person so yeah looks looks matter Too much So I need

I need looks I need to Have your [ __ ] together I don't need a Ball and ass [ __ ] or somebody who's Making a certain amount of money but you Gotta have your [ __ ] together because I have my [ __ ] together and To be kind of equally equally doped Um So I mean that I prefer a dad because I have kids And someone who has kids will hopefully Well and don't understand my schedule And you know it's you know that's and I Don't want more kids so if I'm dating Someone who doesn't have kids and they Want kids Probably not gonna make it too far So we got the family aspect we have the Physical attraction happy [ __ ] together Um You know I don't feel like a lot of them Nowadays have like Morals and values Maybe out here going And that is just from the [ __ ] I knew About me was a new gym [ __ ] in my DMs and well this is a lot Going on so like it's just probably Better for me you know to date around And if somebody gets my attention enough Or it seems like they are a good Candidate to lock in then that's what I'll do for many DMs I can't really call Those guys like

You can't really count them you know What I mean what do you think about a Man that gives a woman a lot of Compliments Do you think that's simple Like if I'm always Right right Yeah I'm telling you right now Yes you feel like I have something Because God's been you've been comments You know if you've been comment coming Up to me just telling me like uh If you Okay Guys they're like yo you're giving uh For me I just can't I don't feel like That champion either I feel like that's Like uh that's just the truth like I'm Not hiding like I would tell her she Looked good every time I see her as many Times as I can because it's the truth I Don't think that's something you know What I'm saying it's not So yeah what do you mean by guys in the Gym don't have these [ __ ] together Because to me okay all right They don't stand on a lot of morals and Values this message I I feel like it's messy there's been Multiple guys who have talked try to Holler at me and they know my circle and Holler to holler everybody in the circle And um guys in the gym do that Let's see if you can pick me up women

Always want guys that could pick them up Now I want a woman that could pick me up Like are you single you might not be Single I just told them Not to smash my girl I connect with people Because to me right what is a Relationship Right what is a relationship one of them No what is your relationship With anybody like that's what I'm saying I have a relationship with Mo that's That's it that's what I'm saying right But you know between a man and a woman a Romantic relationship is you know Something that y'all share and and you Decide how you want to operate People in here have open relationships Where you can do whatever a lot with Whoever you want and all of that you Know there's relationships where You can you're exclusive and you're just Dealing with that one person So you know it is what you make it I Feel like magic When they work on their purpose right He's all practitioners The universal alignment One man I hate this What you feel about that So let's be transparent I've been Married and divorced okay and I feel

Like after my divorce I boxed up a lot personally just with Different things I was doing in my life And once I boxed up I felt like Different Type of men We're starting to be in my space right a Different caliber of man Was coming more on my face and um so I Do feel like When you work on yourself Um Different things start to shift and move Where they're supposed to move You gotta ask s permission before you Start touching you agreed about a man From chasing a purpose right yeah for People with General autistic purpose so Remember I said earlier that the Universe will align them with Either the the one woman that he Deserved for Women Right so If this particular guy that's on his Purpose right If the universe required him multiple Women Keep going with this apartment would you Be okay with that So polygamy is the thing and those type Of men usually have Good money and they are it's more of a Business deal thing and so I'm not

[ __ ] with TJ Little young ass who just want to have [ __ ] like I actually been invited to A polygamy situation with an older man With a lot of bread but I'm not Attracted to older men like that Physically those men too have a lot of Money I was talking about purpose like When when you talk about purpose we're Not talking about money we talking about It's my purpose to just be sharing all The time So that's how people are looking at it But that's not what it is I guess I want to build a legacy You know we're going to build a family We're going we're gonna build something And you don't have to do that with my Little people there's like a lot of Power couples who are doing that same Thing I mean building Brands building Businesses leaving just doing Generational wealth with their kids like All of that it doesn't and they're not Multiple people like you see how you've Seen you're not trying to have kids no More But like where you know we connect we're Connecting and all that and it's like Yo I want to have like two more trades I'm just with that woman just advocated Man I mean it's whatever works for for you You know for me

I don't know for sure that that would Work But um you know it just really depends On your relationship with that person And then you know the evidence I was Talking to you I told you how I can come Up compartmentalize that people won't Die date like you know everybody Always have the whole package which is Why I said people don't make it to the Relationship box A lot because This person got this yeah this person Got this person got this and I think That's what's wrong with the world We expect the whole package it's kind of Like yo all right let me see what you Got right And let me work with you so you could Become the package About that how about no because I feel Like I'm packaged ready I mean I don't Know for sure you would have to ask how Many people outdated but I feel like Package right ready and I have a lot of This this this and that like all of it For me the whole package is me being Physically attracted to somebody someone Who has a clear path and idea about Where they're going to life and what They want to do so they're not Necessarily super established and in Their career completely but they could Be because I don't want to ever like you

Not someone who's working on something You know what I mean or a work in Progress But at the same time I know how I like To be treated and I like to be spoiled Um and that's not just monetary things I Mean clearly with time and attention and All that type of stuff there's certain Things I do for myself and my children And if that man Can't match that then it just wouldn't Be a great fit for me I like to be Mentally stimulated and I don't feel Like a lot of men do that for me I want To talk about Fitness all the [ __ ] Time I'm not just a fitness girl I don't Want to talk about that [ __ ] can you Carry a conversation about some other [ __ ] some important [ __ ] or are we just [ __ ] talking about goofy [ __ ] all the Time you know everybody's just having Fun like We gotta have more than just having fun I had fun with my kids I could have fun With a lot of people can you give an Example of what the next week I have two businesses Kell's kitchen and fitness let's go my Daycare kids come first someone who Maybe could I could learn something from Like somebody who is in the business World and they're giving me Bits of information that could help my Businesses be more successful or help me

Get it back help me you know get more Money I'm really passionate about Education because I was a teacher sexy Teach conversations around education Conversations about parenting Um marriage because I was married people Think because I'm in the gym that I just A fitness person so like I said I have I Check a lot of boxes someone who I could Take to a corporate event or a more Caucasian place and they can fit in with A with a suit on and be comfortable and Talk to talk you know what I mean but Then the same person we could go to Southeast DC in the hood somewhere and Get some chicken wings and drink pennies And maybe you're wearing Timbs or Whatever [ __ ] it is like I need all of That because that's me I do I do all That a lot of men don't check those Boxes they're like all this way too sexy Teach though you know To my little bit I could but you know You wouldn't want to teach them if they Don't have like certain things that you Just mentioned if they don't have that You wouldn't want to teach them you want This to happen already it's comfortable In their skin and I could be myself around which which is Everything I don't want to teach anything Relationships right Either you either you're even just like

Uh chilling or you guys are just friends With benefits or whatever I feel like There should be something to benefit From like something to learn from the Person right so we should always shoot Each other Yeah I mean I'm not saying that I'm I Always eventually stimulate men that I Do update you know I'm not I ain't Saying at all that I'm perfect but I I Know I check a lot about I'm 39. I don't Want to teach nobody nothing and I hate To make it sound like independent like But like I got a I have a lot of good Things going for me and I have so you Know whoever I'm with is going to be Genuine like I [ __ ] with them it's not Going to just be about what you can do Themselves so probably [ __ ] with Somebody it's it's because we do have Chemistry I can see a future with you Yeah and then there's the sex thing too Like That matters that matters like you could Check it you can take all the boxes and Then not one box Is not good You wouldn't settle for that either Right I don't think so I mean it doesn't Have to be a tent but it can't be a Three or four you know it gotta be at Least like a six is sevenish you know I Still want to shoot you can pick me up I don't think I could I usually eat

Really big on squat days what I gotta do Just show you This is how you do it You want me to do that you're just Trying to show me my butt okay All right let me put my shoes back on I Can [ __ ] on your shoulders too but That's easier next video is going to be Me versus her International She gotta eat all that other [ __ ] I know She can pick me up You're making me nervous What if I drop you you're not gonna drop Me I trust you all right hold on Like this so you got to spot him up I'm a rest on your shoulders See that oh Come on You're slipper hold on I gotta put you higher hold on hold on Hold on I should have put my my knee things on All right one more time Foreign Guys make sure you guys check out sexy Cheeks man you know I'm saying she Taught us a lot today she taught me a Lot today thank you guys too yeah All right so I saw the younger guys out There you know what do you mean by Younger guys because you're young Get out of here like make sure you get

25 I would date a 25 year old just to go Like have some fun or some [ __ ] okay but I would yeah Don't worry there's a 25 year old guy Out there that she will take seriously No on 30 years 30 is not 25 But 30. I don't know yeah Actually some of my age would be perfect But you know I lost hope um You're gonna give it you're gonna give Us some hope guys we're gonna give us Some hope one day man I one day we gonna Give her some hope Make sure you smash the Subscribe button And smash the like button smash Everything Except for sexy teach me Do that don't do that All right Leave that for Eign Yeah Foreign [Music]

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