Most Colon Polyps DO NOT Turn into Cancer

Find out what triggers colon polyps and colon cancer, and learn how to support a healthy colon.


0:00 Introduction: Colon polyps and colon cancer
0:20 Colon polyps explained
1:50 Understanding cancer
2:42 What causes polyps and colon cancer?
7:18 Does red meat cause cancer?
8:40 Colon polyp and colon cancer prevention
12:27 Learn more about cancer!

Let’s talk about colon polyps and colon cancer. Many people think they will get colon cancer if they have a polyp, but that’s not true.

The most common type of polyp is a tubular adenoma, and the majority of the time, it’s benign, meaning it’s not cancerous. While polyps can become cancerous, many types of colon polyps have a very low risk of turning into cancer.

Cancer is the dysfunction of the mitochondria inside of your cells. Cancer cells can live forever and keep reproducing. Another unique thing about cancer cells is that they love sugar. This is one reason why a low-carb diet is so important.

The main triggers of colon polyps and colon cancer are diet-related. Foods that cause inflammation are especially harmful because cancer spreads into areas of inflammation.

However, other things can trigger colon polyps and colon cancer, such as:
• Certain viruses
• H. pylori
• Smoking
• Air pollution
• Alcohol
• Obesity
• Stress
• Environmental toxins
• Dysbiosis (an altered microbiome)
• Charred meat and meat combined with sugar
• Certain genetic factors

Ways to support your body and help protect against colon polyps and colon cancer:
1. Consume cruciferous vegetables, cruciferous microgreens, or cruciferous sprouts
2. Do fasting
3. Exercise
4. Take probiotics and consume probiotic foods
5. Take vitamin D
6. Consume garlic
7. Go on the Healthy Keto® diet or a carnivore diet if you have colon inflammation

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the top triggers of colon polyps and colon cancer. I’ll see you in the next video.

Let's talk about colon polyps and also Colon cancer because what I'm going to Recommend would be good for both of These issues a lot of times people are Concerned about polyps they Automatically think if they have a polyp They're going to get colon cancer okay And that's not true so just hear me out First let's talk about the most common Types of polyps called tubular adenoma They see it like 45 percent of the time And the risk factor of it turning into Cancer is only two percent but the Majority of the time it's benign it's Not going to be a problem and so just Because someone has a polyp does not Mean it is malignant so now let's talk About another common type of polyp Called the hyperplastic polyp this Occurs 35 of the time okay now the risk Of it turning into cancer is zero okay NADA you're not going to get cancer if You have this type of polyp then we get Another type of polyp okay called the Tubulius adenoma so you're going to see This about six percent of the time okay Not very often the risk of it turning Into cancer is 20 and the thing I want To emphasize is that when someone has a Polyp Which is considered a tumor okay a tumor Is a benign growth it's not cancer Cancer is when it becomes malignant it Can spread okay that's the difference

Now let's talk about another polyp that Is not very common it's kind of rare but This is called adenocarcinoma and if you Have this type of polyp your risk factor Of it turning into cancer is a hundred Percent since we're on the topic of Cancer you should know really what Causes cancer okay cancer is a Dysfunction of your mitochondria inside Your cells and then the mitochondria Changes and starts to adapt to an Ancient metabolic pathway that involves Fermenting its Fuel and there's a couple Things that occur It loses its mortality it can live Forever it can keep reproducing and the Other unique thing about it is it Becomes a sugar hog and this is why one Test that they do to identify cancer is A pet scan where they're scanning the Body for areas of higher level glucose Metabolism right there that should tell You eating a lot of sugar is probably Not a good thing all right so what are The triggers for polyps and what are the Triggers to cause something to convert Over from polyp to colon cancer or Colorectal cancer well Since the digestive system Has a very large surface area probably The size of a tennis court it's a huge Surface area and the function of your Digestive system is to help you break Down food and so we're really dealing

Mainly with diet and especially things In the diet that cause inflammation in The colon cancer spreads into areas of Inflammation if you can keep Like no inflammation in your gut you're Going to really be able to bulletproof Yourself against cancer and polyps but If you have irritable bowel syndrome Celiac any type of iliitis or Inflammation in the colon That's going to create problems and that Usually comes from consuming things that Cause inflammation like junk food Refined foods like seed oils high in Omega-6 fatty acids all these foods that You would get from a fast food Restaurant and a lot of people cook with Them and they don't realize that they're Very inflammatory other things can Trigger this as well viruses Papillomaviruses Epstein-Barr viruses Cytomegaloviruses even H pylori which is A bacteria can trigger cancer not of the Colon but in the stomach area in fact They classified H pylori as a class one Carcinogen but out of all the things That will trigger polyps and colon Cancer it's the diet but you also have Other things like smoking okay yeah There's a lot of chemicals in smoking That get into your lungs into the Bloodstream and they can actually end up Creating colon cancer as well as Increase your risk for polyps also not

Just smoking air pollution can be a Factor alcohol is a big factor obesity Can put you at risk why Because of hyperinsulinemia when you Have too much insulin in your blood that Can greatly put you at risk now one Reason is because insulin is an anabolic Hormone it can actually make tissue grow Like a tumor and it can contribute to Cancer Stress is also a factor stress is linked To inflammation also linked to Increasing insulin because it's Mobilizing all this glucose also you Have environmental Toxins too I mean this could be exposure To Plastics hydrocarbons nitrates in Process foods and meats things like that You got pesticides you got drugs all These things can be a factor but another Really big factor is dysbiosis okay it's An altered microbiome and this can occur From Being on antibiotics having the wrong Foods that can alter your microbiome the Microbiome is a very important Protective shield against colon cancer It's the microbiome that makes short Chain fatty acids like butyrate that can Not only help this insulin problem but It can also lower the risk of getting Polyps as well and butyrate is in the Family of ketones okay and this is why You should definitely be on the

Ketogenic diet as a preventative measure Simply because what sugar will do to Your colon now another Factor cooking Meat on the grill where you're getting a Lot of charred burnt meat especially if You add sugar to that meat let's say you Put barbecue sauce Or even if you eat meat with sugar from The grocery store deli meats have Dextrose so anytime you combine sugar With protein like that with meat and Especially High Heats you're going to Get certain chemicals and compounds that Are carcinogens now what about the Genetic Factor well there's definitely Some genetic factors involved you can Have certain mutations that will put you At risk But only if these triggers are involved Right because these triggers are really The epigenetic factors that activate Your genes so in truth the genes aren't Necessarily causing anything but they Just might be a trigger if your Environment or your diet is not right so Some people with these genetic problems Have to be even cleaner with their diet Now before I get into Um the different things that you should Be eating or doing I want to just talk About red meat okay because if you do Research on polyps and colon cancer You're always going to see red meat as Being a risk factor right but they never

Really differentiate red meat that is For grain fed versus grass-fed they just Kind of lump the whole thing together With processed Meats okay and the Studies they do are all observational Studies they're not really credible Studies and so it's a big great area I Just want to tell you my viewpoint on on Red meat there's a lot of people who Have inflammation in their colons okay From consuming grains or even vegetable Fibers and if they keep consuming these So-called plant-based grains and legumes And things that are creating more Inflammation irritation I believe that's Going to put them more at risk for Cancer what they should do and this is Just my opinion is they should go on a Carnivore diet so the more damage Someone has in their gut the more they Should go on the carnivore diet because That is going to reduce the inflammation And reduce the risk of getting polyps And colon cancer and yes they're going To be doing a lot of red meat but that's Not all they'll probably do eggs to do Fish they do organ Meats things like That but I do not believe it's the red Meat that is responsible for colon Cancer or polyps there's no proof so now Let's just summarize some things that You can do number one there is Definitely a relationship between having More uh short chain fatty acids and a

Lower risk for getting polyps and colon Cancer now what are these short chain Fatty acids these are the byproducts of What your microbes do to fiber so these Microbes will literally turn the fiber In the vegetables into these short chain Fatty acids like butyrate and these are Very good to help protect you against Colon cancer as well as blood sugar Problems and diabetes so that being said Cruciferous vegetables better yet Cruciferous microgreens or cruciferous Sprouts would be very beneficial because Not only do you get the fiber but you Get the sulforaphane you get all these Phytonutrients that are very anti-cancer So it's going to actually help your Colon in many ways it's going to feed The microbes it's going to put those Phytonutrients in there and a lot of These plants have their own microbiome That's going to help seed and fortify The gut with beneficial bacteria all Right number two and this is very Important is fasting fasting I think is Probably one of the most potent things You can do if you have polyps in fact I Think you can make them disappear if you Do a prolonged fast for let's say three Or even four or five days okay I mean I Can't prove that but based on talking And Consulting with a lot of people I Believe that to be true so do regular Fasting two meals or even one meal a day

Would be best okay let your colon really Heal and let your immune system come Back and then do periodic prolonged Fasting once every two weeks or even Once a week you do a long fast 48 hours And wow that would create some serious Benefits to your colon number three is Exercise yeah exercise actually can Reduce your risk of getting colon cancer Probiotics as well as food that are Probiotics sauerkraut kimchi these Microbes are very important in protect You against colon cancer and this is why People that are on an antibiotic Or they're exposed to glyphosate from The Roundup Ready which basically those Are antibiotics too when you actually Destroy all the bacteria in your gut it Puts you at risk for all sorts of Problems inflammation colon cancer risk So these microbes play a big part in Your immune system remember the immune System is constantly working to kill off Cancer cells and Shrink tumors now Another thing you can do is start taking A little more vitamin D vitamin D is Amazing for your immune system in many Different ways and vitamin D is also Associated with these polyps okay so the More vitamin D you have the less polyps And the less risk of colon cancer you're Going to have so I would take about 20 000 IUS of vitamin D three every single Day unless you're in the Sun a lot now

Another really good remedy for colon Cancer and polyps is garlic garlic is One of the most potent things to help Counter cancer in your gut so I would Consume garlic on a regular basis and The last thing I want to mention is what I already mentioned before which is Going on a low carb diet okay this is Called the ketogenic diet and if we Combine some of the other things I Talked about then you're going to be Doing the healthy version of the Ketogenic diet okay you're doing all These cruciferous vegetables you're Doing fasting with that you're doing a Healthy Quality Meats low carb it's the Perfect diet to help avoid these polyps And colon cancer now since we are on the Top of a cancer I want to make sure that You have the full knowledge of cancer And the mechanism so you need to watch This video right here check it out

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