Jump Rope Workout To Lose Body Fat

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The Workout

20 seconds – jump rope front straddle (¼ lb rope)
20 seconds – jump rope side straddle (¼ lb rope)
20 seconds – jumping lunges
20 seconds – jump squats
20 seconds – jump rope high knees (¼ lb rope)
20 seconds – jump rope double unders (¼ lb rope)
20 seconds – speed skaters
20 seconds – jump rope sprint in place (¼ lb rope)

(10 seconds rest between exercises)
(Rest 1 min between sets)
(Complete circuit 3-4x total)


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  1. I started jump rope about 2 months ago and I actually lose about 5 chilos. Starting from 30 seconds, now I jump rope for 20 minutes consecutively, and even if in a calories deficit it seems like nothing changed and I can't lose anymore fat, and it's getting frustrating. Maybe I should change my routine workout?

  2. I just started a 50 day jump rope challenge. I just had my second and last baby at 30 and I'm ready to be fit. I'm on day 3 of the challenge. My calves are sore as hell but it's starting to get easier. I can't wait to see the end result, and then keep going. My inspiration is Kathy Quinn from Instagram. 💜

  3. Started watching a couple days ago, immediately got a jump rope on Amazon for next day shipping (wodnation weighted rope), first 20 minutes today of jumping and even though i probably could have gone longer but didnt want to blow out my shins and calves since i havent worked out anything in years, it was one of the funner workouts ive done and excited to get my body acclimated to it and have more fun with it, thank you for introducing people to this passion you have for jump roping!

  4. Been skipping rope for two weeks now but have not noticed any difference in my weight. Maybe it's coz I do a 1000+ skips 5x a week in sets of 100s (I've just started doing 150×10). I was also in an egg diet last week…idk, I enjoy skipping rope though.

  5. Gents: any reason why the crossropes don’t have a counter on the handles? I know most ppl probably time their workouts but for me I have a daily goal of X number or jumps that I try to either match or exceed each day and I lose count all the damn time😂

  6. Hey just started my workout training. Been at it for almost 2 weeks now and have lost 3.5kg already. It's a little over the healthy side when it comes to how fast I'm losing weight but I'm jumping rope for around 1hr five days a week, roughly around 4,800 – 5000 jumps within that hour (5 sets of 5 reps. Each rep is 2:30 mins long and 30 secs rest within each rep and a 3 min break each set). Here's to hoping I keep at it!!

  7. Great cardio workout I do Martial Arts so jumping rope is a part of my warmup. But you can't make it the main part of your workout. Your body will get used to it. You have to mix it up every three months to shock your body.

  8. Hey i have been jumping for 2 weeks now ,very intensive for like 30min-40 min and i have developed pain in foot and ankle muscles to a point where i can barely now jump on 1 leg for more than 2 minutes, i researched about this problem but they mainly talk about lower legs pain .can you tell me about any solution

  9. Went to buy the crossropes today as part of their “Jump Now Pay Later” deal and a bit disappointed to find that if you want to buy as a payment plan over a period of 3 months (they advertise as free, no interest, etc), they hit up your credit report.

    There is no way I’m buying a set of jump ropes only to find that my credit rating has dropped based on a soft inquiry by these guys. NFW

  10. Awesome workout! I’ve been following you guys for a while and lately I’ve felt like the workouts I usually do don’t make me really tired anymore, this one definitely did, I loved that it was challenging, really had me out of breath. Do the thing 💪🏽

  11. When I started jumping rope about a month ago the first week was killer and I could barely walk because my calves felt like lead. Now I jump rope atleast ten minutes a day to kick start my workouts, I recently learnt how to do a boxer step and now I'm working on perfecting double unders. Thank you guys for helping me take my workouts to the next level. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Hey, Jump Rope Dude’s!… found this workout last week after following you guys for a couple of months… this is by far my favorite video because it’s short, explosive and intense!… makes me sweat like crazy after doing 2-3 times and I’m looking forward to seeing a few weeks results.. by the way, I also look forward to joining your team one day soon!… #intending

  13. Hey Brandon! I am Kush Vyas. I am 15 years old and want to get 52 kgs( I am 55 kgs just now).
    Plz can you upload a video on fatloss/fat burning workout program for teens of my age. I will be of 16 in this November. Thnx. Keep on going.

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