Kristina Nicole Mendoza – Muscle and Strong

    Kristina Nicole Mendoza – Muscle and Strong   

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Christina Nicole Mendoza is an American bodybuilder and fitness model, she is famous for her perfect athletic physique and inspiring photos and videos in her Instagram profile already has 280 thousand fans and this number is growing every day because , Christina Nicole willingly shares with them interesting pictures and tips for training and healthy eating many she inspires changes and a healthier mobile and active lifestyle this girl with a positive outlook on the world her determination helps the athlete not to stop.

Kristina Nicole Mendoza – Muscle and Strong.

In the first months other people in the gym already paid attention to her and wondered if the American wanted to become a bodybuilder because her potential in 2012 was already visible to the naked eye The girl began to train hard she took part in her first bodybuilding competitions and realized that this is what she wanted to do all her life it was a competition in 2016 where the girl took second place Christina Nicole was glad that this competition was so successful but she did not stop there and in 2019 she got her long-awaited

intensive and regular workouts five days a week she works out with weights and the sixth day is fully devoted to cardio training the only weekend she spends on active rest and recovery after a difficult week and then returns to exercises with extra weight the girl adheres to a very strict diet which she developed herself the basis of her diet animal protein which the athlete combines with sweet potatoes vegetables and carbohydrate foods she willingly shares with her followers her diet secrets and a charge of motivation. Kristina Nicole Mendoza – Muscle and Strong.

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