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Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week By Jumping Rope

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31 Comentários

  1. STOP FUCKING TRYING TO SELL YOUR PRODUCT!!! THE ONLY WAY TO LOSE ANY FAT IS BY EATING IN A CALORIC DEFICIT!!! I hate people like these on YouTube who tries to promote their product by bullshitting

  2. You are awesome ! Thank you for thjs.

    What if we wanna lose a larger amount of weight, like 30-40lbs … Would this type of routine work or would we need to adjust the caloric intake and amount of exercise at some point ??

  3. You lost a little weight but didnt really have a belly. Trying to push your belly out in the beginning and then pulling it in the rest of the time. Odd. The jumping rope was good. Looks like you eat alot of rice. Doesnt fasting ask that we keep carbs down to 50-100 grams max? Which is like 1/4+ cup of cooked rice.

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