Jade Cargill – Wrestling Queen – Dominates Again!

Jade Cargill – Wrestling Queen – Dominates Again!

Jade Cargill is an American female wrestler and well-known Jamaican-born fitness model who, among other things, competes in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). She is active on social networks, where she posts aesthetically motivating photos in beautiful clothes that emphasize her toned figure. Jade Cargill – Wrestling Queen – Dominates Again!

About 677 thousand fans of the girl have already subscribed to Jade’s profile on Instagram, and this figure is growing every day. The popularity of the American was brought not only by her unusual appearance: many people love Jade for her incredible charisma and sincerity. The girl often shares episodes of her personal life with the audience: in the profile you can see a photo with her daughter and beautiful travel shots. She actively collaborates with sportswear brands and often uploads videos from fights.

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Jade cardio American woman wrestler known fitness model and of May origin, which among other things performs in All Elite fresting she is active in social networks where she publishes aesthetic motivational photo in beautiful clothes emphasizing a trim figure on Jade profile in Instagram already signed by about 677 thousand fans of the girl and this figure every day growing popularity of American brought not only an unusual appearance many like James for her incredible charisma sincerity girl often shares with the audience episodes of her lyrics

Jade Cargill – Wrestling Queen – Dominates Again!

from university the girl continued to play sports but basketball was pushed to the background she started to devote much more time to strength training And in 2019 attended an audition at the Www.performance Center after that she changed quite a few Mentors before she could say with certainty that she found her way in November 2020 girl performances she signed a contract A and W for several years as born in 1992 girl is only 29 years old which for wrestler is a rather young age Al Elite frestling has big plans for her today girl continues to train hard

Jade has never positioned herself as a nutritionist or a trainer. She only shows what can be achieved through hard workouts and creates an image of a beautiful, strong, determined woman one wants to look up to. Jade Cargill – Wrestling Queen – Dominates Again!

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