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HIIT Workout UNCUT with Seth Feroce

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**3 ROUNDS**

1. Jump Rope – 2 minutes

2. 10 – Kettle Bell Swings (90 lbs)

3. 20 – Push-ups with Leg Lifts

4. 10 – Pull-Ups

5. 35 – Sit-Ups

6. Squat Press – to failure

7. 15 – Burpees

8. Sled Push – Down and Back

Round 1 – (5:30)
Round 2 (Uncut) – (8:17)

Love you Guys! Keep Fuckin Shit Up!!


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44 Comentários

  1. how long can you do it for 2years 10 years i have worked out fof 60 years the hard part is keep it up if is not fun you well not do it youl see good luck ask dave and his biking what does palombo do now not much

  2. I have a question, I have a hard time find the right supplements to keep my energy level up after three days of workout, I rest more and take multi vitamins , but I have the same about of energy that I did on the first day.

  3. Great intensity Seth!!!!!! You're keeping it real thats for sure, you still have more muscle that 95% of the people walking this earth. Nice coordination jumping rope. Mid 50's i would run a 5K which is 3.1 miles and do it in 30 minutes.

  4. watching Seth move through this workout…very impressed, dare I say surprised with the amount of mass he's carrying around sheeeeesh. Alot of people would have lost a bet at the burpees. STRONG WORK BROTHER 🤜💥

  5. I was at the perfect height of my consciousness when I listened to your, "be a good MF'r," speech and it resonated with me. No one knows problems until they've lost the most important person in their lives. I work away from home and have a basic life but I want even more so to be the best I can be for my 2 yr old boy and wife. I feel like this type of training also brings you to a brink of something special and with that, the appreciation of life even more. With struggles comes strength, with strength… happiness.

    Thanks Seth.

  6. Man I have tried this type of exercises after 4 years stuck in calisthenics and yoga and today its the first time I have muscle pain after it. And I just tried this very morning. Amazing 👍👍

  7. Hi Seth I'm 43 I have been following your videos for years! I have seen myself transform from a fat dad to a muscle fat dad lol. I get the health scare but is this style going to be your new normal. I love the bodybuilder style work outs. But that being said I have never had abs. Not since the good Ole days of lots of the good stuff. That being said had a 360 fusion surgery on lower back. I know you have had injuries throughout your career what is your opinion on doing these work outs for someone like myself. Thank you for reading the novel and I hope my question is helpful for others.

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