Is it healthy to eat only two meals a day?

Healthy Recipes

A short clip (in Marathi ) from my talk at Maharashtra police training centre Khandala.

Subtitles added with help of @guruduttKamath


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  1. I urge you people DO NOT listen to this woman. She is clueless and all she is doing is making you comfortable with your bad dietary habits. She is spouting old wives folksy nonsense and she provides no scientific data or evidence and if you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic, I guarantee you that you will WORSEN your condition. DO NOT TAKE BLOOD SUGAR AND INSULIN RESISTANCE LIGHTLY.!!!. if you want real scientific and research backed evidence and good advice follow Ivor Cummings, Dr. Jason Fung, Gary Taubes or the BioHackers channel on YouTube. There are so many resources but please please do NOT follow this stupid woman's advice just because she gives advice to celebrities and film stars!!! She is a fraud and a simple misguided dietician and WITH NO MEDICAL QUALIFICATIONS OR KNOWLEDGE!!!

  2. I have one doubt. I've been following this method of eating, and I'm very happy. But the problem is, I don't know when should I do my yoga and exercise. Exercises fine that I can do it after having a light meal in the morning or evening. But yoga should be done on empty stomach right, so I'm not getting when should I do.

  3. I was 148 KG last year,
    Tried gym, swimming, Running,
    Also tried 4 to 6 meals a day,
    No result as I am having bulky muscular body,
    Started Dikshit Diet and 2 meals a day and lost 38 kg till now,
    2 meals a day works but it takes up to 3 to 5 months to show result,
    This woman is money hungry lier, look at her face and eyes, she looks ill and having hormonal problems,
    This woman charge huge money for her consultancy, don't go for her lie as Dikshit diet is free and hurting her business, try to be pations and give this diet more then 3 months,
    It worked for me it will work for you

  4. People start eating 2 meals a day and become healthy then how can these nutritionist run their shops who advise 9 meals a day. Intermittent fasting is the simplest form of diet anyone can follow . One has to drink fluids like warm water or chhas in between and it does wonders. Our Dada Dadi has been doing it if one has to justify it culturally.

  5. She's wrong. 2 meals on time and once fruit, and not eating after evening time is best. You don't get more energy from eating more, you just waste unnecessary energy trying to digest unnecessary food.

  6. I was 108 kg, just read on book of this angel and I came to 70 kg. Life saver, literally.
    But then I became overwhelmed with researches, intermittent fasting, keto, low carb, gluten free etc. Came back to 85kg. Now restarting your plan 🙏. Hope for the best.

  7. Yes there are many other hormones, but insulin is the master hormone. The only other hormone more powerful is cortisol.

    You're right about keeping in mind circadian rhythm. As someone has already pointed out in the comments, Dr. Jason Fung has demonstrated in his clinical practice that restricting feeding windows or alternate daily fasting has reversed insulin resistance.

    You neither rely your opinion on research nor on the actual traditons. For eg.

    "Teenda khayeel toh rogi,
    Donda khayeel toh bhogi
    Ekda khayeel toh Yogi"

  8. There has been numerous research over the years to prove IF is incredibly good for u!!! How can u say that it is not good for us? Inform urself and then give lectures on topics u hv no knowledge about

  9. Autophagy would have been the natural order for primitive man when we were hunter-gatherers. Food wasn't always available so a natural fasting would have taken place until the next hunt was successful and the high fat feast was on! Modern man has become so lazy with 24 hour drive throughs, you can just see the affects in the US and it's spreading across the planet.

    The same reason diabetes is also epidemic in India

  10. द्विकाल भुंजती , आयुर्वेद मध्ये ही संकल्पना आहे. पाच हजार वर्षा पूर्वी महर्षी वागभट ऋषींनी सांगितले होते.
    या बद्दल काय म्हणाल.
    HBA1C खाली कशे येईल या बद्दल सांगा काही.

  11. Madam tumcha research kuthay. Chaha pohe la apla paramparik mhantay. Aplya lokana research based attitude naslyacha gairfayda ghet ahat. Satya paristhiti hi ahe ki tumhi mhantay tasa karunahi loka unfit ahech.

  12. Polisancha vajan vadhta, ajar hotat hyacha Karan 2 Vela Jevan he ahe Kay?
    Mag veli-aveli Jevan, unhealthy foods (Chips, oily, sugary drinks) yache Kay?

  13. बाई पूर्वीपासून मराठी लोक, पूजा, नेवेद्याचा स्वयंपाक झाल्याशिवाय जेवत नव्हते. रोज पोहे खायची सवय असती तर सण, पुजा यासाठी दुपारपर्यंत उपाशी राहिले नसते.

  14. मला तर यांच काहीच पटत नाही काही लॉजीक देखील नाही त्यात . मी तर डॉ. दिक्षित डायट फॉलो करत आहे ३ महिन्यात ७ किलो कमी केल त्रासाविना.

  15. 10 वेळा खाऊन खाऊन 30 च्या नंतर शरीर बीमार पड़त..
    जि परंपरा 100-150 वर्षापासून चालत आलेली असते ती 💯% गलत पण असते हे ध्यानात ठेवा..
    1000 वर्षा अगोदर चहा, नाश्ता अस काहीच नव्हत..
    जर लोकांनी पोटाच ऐकून 10 वेळा खाल्ल तर तुमचा धंदा जोरात चालेल..
    जर लोकांनी 2-3 वेळाच खाल्ल तर तुमचा धंदा बंद पडेल..

  16. काहीही बोलते ! संशोधन पाहा काय सांगते. नुसतं दादा -दादी म्हटले की झाले का?

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