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How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

I seen this man go from 280 to 208 why So when when other people are just Congratulating you and yo dab him up I Just be looking like y'all didn't see it I seen this man cry I see this man Struggle I seen this I seen this man Bleed literally to get here keto diet Intermediate fasting will take you a Long way and not keeping all safe is Working out an empty stomach yes working On Instagram it boosts up your Metabolism yes your body Professor get Anything with sugar but when you fast You start teaching about that eight I Don't have no sugar but how fast exactly Your body starts learning how to break Down that facts I had no ABS in April at The end of April this is when I started The whole steamer retention process it Came in a little rush for me came in a Rush and then boom same return she came In I started working out mind Spirit Boom I start losing weight So these two they have a good journey Even him yeah he was a little overweight Yep a little fat and now he got his body Back my guy over there was just fighting And he dropped down and what I find Interesting is when people lose weight They tend to lose muscle too they'll Still have a little bit of fat but they Lost weight but it seemed like you guys Managed to actually build muscle yep and Lose weight and burn fat at the same

Time that's what I want to talk to you About how do you guys go about that so Because you guys are muscular you guys Yeah I would not think that oh you were Fat yeah anybody that would look at Y'all would be like oh they were skinny Yeah they ate yeah they got muscular so I mean so yeah so prior to me it gained Weight I was in a gym 2017 I started my Bodybuilding Journey Um I've always been fit I grew up so I'll take it back a little bit I grew up In Nigeria On my chance I used to use that to cut The grass Um I used to till the ground I used to Pound yam all of that so it's always Been there I've always had that strength Now I didn't know how to cut it up and Dissect it and make it look like this You feel me you see this you see the Games man you see the gangs but yeah at 2017 is when I started my journey I Learned how to work out you know say not Just working on ABS I learned how I had To work on my legs in fact Y'all not might not believe this but Legs me working on my legs is what got Me like this Me working on my legs That's what got me like this got my back The way it is I was telling that to my Brother like yesterday that's where all The testosterone that's what this is the

Biggest muscle you have here they say Don't skip like this don't skip like That it's a reason man yes Very very important yo I feel like you Could do legs no you could spot heavy And grow like heavy deadlifts and you Can skip up a body exactly like still be Like you'll still be able to survive Exactly bro I did it I had a whole Program oh yeah we did the program yo I Did a 10 by 10 program with this guy and One of my other guys as well shout out To BJ we did this thing where we did Like any workout we did will be at 10 10 Set 10 Reps for each set so deadlifts And squats that's what we were doing we Remastered a certain weight we increase It by five to ten percent yeah boom we Keep on adding like we once we get there We do the same thing rinse and repeat Until we get to a weight that we can't Really count we stay there till we Conquered it that's how a game's done With this mess now come the pandemic man I got lazy I was smoking I was drinking I was working to working a lot and I Gained a lot of weight in my Prime I was At like 210 209 I gained weight went all The way to 253. lost the ABS I lost the ABS Yo you're not gonna believe this too I Had no ABS in April at the end of April This is when I started the whole SEMA Retention process

It all works it all worked I told you it Had it came in a little rush for me came In a rush and then boom Shimmer Attention came in I started working out My spirit boom I started losing weight Now what did I do Jump ropes Jump roping is what I did Heavyweight jump roper two pound one Pound I mean this man going at it Like yo it's like we're having like a Dance battle or something I do hit three Minutes it's about to do three minutes I Do three minutes yo like this man Accountability man when I called myself I was able to do five minutes oh really He said hey I'm doing that too exactly That's how that's how I got these it's Positive competition exactly yeah so you Each other we just feeding off each Other exactly Together that's the key about this whole Thing because like he said the jump Ropes were very key he came from a Different perspective I was fat I was Fat man I left when I left College you Know my last relationship before college Man I was just eating Cheesecake Factory I was fat man but now what happened I Was lifting weights with them I was Doing a lot of powerlifting I did a lot Of farmers walk I did a lot of squats Deadlifts that's what I was all doing Yeah but the thing about it is that when

You fat and you're doing the squats the Deadlifts it builds muscle but you still It doesn't lose that fat yeah that Became huge yeah I was huge I was more Of like really powerless the power lift I was more like a football linebacker Yes and what now changed was that I got it to jump ropes burpees yes That's what helped you start helping me Burn the fat and lose it yeah when I Started adding that now and then with The other things starting to come into Place with my diet without this fasting Going for periods I'll you know Sometimes I go for Start Gentle with the Front Fast Stop for 12 hours I went out I've gone all the way 20 hours and four Hours so I go 20 hours fast eat for four Hours wow 20 hour fast before I Sometimes I go whole day what I eat wow Another key thing I'll say is working Out on an empty stomach yes working on Instagram it boosts up your metabolism Yes Anything about losing weight that people Fail to understand people feel like you Need to eat to go to the gym too I need To have energy your body has all the Energy needs your body won't let you our Body was designed not to let us feel our Body repairs a lot of there a lot of Things that go wrong in our body even When you build muscle you tear those Muscles you destroy those muscles and

Your body regenerates and uses a Mitochondrials and different energy it Defend our cells to build back those Muscles with the proteins that you take In the thing about is that When you fast you give your body a time Period to recuperate and with the Recuperation involves all those dead Proteins those dead cells are being Exfoliated out of your body things the Things that need to be prepared are Being repaired sugar Spice up insulin but when when sugar is In your system it stops that fast and Prevents your body from breaking down Cells for energy because your body runs To the sugar to get that energy from Sugar because the body prefers to get Energy with sugar but when you fast you Start teaching about that hey I don't Have no sugar but how fast exactly hey Your body starts learning how to break Down that fats keto diet and Intermediate fasting will take you a Long way when you eat fats when you eat Like avocado healthy fat for avocado I'm Not talking about Fried Chicken All that [ __ ] no no Avocado Pistachios almonds all that we eat those Healthy fats what happens that you start Teaching your body that hey If I'm stacking on these your body's Like oh I don't have no sugar all I have

Is this your body starts training itself To break down that fat those fat Molecules and now when you go for now Periods with intermediate fasting Without eating your body now starts Tapping into your your fat your fat self And now when you work out without eating Out your body needs energy so it's going To tap into the fat stuff and then it's Going to boost your metabolism up and Therefore really really to harness that Energy and that's how you start dropping The Whip and that hey you see me right Here you jump up an empty stomach yep oh Man plus so you see how you say you drop Weight now you want to drop weight and You want to add on the muscle right eye Prop yeah protein you gotta eat your Protein man lean protein man I like the Chicken breast man my favorite man and Then also I like another protein I like The salmon got it's iron fat as well uh I'm meal prep but I don't I'm chop my Calories yes yeah I don't count I don't Have calories yeah so what do you think About that no tell no calories it's not So me I don't call this a diet I call This a lifestyle it's a lifestyle when You a diet has a start daily empty but It's not lifestyle man this is you're Used to it man you're counting calories I can't count calories from Until I die there's no way I'm counting Calories from now it's like that there's

No way it's not sustainable you want Some sustainable you just gotta listen To your body you hungry eat And one thing I'll say that all the time God people think I'm crazy Keep it organic keep it organic The reason why you know that's a that's A that's a that's a brand that we found That keep it organic Pio Um the reason why we say keep it organic Because in life every day Do things that your body is going to Lead you to do things for your mind your Spirit is going to need to do things That you're comfortable with that your Skills are used to you know I have Skills and it allows me to do certain Things that's why I do that everybody Has skills that allows to do certain Things that's what they're good at but When you keep an organic it means that You're doing what you're meant to be Doing every day so now when you Incorporate your your feeding habit into That becomes more sustainable you're not Worried about oh [ __ ] did I eat enough Calories no no you're not worried about That because why because you already Know the routine of how you how you eat What you eat he eats chicken eats salmon You know he uh you know I eat avocados Avocados good fats I think now I can eat Carbs if I want cups sweet potatoes Baked potatoes cassava

Yamsu you already know found that y'all That's it right there but you have to Interpret your faces yes your veggies Spinach Kill asparagus All those stuff are very cute because Those things provide you now the Vitamins yeah the vitamins the minerals That you need for your body the bell Peppers like the mushrooms yes onions All that stuff that provides you the Vitamin C because the vitamins is what Helps to sustain those cells and sustain Your your body you know when you feel About the proper vitamins trust me the Universe is good I don't think no pills I don't take nothing I just eat and you Have to make your lifestyle when you Make your lifestyle what happens that Right now it might be a little bit Expensive when you spend it on like when You buy a shop you have to shop in Whole Food all that stuff the thing about is That it's better to spend that than Spending your lifetime thank you paying For drugs thank you he hit it on the Nail y'all honestly Honest thousand dollars now on Gross A thousand dollars in the hospital Yeah and the thing about it I think About it at an older age I've broke it down they don't still have That Innings If you were sustaining if you if you

Worked in yourself at a young age and You have all that energy that Universe All that all those organs even though Everything is getting older it will Still be functioning above normal and Then somebody that was that age that Didn't take care of themselves exactly And that's why if you notice a lot of People that you see out there that do Kind of stuff that eat clean when in the 50s and 60s A lot bro I've seen a lot of guys And they're stronger than me yes they're Teaching me much stupid so that's Amazing and you know we live in this in This world where they people complain oh When I was your age I was doing it like This I feel like the older you get the Stronger you can get yeah if I'm 30 Years old right and I'm doing 30 Pull-ups that means when I'm 50 years Old I should be doing 50 people because I'm I'm still consistent I'm still Getting stronger yup for me I feel like We should manipulate our people Um the perception or whatever the Society tells us how we're supposed to Live or whatever or like oh the older You got the weekend Ah that's that's Definitely hey I said I take it back Home definitely Niger yeah yo all right So my grandparents yo when they were There still yo they were still strong I Got I got I got I got grandparents I got

I got uncles like they're old but they Strong they still go to the farm still Go to the farmers still telling the Ground I'm still cutting the now the Lawnmower foreign Don't think about it as a diet or I'm Getting my body ready for the summer or I'm getting my body ready for the spring Y'all make it a lifestyle yeah what's up Man you don't love it I heard it from The guys man that [ __ ] right there they Both was in that in that space where They they gained weight they were out of Shape and they they got back to it so You have it right there that's how you Build muscle that's how you burn fat There's no This is not a I don't know what they Call it like you know some type of like Not fabricated yeah this is the real Deal yeah you don't you don't get it any You don't get really in that yeah they Tell you exactly what they did for me I Can't really tell you guys because I was Never like a fat person I was always Even when I was slim I was still like a Little cut I had some six-pack abs I was Always an active kid because and I lived In Nigeria after my life every morning The first thing I have to do is wake up And fetch water the water that we're Gonna use to bath then they used to Clean our eyes because we didn't have no Toilet I remember you feel me the water

We're gonna use to eat everything Whatever you use water for yes I have to Fetch all of that at the stream yep and That was me I'm turning you like 10 Blocks 10 blocks and I had to fetch like Five buckets or six buckets before I Know your head yeah you can carry your Head yeah so that alone was a workout Yeah there was no way I was gonna be out Of shape and my grandmother was already On there with the healthy diet so there Was no way I was going to be out of Shape so like when I came to this Country it was just I was still Consistent I was exercising so I can't Really you know that's why I'm glad I Met these brothers because a lot of You've been asking like yo I'm I'm Overweight how do I how do I get Muscular like you these guys especially Him yes he has been in that view where He was fat and now he got so there's no Excuse yeah you're seeing him we all Look we all look similar yes there's no Like there's literally no excuse yes at This point yes so like okay Man [ __ ] you gotta [ __ ] big big daddy So now that I cut down the weight and Everything it never left it was always There yeah always there think about it Is that I gained wisdom with it now yeah So we're not getting wisdom that means I'm more I'm intentional with it that Time I used to go I used to just come

Out all the time I will yeah but not More intentionally I just I'm reserved Because when when I was fat I used to See how the women treated me when I was The same way when I was I was big oh Dude look at your car wait oh who are You who are you you know look you snuff At you all that kind of stuff they Didn't they didn't know what I had Inside of me they didn't know it was in Me they saw they saw what was on me but They didn't know it was in me when I Realized that I was like oh man my Energy is not worth getting to all these Women like it without all that because Why they wouldn't appreciate it yeah me And him the only difference that he Looks a little better babe I thought if I open my mind really really take time To really have a conversation with me Yeah your mind will be blown man yeah I Can take you out of this universe yeah And you know all the women I've talked To that really that very bad with me They know that's why you know that's That's why if I hit them up they still They still want my energy they still Want to interact with me yeah So that's why I said Like it's been 200 pounds but so I was still the same but right now only Thing I love sweet I never can't win Because throughout the process of losing The weight I saw that not everyone's

Worth my energy They don't care about discipline they Don't care about accountability they Don't care about loyalty don't care About be a man of your word yeah you Know saying something doing it yes you Know they don't care about that those Are things that take your head in life Yep they care about the money now I can Be a cook I can be scammer and be Listening I have money yeah I can be a Son of a million I have money been Talking about scammers right now That week Because Technology he's a man of his word yeah He's a man of accountability he said man He's a disciplined man a loyalty those Are things that really take you Everywhere in life wherever you go in Life if you have those characteristics Man you Excel yeah because people people Gravitate towards you because they know That your man they say you say you're Gonna be here you're gonna do it you say This is gonna be done it's going to be Done you you accountable yourself you Hold yourself hard on the teeth no Matter what no matter if you're standing Outside rain outside hey my boy will Tell you that hey I'll be in the gym Yeah I used to be in the gym I used to Ride my bike no matter what I'll go for I used to go for a 20 mile run remember

Seeing this man go from 280 to 208 why So when when other people are just Congratulating you and yo dab him up I Just be looking like y'all didn't see it I see this man cry I see this man Struggle I see this man bleed literally To get here yeah literally I know this Man for over decade so I seen the work Man and there you have it guys leave a Comment below let me know what you guys Know what what kind of video do you guys Want me to Shoot let us know And please man huh Help me make more content like this and One of the ways you can help me is by Subscribing to the channel yes there's No way I could grow and they don't grow It's impossible they have to grow so we Can continue this this journey exactly I Mean if you support me these are my Family basically these are my brothers You support me you support my brothers You know they gotta eat we gotta feed Each other Support me by support my brothers what's Your channel man hey my channel is G-staff and my Ig page g dot staff Underscore hey support me about my Content man I got a lot more and just Interact with me man I can share a lot More details of my journey and Everything and how you can definitely Change transform from being fat I know a

Lot of dudes out there were like me Overweight and really trying to trim Down and get that body to have you have In your mind but all about all you Coming with me and talking to you're Gonna bring that Vision in your mind Into reality right here in front of People hey stay tuned exactly it's your Boy Fabo you call you can follow me on IG and YouTube Fable never folds man I Got all the content um I'm gonna send I'm Gonna Give You All content I got mad Content for y'all it's all my spirit you Talking about my mind you talking my Body I got it for you I'ma give it to Y'all so man don't shine don't be shy Don't shy away come on man visit me yo Let's get this popping But I can't stretch Um start to subscribe please smash the Like button smash the subscribers Smash everything That's my girl man Adults smash my girl

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