Home Workout for Men – Full Body, No Equipment

A full body home workout for men, with no equipment. Follow along in real time for eight minutes.


Trainer Josh Coburn @Coburn Fitness
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Here’s a full body workout for guys, you can 
do it anywhere and you don’t need equipment  Working legs core chest shoulders and abs  45 seconds each exercise with short rest 
periods to keep the heart rate pumping First three exercises standing squats, 
plank knee twists and push-ups.  Starting with standing squats. ready?
let’s go with standing squads Straight head up going down 
low to the floor exploding up 10 more seconds   Going straight into plank knee twist and go plank 
position one knee to opposite elbow then the other Nice straight plank head forward Next stay in plank position for 
a push-up let’s go with push-up Hands fairly wide elbows at 45 degrees to the body   Coming slowly down on this one pushing up 
then a three second count on the way down Breathing out as you come up 
in as you come slowly down 10 seconds keep it going Okay short rest now Shake It Out 
plenty of deep breaths stretches Getting ready for the next three exercises 
burpees, side crunch and jumping lunges.   So in position for burpees.
and go Exploding up and straight down on 
the floor taking the legs out behind Keep it going for a few more seconds Next it’s a side crunch so down on the floor   On one side for a crunch and go side 
crunch one arm out in front for stability Concentrate on lifting both 
shoulders elbow towards the knee Deep breaths Okay ready to change sides.
and change Shoulders coming up elbow to 
the knee thank you foreign Now straight into jumping lunges So on your feet lunge 
position and go jumping lunges Using the arms for an extra lift Don’t let the back knee touch the floor   Straight head up   10 more seconds than a short rest And rest Plenty of deep breaths stretches Final set of exercises high knee raise, 
Commando Crunch and tricep push-up. 

So standing ready for high knee 
raise, and go – high knee raise Knees coming up as high as possible Keeping that heart rate high Few more seconds And change straight into Commando 
crunches now hands behind you for support  And go commando crunches knees coming up 
towards the chest feet not touching the floor Keep it slow and controlled A couple more reps Final exercise it’s a tricep push-up, 
Hands by the sides elbows tucked in  And go tricep push-up breathing out 
as you come up body in a straight line  One more and rest that’s it Stand Up 
and Shake It Out plenty of deep breaths If you want to try more of our home 
workouts for full body abs and core   Or legs as well as for stretching 
and Mobility just click the link

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