Jasmine quick stretch

Jasmine quick stretch

Channels Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bikinimodelfitness1/

Pro Fitness and Bikini Model Jasmine https://www.instagram.com/curvesbygg/ is showing you some home stretches she does to stay very flexible.

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This next stretch that we’ll be doing is For our inner quads so if you’re going To be on your knees And you’re going To open up your knees as much as you can Press down while you reach Forward Spread out your knees as much as you can And press down Hold it down We’re going to come up in three seconds And reach forward again And three Two One Slowly come up Take a deep breath and Reach forward.

Jasmine quick stretch

Good job everyone we’re going to get up Now and we’re gonna come into a wide Stance And you’re going to reach straight down We should feel it all in your hamstrings Take a deep breath in and focus You’re doing great Foreign You’re going to switch over to one side Switch over We have one more All right you’re slowly going to Center Yourself from when you started and You’re going to reach back In between your legs You should feel it way more on your

Hamstrings Take a deep breath in And Out Good job everyone I hope you enjoyed the Stretching routine leave a comment Subscribe and I’ll see you guys next Time thank you One leg back One forward and you’re going to lay Straight back Definitely should feel it here all over Your quads 10 seconds Three two and switch over I’m going to bring this leg back And lathe Should be targeting your quads If you want an extra stretch to stretch Your arms up But then you’re breathing Foreign . Jasmine quick stretch

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