Lose 10kg in 30 Days (Effective Cardio Exercises)

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0:00 High Knee Run
0:55 Burpee
1:50 Starfish Crunch
2:45 Jumping Jack
3:40 Plyo Side Lunge
4:36 Running and Jump
5:31 Butt Kicks
6:26 High Knee Squat
7:21 Punching
8:17 High Knee Running
9:12 Mountain Climber
10:07 Dynamic Plank
11:02 Jump Rope

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  1. Lets see if this really works or not
    Day 1 ✅ Day 8✅ Day 15✅
    Day 2✅ Day 9✅ Day 16✅
    Day 3✅ Day 10✅ Day 17✅
    Day 4✅ Day 11✅ Day 18✅
    Day 5✅ Day 12✅
    Day 6✅ Day 13✅
    Day 7✅ Day 14✅

  2. I started this workout today, 28 March 2023. My current weight is 75 kg. I will keep you guys updated with the results, every 15 days. Today, I couldn't do dynamic plank and couldn't complete the time for rope jumping, looking forward to making improvements!

    Follow up: Day 2 completed!

  3. I started this exercise from today onwards…i will update you all about the result…. today is 16 May 2023 and my current weight is 63.35…so let's see what actually happens when I do these exercises for 1 month

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  5. july 9th. female. 65kg. hips 106, waist 76. set to update. Day 1☑ Day 2💙Day 3🧊Day 4💦 Day 5 SKIP! Day 6❤‍🔥 Day 7💯 Day 8👟

    Okay, a few remarks: I've lost 1 kg (2,2 pounds) so far, but I'm not dieting much these days, maybe the effect would've been better. This ais not the only exercising I do: in the mornings I run 2-3km 3-4 times per week/ brisk walks on no-run days 6-7 km. Then I do this set in the afternoon. In the evening I either do pull-ups, or push-ups, or step us(10 reps 3 rounds usually) when I'm outside with my kids.Even though I've been running for a while and had been doing 1- 2 exercises daily regularly prior to starting this challenge, I have to say, I love this set, it gives me all-over-the-body workout. I do not see much difference in the mirror(though I'm not looking much tbh), but my body feels toned up overall, especially my thighs, the skin feels tighter, if that makes sense. So, yeah, I would've had better results loosing weight if i was dieting also, but it's ok, I'll get there.

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