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[Music] Because we still have time [Music] Hey my labs before we get into this Video this video is sponsored by gainful My goals this month is to gain more Muscle improve my sleep quality and Overall my fitness performance ever Since i started taking gainful i’ve been More sharper and been seeing more Results and achieving all those things Gainful is a sports nutrition Subscription all about empowering you to Reach your fitness and nutrition goals They create personalized protein Hydration and pre-workout tailored to Your body type fitness routine and Dietary requirements my personal Favorite thing about them is the fact That they do all this by catering to Your needs with effective formulas with Clean ingredients with non-gmo no Fillers or artificial ingredients Gainful has a super easy quiz system That gets all the information needed From you to start it’s all catered to You so you’re in charge i will have a Link down below in the description and Get 40 off your first month off gainful Subscription So first we’re gonna start off with um Mobility and some stretches just to warm Up our bodies as you can see I’m working out with my friend and

Usually you know when we work out Together she is the type 2 kind of like Slack offer but she actually tries Though like she will i would tell her to Do something and Even though her face she’s like i don’t Want to do it she’ll still do it so you Guys are in for a treat if you guys do This workout you’re definitely going to Be feeling it for the next few days Um so yeah making sure stretching and Getting that blood flow before we start Is very very important [Music] Now for our first exercise i honestly Don’t really count this as an exercise i Counted more as a warm-up i have been Really liking just um I don’t know just doing these As a warm-up start because i feel like Right after i’m even i’m not saying when I warm up and stuff like that i don’t Feel warm it’s just that i feel much Better after doing these Um Right when i start i feel like my glutes Already get a pump and it’s like you’re Just ready to go so we’re gonna we did Three or four sets of 15 reps i believe And yeah just honestly you guys just Do this trust me it you’re gonna feel You can already see i’m starting to get Like a little pump from it making sure i Would say the tips would be making sure

That all the weight is on your heels Um keep your back straight your back Yeah back very straight and then right After that Get into squats Um today i wasn’t that well not today That day i honestly wasn’t really able To do heavy because my ankle was hurting If you guys know in my last video i went To vancouver and we were snowboarding And skiing in really tall big mountains In vancouver so i kind of fell and Tumbled a few times if you guys watched My vlog but Um instead of just trying to go heavier I feel like i just wanted to focus on Really just Tensing up my muscles and that uh muscle Control Sorry mind to muscle connection and just Yeah just focusing on my glutes like i I’ve said in my past videos it’s not Always about You know the weight sometimes you just Really gotta Be one with the weight if that makes Sense but yeah [Music] And also i like to alternate so some Days i’ll pick two days of the week so The first day usually i’ll do a Light weight so my light weight would or Light medium mesh weight would be like a 25

Pound or 30 on each side and i would Just max that on reps so like 15 to 20 Reps and those days are the days that i Feel the most insane pumps and then when I’m doing more of strength i will look At me taking selfies i will do more of Like the 45 on each side okay And then right after that i’m doing hip Thrust Um it’s really been like this gym is my Friend’s condo gym so We had to do the Barbell hip thrust the gym that i go to They have the machine but honestly i Kind of feel I feel like i prefer the barbell because It’s a bit harder you know the machine Kind of does the work for you versus With your hamstring i mean with the Barbell you have to make sure your form Is correct You are Just yeah overall form and you’re using A lot more of your body versus the Machine because like i said it’s doing All the work for you so with the hip Thrust this day i Did 45 Pounds on each side to start for 15 reps I believe and then i like to build it up So like i’ll do that and then i’ll add Another 45 so that day i did Three plates on each side And then right after that we’re doing

Hip hip abductors as you can see and the Same thing i like to kind of like build Up the weight gradually so i will do a Lightish medium weight for 15 to 20 reps And then i’ll do a medium-ish head Somewhat heavy and then also build it up And then the same thing again with the Heaviest and then max it out [Music] I still have time [Music] There’s If you guys also want that extra extra Tension and pump as you can see Literally my bum was on fire i’m telling You guys after you do this workout You’re going to be thanking me so much But yeah after that we’re just super Setting with um I think it’s goblet squats or just yeah Just just squats in general if you Really want extra two you can add the Band but um she did reps of five i’m Just kind of like going out maxing out In a sense so it’s not really a number It’s just kind of how much i feel like i Can do [Music] Next we have cable squads you guys hip Thrus squats and cable squats are Honestly like my most favorite even i Would say if even if it comes down to it It’s probably cables it’s probably cable Squats and hip thrust those are

Definitely my most most favorite Every time i do cable squats though it’s Like it’s all just ass you know i mean So literally after that it’s just my bum Feels so swollen and Juicy and it’s looking all nice and Tender like He meets that full of the bone you know What i’m saying so honestly you guys Have to have to try this and always add The band i feel like the band always has That extra tension extra it just makes Your glutes and your hamstrings just Work a little bit harder you know and Making sure you’re squeezing when you Get to the top and the same thing we did About Three to four sets of 15 to 20 i believe [Music] Because i still have time [Music] There’s nobody [Music] There’s [Music] Uh [Music] And then that’s pretty much it for our Leg workout we finished off with some Abs as you guys can see you know where We are you know summer is two three Months away okay we gotta shed off it Was bulking season now we gotta start Shutting off that fat i feel like this

Um past winter i definitely gained a lot Which was my goal Um i definitely gained a lot though like In my arms a little bit in my midsection And my face So Um i’m definitely gonna do a video of Kind of how i shed that off The things that i do the things that i Eat so like i’ve been going to pilates Boxing boxing is a great form of cardio And it’s enjoyable for me So i really really like that and then The diet portion as well so yeah if you Guys are interested i will be showing You guys but yeah the rest of it is just Basically the ab workout [Music] Let me stay with you [Music] [Music] I still have time [Music] There’s nobody There’s [Music] There’s [Music] We still have time [Music] There’s nobody else There’s nobody [Music] There’s

[Music] Whenever your heart is broken Don’t ever forget you’re golden I will find the light in your

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