Jump Rope TABATA and Fat Burn 7min HIIT. At Home No Gym Exercise. Fitness Record.【2020/04/27】

women fitness club

I ‘m a beginner in full body workout. It’s self-weight training that don‘t go to the gym. This is a daily fitness record video for my health. Please watch the menu of my fat burning routines to lose weight. It’s important not to overdo and to continue. Keep up with age. The goal is not to get sick and to be injured. Let’s challenge to work hard with me! This video is 2x faster.

This channel is a record of my fight against aging. This channel starts on March 1, 2020. I started my self-weight training around September 2019. How much can an uncle born in the 1970s grow? This channel is the whole record. I will not give up and continue my efforts every day. Living is a challenge. Challenge yourself to step up a little every day as much as you can. Never overdo it. Even if you make a great effort for a short time, there is no point in stopping it halfway.

【Main menu】
▶Jump rope
▶Playing with balls

I’m continuing the non smoking from 2013.
I have been on a diet since 2010.
I don’t drink.



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