Is Seitan Healthy for you? Here 5 Nutritional Facts About Seitan

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So first things first, what exactly is Seitan?
Seitan is a popular vegan substitute for meat.
It is made from wheat gluten and water and is as a high-protein, low-carb alternative to animal protein.
It is sometimes also called wheat gluten, wheat meat, wheat protein or just gluten.


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  1. Gluten is an amazing substance. This whole gluten-sensitivity mania deprived people of a great source of nutrition that is cheap and good for the body. 99% of people who think they have sensitivity, don't have any sensitivity. A lot of scientific work went into defining light levels of gluten sensitivity, but nothing came out of experiments. Of course I am not talking about a few diseases directly linked to gluten (celiac). Otherwise, for the most of the population, gluten is the best part of the wheat and you can consume it. It is better for the environment compared to meat.

  2. If you blend nutritional yeast and chickpea flour or some kind of bean into it, not only does it enhance the nutritional value but also makes the texture better.

  3. I’d like to add some thing also as a bit of info for anyone with digestive issues:

    I was gluten-free for about five years, and I seem to heal whatever digestive issue I had regarding wheat especially gluten. Something I wanted to point out though, a family member of mine has struggled with wheat for a long time, but at least from my own observation of her food reactions, as she has still sometimes dabbled in eating Wheat products, she has barely complained at all whatsoever of digestive discomfort when she has had Satan products. Meanwhile, if she has bread products, which still has the wheat starch in it, instead of it being extracted from it like Satan does, she has always had some amount of a reaction , Either largely worrying one or a very mild one and everything in between.

    I suppose what I’m trying to say here is, as someone who has a history of digestive issues and with family members with a history of digestive issues, I wanted to share this information for anyone who was curious, as sometimes it’s not the gluten but rather the starches. This is especially true if you have constipation it appears, I am no medical professional, this is just from personal observation, studying and experiences. From what research I have done, if you have any sort of digestive issues, straight starch is your enemy. Plus, it can serve as a nutrition source for bad bacteria in your gut, so it’s not that starts itself is bad but rather maybe consider avoiding Large amounts of starch, again it depends on your own body chemistry and pay close attention to your reactions to different foods independently. Everyone may have a different experience and that’s why I share this bit of information, because we thought it was gluten this whole time but it may have been starch. I know that both me and his family member don’t really react at all whatsoever I never did from pure gluten sources. Again check in with your own body and notice when you react and what you react to

  4. Seitan literally means "made of protein." It was created by Buddhist vegetarian monks. It's not simply a vegan thing. We're just lucky ethical people lived back then and paved the road for us vegans.
    The world's largest health organizations have stated that an appropriately planned vegan diet is adequate for all stages of life, from infancy to pregnancy and old age.
    You don't need to eat the flesh of dead animals to be healthy. So why pay for needless animal abuse and cruelty? Why keep contributing to the destruction of our planet and extinction of countless species?

  5. A bit of an error on 4:45 while it does not contain lysine it also does not contain:
    Aspartic Acid
    Glutamic Acid

    These are synthesized synthesized from glucose (sugar) via the Krebs cycle, except of tyrosine which does it from phenylalanine.
    You DO NOT produce enough of these amino acids when you have a low consumption of carbohydrates. This is similar to how cholesterol works but with fat. This is also very prevalent in vegan dishes when seitan is included.

    How to counter act this? Have a seitan burger.
    Can't do anything about the cholesterol though, You're going to have a decreased fertility because of your lifestyle, can't do anything about it unless you change your lifestyle.

  6. I love seitan! I make a big batch of washed flour seitan every other week. I like it braided then shredded or in patties that I sear before boiling. I'm very sensitive to textures but I have no problem with seitan and even my very picky partner will have some

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