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[Music] Again [Music] Hello my lovelies okay so i’m about to Go out really quick to meet up with some Friends i wanted to show you guys Quickly Some items that i got From lounge Okay we got a few items Here Let me do the thumbnail Okay so we have a bunch of goodies They’re having a sale as well Um i’m gonna put My i see i’m not even done getting ready I’m literally just like rushing sitting On my floor Right now i had to take pictures really Quick And yeah it’s really really hot anyways Okay Let’s get into it now my air conditioner Is going on okay so i’m gonna take you Guys through Um some of the goodies that they sent me Um So what i’ve been trying to do is just Getting different colors Um because i don’t want to be wearing Kind of like the same things over and Over again Um So

Yeah so this batch i really wanted to Try different colors and stuff like that So the first Piece that we have Is This piece right here Very pretty the color is like yellow and Detailed you guys have probably seen me Post this Um in the past i think it was like a Greenish teal color Um Yeah and also in my other hollywood you Guys definitely saw this as well and Then we have the bottoms As well Very pretty you can’t really tell in This Lighting But I’m gonna put pictures And stuff like that there so you guys Can also see Um next Next we have this piece my dog chewed The bottoms And i’m really pissed because this is Such a really nice set Like look at the details and it has like Kind of gold Um accents in it And personally you know ever since Getting my boobs done for me i don’t Really wear bras and stuff like that so

It’s very important for me to have like Stuff that are very comfortable and i Find that lounge you know it’s super Comfortable it pushes up the girls keeps Them up um I’m gonna send i’m gonna send i’m gonna Have a picture Here as well for the bottom because Unfortunately My dog Got to them Quicker so that’s really really annoying This dog is always showing my So next we have this piece This is really really cute as well very Elasticy And stretchy i’ve always liked these as Well because they’re super super Comfortable these are like their og sets And they have a lot of lot of colors Um Yeah they have a lot of really nice Colors In these and it’s very supportive And soft very very comfy so i highly Recommend you guys Get these okay and then next We have This really really nice red set i have This one too in black which i also Posted a picture like a while ago same Thing red i feel like you know you can Never go with red I thought i have a lot of red pieces

And it’s so detailed oh look at it Okay yeah so that’s this piece i’m Really excited to take pictures in all Of these And then next We have this one which i just took a Picture in This one This one the color is really really nice Very nice yeah See And personally i feel like the tanner That i i love tanning and i love getting Darker the better colors look on me in My opinion i don’t know comment down Below if what you guys think but that’s How i feel And then these at the bottom same thing You guys have definitely seen this Piece in my other haul And then next we have These like super comfy Two sets These ones at first like when i saw them I was kind of like oh they’re a little Bit like grandma-y but they’re so Comfortable Like casual This one is white it’s like same thing Like they’re so stretchy and soft and This is what the bra looks like So for my girls that have bigger boobs Like these are so Supportive like

I One thing that i also noticed like when I got my boobs on It’s kind of like my boobs started to Like Sag a little bit And I like it 50 i’m 50 50. i really like it Because you know that’s what gives me The natural Look so a lot of people don’t really Know that i’ve gotten my boobs done Um because they look they’re they you Know they have a more natural look to Them than Most people Um So I like these bras a lot because you can Also wear them to sleep and that’s the Problem because i go to sleep without A bra So over the years you know like when i First got them done they were super Super high And my doctor recommended to like sleep On them not wear a bra and stuff like That but i don’t want them to go too Down and then the same thing with this Bra this is probably my most most Favorite bra i wanted to save the best For last This stuff this is so soft and it has an Under wire at the bottom even though

There’s an under there’s a wire The cushion of it is so soft so you Can’t feel it and it’s like It’s bendable like it’s not a really Hard wire so you’re getting that Comfortable support And like i said like i love sleeping With this even though sometimes like a Nipple will pop out But it’s really really comfortable like Honestly like this is my most favorite Bra And then these are the bottoms i haven’t Worn the bottoms yet but they’re super Comfy in the same thing like soft but Honestly ladies like this Very comfortable if you guys are looking For a bra that you can wear like on an Everyday basis go to sleep in because You know We don’t want the teens to sing and you Want to support these i highly highly Highly recommend But yeah that is pretty much it for you Guys that was it for the haul hope you Guys enjoyed it i’m gonna go See my friends i might take you guys Along with me i might do this video as a Vlog but Can you post it like i i’ll keep you Posted because i’m still trying to do These vlogs and be better at it You know so Yeah i don’t know so i don’t know okay

I’m gonna try my best too because i keep Telling myself that i will And the only way like i said in my last Videos the only way you’re gonna get Better at something Is to keep doing it So Thank you guys so much for watching so Make sure you guys go and check them out You know A lounge haul For you guys um i really hope you guys Check out their pieces they’re also Going on sale so i highly recommend you Guys take advantage of the sale and go And check them out [Music] Whenever your heart is broken Don’t ever forget you’re golden I will find the light in your soul i’ll Be there [Applause] [Music] I’ll [Music] I know [Applause] [Music] Baby you can count on me now [Music] I’ll be there [Music]

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