Monogamy versus polyamory@BrolyGainz007

Monogamy versus polyamory@BrolyGainz007

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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training .Monogamy versus polyamory@BrolyGainz007
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Foreign Guys welcome back to my channel thank You for subscribing of course if you Didn’t know this is Broly Kings the legendary scene can’t spell Legendary without that good leg day I Got a special video for you guys today But before we get into the video I got a Special guest what’s your name beautiful Devani a beautiful friend can only be Like a beautiful friend that I know from New York out here in Miami so she wanted To hang out so I said let’s go on a Friend date Why not right so we are out here on the Beach right now come through let’s go do A little workout How you been I’ve been great I can’t Complain I’m chilling what you been up .

To let me see some pull-ups Right here right here go ahead I haven’t Seen her a long time so you know I gotta Touch that strength out Yo thank you for that support King I Appreciate you man Thank you king that’s love let’s go one Two whatever you do I’m gonna double it Three Four most men can’t even do five Pull-ups and look at this strong Six What you been up to where you been at Doing a little bit too much in New York Oh okay [ __ ] you look like you the sixth . Monogamy versus polyamory@BrolyGainz007

Pulls you strong as hell For me please fun [Music] Three Four Five Six Seven eight Nine 10. 11. 12. 13. I want to say you can do double it Triple it now 14. let’s go I’m trying to impress you Try to Go yo so um What what besides being in New York how Has your love life been my love life’s Been great beautiful you’re in a Relationship or not yes nice how long I’ve been together we’ve been together About a year now oh How did you meet him Um Can I see some push-ups Are some push-ups how did you meet him Though We met We met to work Um that’s dope it was pretty pretty good So far Pretty loving guy And I’ll be honest I literally cannot Ask for more that’s dope that’s her Though sounds like y’all the first of

Getting married Laughs Damn girl how much push-ups is that to Be honest I got a double that huh I got a double That huh I literally have not been counting and I Don’t feel [ __ ] yet Are are you guys in a monogamous Relationship are you guys in the Monogamous relationship yes is that what Is that what you like or is that what I Like or is that what you prefer is that What I prefer yes I don’t mind a lot of.

This relationship okay but keyword on The I don’t mind it All right so what do you think about Monogamous what do you think about Polyamorous relationships Why why yeah There’s just something about To me there’s something there’s Something spiritual about opening Yourself I’m not saying Yeah but um what I’m saying is everybody And I’m sorry everybody has Curiosities Apart from their partner okay and I feel Like it’s important to express those Curiosities with your partner instead of Keeping them locked in yeah it expresses Yourself and it makes you more real to Your partner and it and it adds value And respect

To Yourself as well as Your partner will respect you more and If they don’t respect you you can either Train them or have more open discussions To feel for them to know your point of View The reason why before I even answer that Question as well before I even ask that Question these are actions because You’re been in a relationship for a year In a monogamous relationship yeah so You know that’s why I asked that because I would like to try to understand you Know the spectrum because some people as You said have curiosity and we hold that In a lot of times Um having desires and stuff like that Which it should be I feel like honesty Is key so once in any relationship that You’re in you should be honest about What your intentions are and which where You’re trying to go with that Relationship absolutely you know what I Mean let me see some tips Oh crush it let’s go let’s go that’s What I’m talking I ever have to ask her Yeah so I just think that honesty is the Key and a lot of times people are lying To themselves so And turn the light to everyone else but Because because you’re in that Relationship and been there for a year Does he live around the area around.

Monogamy versus polyamory@BrolyGainz007

Where you live or do you live far from Each other Okay so does he practice human retention He don’t practice human retention what Do you mean Because if you’re not there he has to be No no Okay okay okay having fun too yeah hell Yeah hell yeah so but do I know That he goes a while yes okay Is that is that um something that you’re Okay with would you be okay with him Actually expressing himself with another Woman if he needed to release if he Needed a release Now that comes into that discussion Comes into Attention that Things have to be open yeah and Communicative To the point where it’s completely Um what’s the word Um Honest what yes but the other word Vulnerable Completely what Transparent transparent yes yes oh yeah It should be absolutely transparent so It’s like And The best part about it is that is to Know that to the other woman yeah But most men aren’t like that You know how to be on

And I feel like that takes away To that point we’re just like why not be Honest you know what’s funny I find that Most men or because I’m a man myself I Think that we are a little bit more Emotional when it comes to the intimacy With a woman yes A woman has the ability to defer for What because she needed to bust a nut at That moment you know what I mean some Kettlebells real quick kettlebell snakes .

She needs to Boston none at that moment You looking almost heavy you’re good Yeah So I feel like women can women can be a Little bit more Um goal orientated when it comes to Sexual course you know I mean just Intimacy What requires of a relationship opposed To men men focus on say that one more Time Well women are more golden oriented Intimacy but what requires as opposed Amendment focus on the more more Intimately more intimacy and the Connection with that with that person While women are more detailed yeah [Music] Um I mean you know speaking out of Experience and from what I what I’ve Gathered But

Let’s go Let’s go let’s go you got this let’s go Focus on your breathing let’s go Nice yes that was beautiful right there That was beautiful technique back there You gained yes Yes Yes Yes let’s go do some deaths we did some Pull-ups we did push-ups We gotta do dips and at least some Squats Yo Michelle says beautiful young lady For popping out on this friend date you Know what I’m saying keeping it kosher . Monogamy versus polyamory@BrolyGainz007

Keeping it cool keeping it vanilla y’all I remember you saying that um You’re you’re from New York yeah we’re In New York the Bronx uh uh BX in the Building don’t kill them what’s your Social media so they can follow you by The way my social media by the way Let’s go So how many dips you think you got Right here yeah how many does you think You got In me right now and you’re right now oh You want a pet oh all right I’ll help You out come on I hope you uh he was looking at right There I’ll help you huh I think I mean My first muscle up come on Come on jump up jump up

Go ahead go up there up there okay Okay Yes let’s go One Two let’s go Three let’s go Get the Abs full look at her abs Listen to her breathing six she’s Function Seven let’s go this is like yoga man Eight we’re not working out we working Here nine [Music] Ten let’s go [Music] Let’s go Let’s go Actually I got my master or double it You gotta make sure you’ve cheer me on All right so in relation to this topic What do you think about polyamory or Yeah yeah monogamy yeah um I find that In most so when I was introduced to Polyamy I thought it was very Interesting And not that the fact that like a guy Was with multiple women but the honesty That they had in their relationship That’s exactly That’s exactly what I’m talking about It’s like it’s not really about the Multiple of how many partners Union Department can have it’s just the Notification that you guys

What what desire you both can satisfy While being with each other and while Respecting each other it is like fires Like you and I I’m not you and I per se But you know the person that I’m with be Fulfilling our Whatever her sexual desires are her Fantasies we’re fulfilling my fantasies We live in them we’re doing them we’re Living a life we’re having fun that Seems or that sounds so Beautiful yes the problem with the Majority of people is this that Um since that’s not things that are Discussed discussed more and talked About it’s a very close topic So yes the majority I’m pretty sure is Going to go in the comments no I can’t Share my person I can’t share this I Can’t do that I have to be just I have To be solo just when people say yes That’s completely respectable but I’m Talking to the people who have these Thoughts in their mind but are scared to Share them with their partner like then That’s I’m gonna be honest there’s about 60 of people at 60 of people in Relationships who desire let’s be honest Real we all desire more than your Partner more than their partner or more Than one person As far as attraction because attraction Goes a long way attraction is deep Absolutely

Yeah we always will see things that you Like oh wow that’s that’s beautiful you Know that doesn’t mean that I love that That doesn’t mean I have to invest my Heart my soul my time into that that Means that I I appreciate what I see Yeah you know what I mean Um I feel like the world is very beautiful You know looking at the ocean is Beautiful look at that the sunset is Beautiful you know what I mean so why Would someone want to take something Like that from you what if I love to see That all the time all the time man you Can join me we all could be at the Sunset watching it and I really mean That literally I don’t mean that Figuratively I literally mean that Literally Um watching the sunset because That’s something that I would want to do Why should you you or anyone else want To take that from me that’s not cool you Know what I mean but thank you guys for Subscribing thank you guys for liking Um shout outs to this beautiful this Beautiful young lady hopefully I can Have a second date comment down below if You think I should deserve a second date Guys Um I feel like I saved a lot of money Today and and I’m enjoying myself this Is this is a great time

Um how are you are you enjoying yourself Absolutely A break from New York right now Getting And regardless if there’s not a lot of Sun right now the breeze just feels Beautiful Miami’s gorgeous and this is Hurricane season man and we still Haven’t having a great time and enjoying Ourselves make sure you smash that like Button smash that subscribe button smash Every single thing that you’re attracted To especially if it’s positive so you Can be successful in this world don’t Forget to subscribe to her page what’s Your page to Instagram your social media So you can follow you Guys always and forever release your .

Negative energy in a positive way you Know how I don’t want to break the mic Today let’s go [ __ ] I was asking um It’s okay so I was asking Oh I want upon what you said earlier um People desire others by uh attraction That’s what you guys were talking about And I feel like people desire others by Connection because there’s there’s too Much as far as attraction goes it’s like There’s too many women There’s just way too many women and men That are are beautiful you know like Nice bodies and look good but I feel

Like when people are in a relationship They desire Um connection more than attraction they Do uh-huh We’re we’re talking Yes yes One male or male or woman or woman we’re In 2022. Desiring a connection with a third party Or okay over somebody else yes now the Jealousy is Something yeah Not only oh no why does the weather but It’s it’s um it it definitively means I Don’t want to lose this person For no dumb [ __ ] you know And in relationship this topic I just Feel like I feel like Party wants to have a deep connection With somebody else I don’t It it it boils down to A partner This person is not only awesome You are too this person also has Different traits that you do not have I Want to explore this person with you With you so that we can learn from them Too okay this is a this is a big world Okay filled with amazing personalities And amazing beautiful different Attractions and amazing different Talents yes

My point is is that yes you are that Person’s world but you are not the world There’s so many different things to Learn there’s so many different things To hear about and that all that all About the dog bumps down to the Different talents emotions connectivity Spirituality that other people have it’s Okay to Like ball down your ego let go of the Pride that let go of all that Pride that You think that you’re that that you Think that you have that your your Partner’s gonna love you either way you Are unique you are unique to them but so Are other people at the end of the day They have to respect you enough to come Home to you but at the same time also Remember to me also remember that there Are so many there are so many different Uh .

Different personalities out there to Learn and different and and yeah and and I’m not to cut you off you know I feel Like and this is this is why I love this Topic I’ll talk to this about my brother All the time I feel like um man men men Should always pursue purpose before no Disrespect to women you know no man Should always pursue purpose before Women and then the universe will bless Them with a woman or D women that they Need for their purpose you know like as Far as like oh what is your purpose you

Want to build Legacy enough if you want Legacy whatever you want that’s Purposeful you will get it you will get The right woman beside you to to achieve That purpose and sometimes I feel like Men We most men especially we might need Multiple women It’s going to be it might be impossible To get to that purpose with just one Woman you know like sometimes you might Be in a relationship with this woman but You got this other woman that you can Conversate with about like have some Intellectual conversation but she might Not be Um Like good as a mother and then you have The one that’s next to you that’s a good Mother but she’s not really good with Like um having intellectual Conversations so you kind of have to Just have multiple of them for each um Tricks to just get to your purpose how Do you feel about that [Music] I can agree to disagree okay depending On the person and you’re Okay because I can definitely See the Jack of all trades Other women are not yeah that’s and That’s based on that’s based on their Past yes how they got raised and the

Things that they want to learn because Women I’m not gonna lie women some women Do not want to learn they do not want to Learn I am and be honest I’m not Oh I’m a feminist but I’m not too big on I’m not too big on saying I’m not too Big on saying that women are Everything you know to learn to learn About I think that some women are very Arrogant to keep to keep themselves .

Going to learn so like for example Becoming good mother becoming a good Parent becoming a good spouse and Partner They’re there’s there’s a particular Point that they that they plateau in you Have to be as a woman willing to keep Going and keep shooting so that your Partner doesn’t feel The need to to to to be attracted to Others The point that I’m trying to make is if He’s going to be attracted to others it Has to be something it has to be it has To be someone someone who’s attractive And who’s attracted enough to bring new Ideas into your relationship whether it Be business Romance Spirit A new Talent that’s what I mean okay but I do feel like women are capable there’s Going to be a woman for every man who Works who’s capable of doing everything That that man desires but everything

Yeah okay but what I’m saying is there’s Always room for you they’re more fun for More creativity [Music] I don’t believe in just plateauing I Believe in I believe in shooting I like That You’re shooting for the morning of Relationship okay Yes yes yes I disagree with that last time Thank you Yeah Um as far as a woman doing everything For a man so what if a guy right because I find this situation to be so realistic What if a guy’s in a relationship with a Woman and uh he finds himself to be Patient Fall in love with her work with her Communicate with her everything is Perfect but the only thing that he finds She lacks at is that she doesn’t have The capacity of freakiness when it comes Down to her pleasing him with her mouth And he tries to teach her he tries to Show her he tells her and it’s still you Know he knows I find that it’s always one thing just Never everything a person is gonna be We’re gonna be completely perfect you Know what I mean absolutely not that’s Why that’s why I got to disagree with That unfortunately

Because I find that to be so common I mean then everybody would be getting Married If everybody was perfect for everybody Else you’re going to go through tomorrow Frustrating situations there’s gonna be Ups and downs and you pick and choose if You understand that relationship or not But that’s what makes that relationship Unique because you pick and chose to .

Stay in it yeah you know you know what I Mean so Um the biggest thing that I preach to Everyone whether you’re in a monogamous Relationship or in a polyamorous Relationship once you’re in a Relationship period honesty is the Factor that will keep you together Honesty and communication You know what I mean so stay consistent Guys be the best person best person that You could be every single day when you Wake up just try trying these feelings Just do it feel me smash that like Button smash the Subscribe button let’s Get us to 1 million subscribers because We want to change the world and we need 1 million friends that’s the goal let’s Go [Music] I am the answer to all living things That cry out for peace I am protector of The innocent I am the light in the Darkness I am true . Monogamy versus polyamory@BrolyGainz007

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