Jump Rope Transformation: My 40 Week Skill Progress!

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The development of my Jump rope skills started out pretty stressful to be honest. I was a DISASTER to say the least.

Lately I’m getting more and more questions about how I started out Jumping rope and …… how long I’ve been skipping now.

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Actually it’s kind of funny because I started not so long ago. To be accurate, my first jumping session was on a holiday mid January, 2019. (And boy I sucked). Credits to Cesar, a buddy of mine who introduced me to it. It’s been life changing, shoutout to you man!

Really when starting out, I remember tripping over my rope like, every 3 skips. So If that’s you right now, don’t worry about it. There’s still hope .. Believe me. I had 0 talent.

In this video I am going to show you exactly how my skills developed by jumping for 30 minutes a day for 40 weeks straight.

Having said that, jumping rope builds your fitness, athletic skills, and even your mindset in ways few other exercises can match.

Elevate with Geraldo is dedicated to show you the endless Realm of Jumping rope, Exploring mindsets and astonishing Physiques!

Jumping rope is one of the best end most efficient ways to keep fit and lean all year round! There simply isn’t a better substitute to keep your muscles in shape and visible, melt fat and improve your hand/feet coordination and improve your mental and sporting performance overall.

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