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INSANE 5 Min Jump Rope Finisher! (Challenging Workout)

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The Workout:

30 seconds – jump rope freestyle 1/2 lb rope
15 seconds – jump rope double under 1/4 lb rope

*Modifier for all exercises – jump rope regular bounce
*Beginners complete circuit 1x
*Advanced complete circuit 4-5x
**No built in rest times
**Rest as needed

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31 Comentários

  1. Frank Cole Go back to the archives, and they have a plethora of workouts using differently weighted ropes. Yes, you can incorporate different weight ropes in an activity. And yes, they are very efficient.

  2. Not sure if you guys have done it already @Jump Rope Dudes but a video about what vitamins and/or extra supplements you Dan and Brandon are consuming etc and what do you recommend for example antioxidants, fish oils etc. Just an idea =)

  3. Great stuff, I love doing this workout as a finisher! Could you guys maybe make the end of the workout more clear, like a longer bell? I do the workouts without seeing my phone and it's hard to tell when the workout's over. Love your stuff, keep it up!

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