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[Music] Okay i just got back from the gym And I have a clothing haul for you guys as You can see i’m collaborating with jim Shark and i got a bunch of goodies to Show you guys so this is going to be a Try on haul i have a few items from Their adapt um camo collection i got Some new leggings some sports bras a Bunch of stuff okay This color i really really like so i got The sports bra i have the crop top As well Cute it’s kind of like the crop top but The longer version out and then we have Shorts in them as well honestly i don’t Really wear i don’t i don’t ever like i Never wear shorts to the gym i don’t Know i just feel like my legs they don’t Be looking that cute you know sometimes I look out girls who’ll be wearing Shorts the gym i’m like Good for you could not be me you know What i mean but i don’t know i just Don’t really like my legs in like in i Don’t know i don’t know what it is i Don’t know if you guys are like me and You don’t really like wearing shorts to The gym comment down below but i don’t Know that’s just me And then we have the leggings the same Thing but in the purple one so i also Got the leggings

For these as well very comfy i’ve worn The blue set if you guys it’s on my Instagram so you’ve probably already Seen it And then the same thing the sports bra This one is kind of like shorts But It kind of looks like a skirt at the Same time you know when it’s the summer Time i will probably like wear these but Yeah i think this is different this is Something that i don’t have in my Workout closet for sure and then we have The crop Long sleeve as well the next one is And this is all also this is also in Their vital collection as well so we Have this it’s not fitted it’s kind of a It’s a little bit loose so i got the Same thing In a darker color And then these are the matching same Thing as the purple ones but a black Version i like these ones more because Like i said i feel like the purple one Is more of a summer color versus this One you can wear it all year round the Next item is this pullover kind of like Jacket but it’s not really a jacket Because the zipper Goes Um half not even half like quarter ish Yeah it’s not even halfway but i also Like this one a lot i’ve worn it i’ve

Worn this one to the gym as well and it Comes with a zipper this one matches the The camo one so i really like that one And then i got the same thing but in This color i’m not sure what color this Is like i said i’ll have it in the Description so for everything that’s top Based i am a small i’m not sure if i’m a Small in the sports bras Yes i am yeah so i got the cup the other Color in that this is their camo one i Really really like these ones Um obviously because they have the Scrunch you guys know me i love my Scrunches my everything’s scrunched but Yeah when i wore this i got a lot of Compliments with these at the gym so i Really like these you know all of their Materials are Soft and stretchy and this one comes With the matching sports bra i really Like the back of the sports bra as well So that’s the back and then this is the Front so it’s kind of like a v um sports Bra which i like these because they make Your titties look good But yeah and then in terms of other Sports bras i got These two so these ones are their pulse Collection so these ones come with the Matching pants which is what i’m wearing Right now so I’ll show you guys but this is the front Of it and then the back i really like

How the back has this kind of like Cross over thing i like that style and This one is very uh supportive For the Titties and then i got the same thing In black and then this one has that Orange so you can wear with the adapt Camo as well and then We got The last pieces which is this white i’ve Never i’ve never worn white to the gym So i figured why not get these so this Is kind of like a crop top-ish it’s not A sports bra it’s just like a sleeveless Crop top thing and then i got these ones As well in this color i really like this Color i feel like this is a very Flattering color and blue is my favorite Color so i got those and then these are The matching pants as well the nice Thing about these is that they come with Little pockets at the back so if you Guys want to put your key well i don’t Really see you putting your keys or Anything in there but if you do want to Put something in there then you can But that’s these and then like i said The blue ones i’m wearing right now Okay so this is what it looks like like I said i really really like this top i Am wearing something under y’all don’t Judge me i just ate some food so your Girl is bloated but Yeah this is what this set looks like i

Feel like this color Is so nice like It’s just it’s just everything about This color you know And this is what the top looks like very Very Cute supportive it has this like design Here as well That i think just overall makes like i Said it makes your shape look A lot nicer You know But yeah that’s this set that’s from the Pulse collection got the same thing in White i’m gonna try it on so you guys Can see it i haven’t worn that one yet Okay so here is the white Set Now the top i find is a little bit more Tight on my side so i feel like i could Have done A medium instead as you can see it’s Pretty tight so if you guys Are a little bit boob heavy like me i Would recommend doing the medium As you can see but The pan’s Very stretchy has that line let me fix This Let me oh You all know the struggle And then put it inside so that your Bum looks Good but

That’s what the white Set looks like and then i have the Pullover not sorry not a pullover top But the Kind of top version hold on So this is what it looks like very Fitted Um Yeah the only thing i would say if you Are going to wear this with this is that This the logo is orange and this one is Black so Yeah But again i feel like i could have gone To medium Instead because it’s a little bit tight Fitting and that’s what the back Looks like i don’t know if you guys can See it But yeah that’s what the back looks like I like it but yeah it’s just a little Bit tight So Um i would recommend going a size up but Yeah my battery’s about to die But yeah that’s what this looks like Okay i switched rooms But this is the pull over Quarter Zip top i actually really like this Combo i didn’t know this was a good Combo to mix look at the color Difference though this [ __ ] just matches So perfectly like

It is super comfy i love having um Shirts or tops that have this like long Sleeve Thingies and the logo is at the back See this is a nice bed Yeah i really like this fit and it’s Nice and fitted usually i don’t like i Have a few Oh let me breathe i’m out of breath I have usually tops that are Um Like it’s loose here so i really like How this one is tight Here you mean like You know Yeah I really like this fit a lot So Yeah here i feel like they did such a Good job with the designs like this this And then these like it comes all the way Through here like and the lines in the Arms as well Looks Looks very very good i think let me know What you guys think Okay so here is the black one as you can See it’s a little bit already stretched Out and stinky because i already wore This to the gym But Yeah i really like the black one as well With With the pants like i said it’s

Different colors So i don’t know comment down below if You guys like the different alternating Colors my boyfriend said he like the Different colors so maybe it’s just me But Yeah this is what This one looks like and this one has the Orange Um Logo at the back And this is the Same bra but the black version now i did Say before that Um the bras i would have gone a medium But actually it’s kind of growing on me A little bit because i do like this Fitted look because it really keeps my Boobs in place versus i’ve had other Like sports bras that Would be a little bit loose like i feel Like if i was doing burpees or jumping Like Anything that involves jumping and Moving around a lot Like my boobs would move but this one i Feel like it’s super super fitted you Know So that’s what the black looks like And that’s what the back Looks like i really like am i dry I’m so ashy oh my god This is what the back looks like As you guys can see

And these are the Shorts This one is a a bit tight so i would Have probably got a medium In this but Yeah i think this is a cute It’s not a cute summery look i don’t Know what you guys think like i said This is not something i would wear in The gym but i don’t know i’m super Insecure about my knees and stuff like That so i don’t like wearing shorts so Now the next item is this kind of like Fitted shirt it’s really fitted on the Arms like i like kind of makes my arms Look My shoulders look good like i look Shredded But Um i do like how it’s fitted at the arms But it’s loose at the Here so if you guys do like this kind of Like fit i personally like shirts like This that are more Tight so like That was what it would look like But it’s also nice to have something Like this because you can tie it to the Side tie it in the front or like i said Or like tie it in the back so it kind of Like looks like that but Yeah it’s really loose and fitted and i Got this one in the gray as well so this Is the gray one

Again very fitted and nice this would be Kind of like a nice comfy Shirt Like my boyfriend said but yeah i like How it’s fitted like i said if you guys Wanted to tie it you could I think it looks cute Tied like this Or in the back like that too You know Yeah so Yeah and this is a small Okay so next we have this set i like This Color it’s like a purple lilac I think it’s lilac color this is a Really cute Sports bra also gives you a good amount Of support As well you know And like i was saying this is the same Pants but in purple I think this would be a really cute Summer Outfit this is what the back Looks like only i don’t know about this One this one made my bum look flat so Um i don’t know Let me know what you guys think in the Comments below and then i have the crop Top version and the leggings so this is What the purple set Looks like y’all don’t mind my hair but I really really like this one

Look at this top very Fitted You know and the designs i don’t know if You guys can really see sorry my Lighting is not that good but Yeah And then these are the leggings But yeah i really really like this set a Lot Let me know what you guys think Yeah okay so here is the adapt camo set I really like this one this is my Favorite one first of all This Makes You know The girls sit how they’re supposed to be Sitting and you know what i mean And then the pants And then the hands have a scrunch as you Can see i’m not wearing them how i Usually wear them so the scratch is kind Of like out Makes my bum look a little bit weird Don’t judge But This is the Camouflage I really really like this one you know It’s I like this one I just Yeah Okay guys so lastly we have this set

This is the long sleeve i got this one In an extra small i don’t know why i Just thought that maybe it would fit Really really tight And it does If it’s really tight But as you can see i’m breathing hard Because it was hard to put the [ __ ] on But i do like it though it’s fitted Um And i’m wearing it with the shorts Um i really really like the shorts but Like i said i’m not really uh wear to The shorts To the gym kind of person i just don’t Like wearing shorts to the gym But Yeah i do really like this one though Like Like i said it’s very fitted that’s what The back looks like And Yeah if you guys are a shorts Kind of person i think this is great it Does have like the thick band So even if you’re like me you just ate And yeah bloated you can It can really cinch in You know Your waist and then Yeah i think this is a really cute set Let me know what you guys think but I don’t like my hair it was really hard Because i was putting this [ __ ] on

But yeah let me know what you guys think Comment down below what is your favorite Outfit or set or piece and yeah i’ll Have a link down below in the Description and a discount code i think I have one I’m so tired I’m about to lay down And Probably take a bath Or something i don’t know But yeah i really hope you guys enjoyed This video I’m really tired I’m not gonna lie like i’m so tired as You can see but yeah i really hope you Guys enjoyed this video please don’t get Forget to like comment and subscribe and I will show we’ll be Seeing you guys in my next video okay [Music] Whenever your heart is broken Don’t ever forget you’re golden I will find the light in your

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