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Joe Rogan Discusses Power of Jump Rope

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50 Comentários

  1. I do three sets of 3 minutes daily—1 minute break. By the 14th of February, I'm going to 5 sets of 3 minutes with 1-minute break. I also learned that if you add high knees, you strengthen your core even more. It's painful, but I'm getting used to it—all thanks to this channel. I've burned 15 lbs. I'm now 207 at 6'1.

  2. i bought a jump rope 3 years ago but was a smoker and barely could breathe going up a flight of stairs and recently quit smoking and today i did my first rep and gonna keep this as a hobby and habbit, strong calves here i come ! 😉

  3. Jumping rope was something I did as a child growing up in the inner city. Jumping rope was a big deal. Now being a gym addict, jumping rope is imperative to my fitness regimen. They’re aways amazed at how fast I can skip. It’s definitely y favorite form of cardio

  4. I feel like jumping rope is equivalent to riding unicycles. Not many people do it and it always draws attention from people. Once they see you doing it, others start doing it too.

  5. Set a goal to do 100 skips in a row without messing up. If you trip, subtract 20 from your streak. When you can reach 100 flawlessly, increase the ceiling to 200 skips. Keep doing this and by the end of your first week, you'll be able to do 1,000 skips without rest. You'll also have lost 2 lbs and not even thought of it.

  6. Im a soccer player and gives an amazing advantage when it comes to defending a great offensive player. Is like amazing lol they can't take on me. I'm always on my toes😂

  7. I have used the lifeline beaded ropes on and off for 40 years. I still have a rubber two pound "rope" from the 80s. I bought it because I figured if it was good enough for Kareem Abdul Jabar, it was good enough for me. When I first saw a Cross Rope advertised, and the price, I really thought about who would spend that much on a jump rope. Well, last month I did. The snow here has not melted enough, so I have yet to use it!

  8. Just order a skipping rope there before I came here looking to get rid of the man boobs and belly I'm 37, 3 kids haven't excised in many years but here I go

  9. I boxed over 23yrs ago so I have experience with a rope. I am 45yrs old now and just got a weighted rope. I still have a bit of skill and my endurance is excellent for an old man. I did 20min a day for 4 days the first week and my ankles, on the inside area of my legs are in AGONY.. My advice is start with 5-7min every other day in order to build ankle & foot endurance. This should help avoid the pain I am in now. I don’t want to lose my momentum so I will do two 5-7 min sessions every other day until I can build up to a 20-30min a day, 5days a week regimen.

  10. Started getting back into working out ever day, and I've been jumping rope at the end of my workouts. Did 1000 every day as a warmup for tennis in high school, but it's been half a decade at this point. Been tracking with reps instead of time, but I started day one with 2 rounds of 100, I'm up to 5 rounds of 100 today, and the goal is 15 rounds of 200 by the end of next month. Very good exercise!

  11. I live in Kuwait and during summer (like right now) it’s over 45 deg C outside so I use jumprope (or skipping as us Brits call it) indoors. I have several ropes including the crossrope 1/4, 1 and 2lb ropes but my favorite is the cheap plastic cord rope I bought for less than $10.
    Love jumping rope makes me feel amazing…Consistency is the key as you say. Thanks for the content

  12. First of all thanks for reminding me about the importance of jump rope I haven't done it in years I'm just starting to workout now and baby steps but I would be limited to 5-10 minutes maybe 15 minutes a day or every other day because I work 10 hours and I don't have a lot of time

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