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1x 12-15 reps (mod weight, warm up)
4x 6-8/10 reps (heavy)
Drop set last set x 2, AMRAP (10-12) reps

Hack squats
1x 8 light weight
3x 6-8 heavy weight

Leg press
4x 8 heavy
Drop set last set AMRAP

Quad extensions
3x 10 heavy, drop set 8 rep isometric holds 3 secs

Getting hyped when i aim up Elevating that game up Stepping up to the competition Only first place [Music] Hey my loves i am so excited for this Video to share with you guys i’m back With another leg day and i’m here with My guest tamara Okay look at us we look so cute with our Matching shirts and everything so we’re Just getting started getting you know Chopping it up and getting our Pre-workout don’t mind me but this was Literally her telling me that the green The stuff was going to stain my Shoes my new shoes and it wasn’t even Clicking in my head and then Yeah and then when i realized i was like Oh [ __ ] yeah My shoe’s white but yeah anyways we’re Just chopping it up And we’re just gonna warm up get into This leg workout so for today’s video I’m following her workout which is very Different from what i usually do But That’s the best part about working out With other people is you know you can Learn things from them and they learn From you and it’s just you know trying a Whole different workout and like i said Um The

Exercises that we did today i am going To list it at the end of the video so Make sure you guys watch this video Please don’t forget to like comment and Subscribe and again we’re just talking Chopping it up getting to know each Other she’s the sweetest person ever and I’m so happy she reached out for us to Work out together and collab and Yeah i’m so excited [Music] Three hours later Now for our first exercise we ended up Doing hip thrusts now Like i was saying before is very Different from what i usually do When i do legs i usually start with Squats dead lifts and then hip thrusts She right off the bat just was like okay Let’s just do Hardcore hip thrusting okay and this was Our Warm-up weight i think warm-up-ish Starting Um like i said again at the end of this Video i have the workout listed because I don’t really remember Um through this audio and you know i Want to make sure you guys get there Look at that booty though Her Booty is looking juicy No but um yeah so we ended up doing hip Thrust um as you can tell tamara’s uh

Quads she’s very like quiet in person Like this bitch’s quads are huge okay Her quads are insane so Um that’s what we’re also going to be Working on on mine because i’m not that Much like quad Dominant i find it easier for me to grow My glutes um more than my hamstring and My quads but she has a great balance of Both so I highly recommend if you guys are going To be doing Um This workout you know it’s like i said Even just like starting like my glutes Were just so pumped as you can see But we you know it’s also like the Supplements that we also took mind you And eating properly carbing up making Sure you’re feeling those gains And yeah i don’t even know what else to Say And also another thing that i noticed Too is that she also goes faster so like You know just pumping it through the Reps versus for me i’m so used to doing Like slow and controlled so it was Definitely great to switch it up i Highly recommend that you guys do like Both as well To have days where you do like high Volume and Going super super heavy and For me

The fact that i was even able to lift This much considering my Foot injury A couple weeks ago i was actually doing Pretty good so i was actually very proud Of myself And as you can see she’s like pushing me And it was the best thing ever i Challenged myself and Even though i go to the gym by myself Again it’s great to have somebody that You know shares that same goals and Qualities as you so it’s good to go to The gym even though we were talking And getting to know each other we still Like crushed the workout [Music] Next we have the hack squat okay now for These i didn’t do these in a long Time like i said you guys this is a very Different workout from what i normally Do and this was great for my quads like Today i am really feeling in my quads And yesterday as well so we trained on Tuesday and it’s now thursday so Yeah um if you’re looking to grow your Quads Um like hers as well definitely consider Doing these machines Um Yeah this [ __ ] was [ __ ] hard and Doing that doing that amount of weight i Feel like for the longest time i was Kind of doing like a heavy medium-ish

Comfortable weight and then maxing out On reps so doing Heavy weights It felt so good and i’m like i was Saying i was surprised that i even Could lift this amount but she is a Badass as you can tell [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Break down [Music] Break [Music] Break down [Applause] [Music] Good Break down [Music] [Music] Uh [Music] [Music] Sounds Okay so next we have the leg press Machine again When i tell you i was so surprised i was Able to do this amount of weight usually When i do like press i’m probably doing Like 4 45 4 Plates on each side so Her pushing me to do even more like i

Said i was just so surprised i could Even do more it was kind of funny Because even when um when i got onto the Machine i like looked up at her i was Easily Pumping it out and she was like yeah i Think you can do a plate submissive and I was like [Music] Break down [Music] Break down [Music] [Applause] [Music] Break down [Music] [Music] And we’re just finishing up look at her Look at look at her touching my booty You know what is funny is do you guys Ever like when you stand there i was Flexing not even flexing like you see That dent into my hip dips where you Just like you’re flexing Without even realizing you’re flexing But um obviously you guys i don’t know i Get these questions from people Sometimes like just because you have Muscle You know in your Butt does it jiggle and stuff like that And the answer is yes you know the butt Still jiggles it is

It’s not soft it is it’s obviously Muscle so it’s not gonna be like jiggly You know i mean it’s gonna be Not hard either but it’s you know it’s It still jiggles you know when you twerk It’s still going but yeah anyways this Is her literally pushing me more and More oh you guys also This is so embarrassing literally the Entire workout i’m i’m so embarrassed to Even um included but I Was just grunting you know that guy in The gym that’s just always making those Sounds and grunting and also by the way She is making me do a drop set but yeah I was grunting and grunting and i didn’t Even realize it and Until i was looking at the footage and Like i said yeah this [ __ ] is so Embarrassing but you know what you gotta Do it for the gains and in order to grow You gotta train like a beast okay [Applause] [Music] Break down [Music] And lastly we have leg extensions again Focusing on our quads because Personally my quads be lacking so that’s What i’m really trying to focus on Growing but also you guys keep in mind You know if you really want to grow Something and you’re not putting the

Effort to actually grow it you’re not Going to get it you know i mean it’s Just like how some people will say oh Well i want to get a more toned back but Then it’s like you’re not really Training your back to get it toned you Know what i mean or same thing with abs You’re not eating properly or doing Cardio or All these other factors that go into a Specific Body part that you want to target but Yeah this was killer and i don’t even Know what to say i’m even hurting Looking watching this video [Music] [Music] [Music] I was born [Music] [Applause] [Music] All then when i show up Whole place bout to blow up Superior to that competition I’m in first station that’s how i’m Living I’m with it till they take [Music] [Music] Watch me [Music] Yeah you guys that is pretty much it for This video again

We didn’t even do that many machines Which is kind of crazy because usually She does like four to five i think and i Usually do like six to seven Machines but thank you so much for Watching this video i really hope you Guys enjoyed it make sure you guys go Check out her socials she is the best And sweetest and i hope to see you guys In my next video Getting hyped when i aim up Elevating that game up Stepping up to the competition Only first place [Music] Whenever your heart is broken Don’t ever forget you’re golden I will find the light in your

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