– Prawn Pasta

500g dried pasta
250g raw deveined prawns
100g parmesan
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon salted butter
1/2 lemon
Handful of fresh parsley
Salt + pepper (for seasoning)

– Chicken

500g chicken breast
1/2 Lemon
1 tablespoon of butter
Olive oil, dried oregano, salt + pepper (for seasoning)
500g rice (of your choice)
1 vegetable / chicken stock cube
150g peas

– Avocado Tzatziki

1 avocado
1/2 cucumber
2 heaped tablespoon greek yoghurt
2 gloves of garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon of salt

– Vegetables

150g green vegetables (of your choice)
Salt + lemon juice (for seasoning)
Overnight Protein Oats (per portion)
1 cup of oats
1 scoop of protein powder (of your choice)
100ml milk (of your choice)
1 handful of fruit (of your choice)

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Hey everyone welcome back to another Youtube video it’s your girl chrissy Chella here and it’s officially time for Cooking with chrissy That’s been a long time coming i already Know you know but listen i’m so excited Because this youtube video i know you’re Absolutely going to love if you are Someone who has time to pride someone in A rush this is the perfect video for you We’re going to be meal prepping meals Under 30 minutes i’m going to put the Timer on we’re going to do it together It’s also going to be affordable so Nothing fancy here nothing chaotic we’re Going to put the timer on we’re going to Make meal prep breakfast and lunch Together i always make dinner fresh or i Tend to like order out Don’t judge me but i do mind human but We’re gonna do it together i hope these Recipes inspire you and i hope that Inspires you to actually start cooking Fresh food at home without further ado Let’s start Guys like okay the pressure’s on pans Are already out this is already set up Brett’s really hungry Everyone in this room is really hungry I’ve got 30 minutes on the clock this is What we’re gonna make first so just Because you actually know if i get Actually like chaotic because if i don’t Win there’s a problem you already know


I’m competitive we’re making two Different types of meals so the first Meal is going to be a pan-fried chicken With peas and rice and then i’m going to Make a really nice avocado tzatziki i Had this when i was a mykonos and i fell In love so i’m going to try and Replicate it Maybe not wise to try and do a new Ingredient when you’re 30 minutes but i Think i can hack it and then some greens On the side and then the second meal That i’m gonna be making so two Different options here All right we’re gonna make a prawn and Parmesan pasta pasta and this is like One of mine and brett’s favorite things That i make super simple super easy Corns parmesan lemon juice some fresh Parsley And butter with prawns and then Breakfast we’re going to make just some Overnight oats that is the simplest meal I can make it does the job on the tin Carbohydrates micronutrients and we’re Going to add some fresh fruit on top if I have any frozen berries okay i have an Audience here live audience so i’d like Some support Okay guys ready steady Cook Okay so the first thing we’re going to Be doing is the prawn pasta So

Super easy we’re going to wax  So what i do is i always make the Carbohydrates first just because i find It quite easy so now i’m also going to Make the rice which is just going to be Cooking side by side by the pasta I think meal prep actually can be so Easy when you put your mind to it i Think we just over complicate it with so Many ingredients and it doesn’t need to Be like that i’ve always been Simple with my cooking and i think i get That from my mum just simply because she Was always time to prime she worked Three jobs when we moved From albania to england And she didn’t have time to be making All these fancy meals and she certainly Would never allow us to Have takeaways like it was out of the Books she was like Listen we’re not spending 20 pound on Pizza i’ll make you your own pizza That’s kind of a mentality she has and Meals are always really efficient quick Super healthy and you know if i didn’t Have my mom teach me how to cook i don’t Think i’d ever known how to cook Properly we’re gonna get hot water and a Jug And in that hot water we’re gonna put One chicken stock Before you season it

So remember the rule of thumb when it Comes to rice is one cup of rice two Cups of water rice always takes about 10 To 12 minutes to make We’re not going to add the peas Yet we’re going to add the peas once the Rice is Next thing we’re going to do is we’re Going to cut up the chicken So what i’m going to do in order for it To cook quicker i’m just going to Slice it in half And create these little thin slices of Chicken breasts they’re all like Disproportionate but it is what it is [Applause] What we’re going to do is we’re going to Get some Uh Baking paper And this is what i do You put the chicken on the baking paper As you get another baking paper Fraction of some sort  This is a lot of intensity 25 minutes I [ __ ] lose my [ __ ] i don’t know why I agree to this i don’t know why i Thought of this i’m sick of putting Myself through so much pressure i don’t Need this i want to go back to mykonos And shake my ass  We’re going to do is let it go really

Crispy and brown on one side then you’re Going to flip it and then what you’re Going to do is add lemon juice and a bit Of oregano a bit of water and you’re Just going to let it cook because you Want to let it cook through So what i’ve done here i have put the Veggies on just for some water you’re Going to let that boil through after That’s done we’re going to add a bit of Olive oil salt and lemon then tip of the Day if this happens put a spoon in it Wouldn’t soon The pasta is cooking now whilst the Pasta is cooking and the chicken’s Cooking i’m gonna make this avocado Zaziki dip we’re gonna take One avocado And we’re just gonna Big slices because we’re gonna mash it Spoon it out Oh yeah look at that emergency emergency Oh [ __ ] Oh [ __ ] [ __ ] balls Put the fan on  Good Put it in Boom Now as the rice is cooking we’re going To whack our peas in there Just getting ready for the pasta Oh my god

You’re gonna add yogurt [Music] Grab the cucumber Squeeze the water out the cucumber [Music] Oh yeah  Let’s make that here this is super quick So in a pan you’re gonna get some olive Oil I’m gonna whack your forms in there Nine minutes No Oh my god No No no no i’m gonna do it i’m gonna Freaking do it Right whilst i do that i’m gonna do the Oats Paint powder Oh [ __ ] Oh my god oh my god Oh my god Big jumper bar Right in there lemon juice Parsley Hot water Let it cool you have the cheese You add it to the pasta Oh my god my stress levels right now i’m Like Off the   chain Four minutes four minutes four minutes Yeah

I’ve won I’ve won in life Pasta’s done me It’s done Y’all don’t even judge me those look icy Three minutes  28 minutes and 26 seconds Can i have a round of applause [Music] That’s good you’ll like that okay so 30 Minutes i made pretty much i think That’s about four meals four to five Meals So i made a whopping Two protein overnight oats handful of Veggies like a lot of veggies lots of Rice that you can refrigerate and have Probably three rough three days Of rice some sauce as well that you can Take to work with you because your Chicken might get a bit dry let’s be Honest just the best pasta this pasta is So quick and easy i would have loved a Bit more prawns because the prawn to Pasta ratio ain’t right it’s just not Right but it does the job So a meal prep under 30 minutes that was A challenge that was actually a Challenge with one minute to spare but We did it and i’m just going to show you Like if i was to plate it up in the Container So i take the rice . HIGH PROTEIN MEAL PREP IN UNDER 30 MINUTES Krissy Cela

One meal and look how much you have left You could have made some more chicken But my pan wasn’t big enough and i Needed to stay on time that’s a hell of A lot of rice then you could have that For dinner so pretty much in 30 minutes Let’s say you cook this on a sunday You’d have enough lunch to about Wednesday pushing it thursday if you Made enough chicken but then dinner you Have it ready so you can have the same Pasta monday tuesday and wednesday Because pasta doesn’t really go off and Then you just need to make a fresh Overnight oh to be honest with you the Reason i want to do this and the reason I put myself under this pressure to do It in 30 minutes is because number one 30 minutes is not a lot of time and You’d end up spending those 30 minutes Scrolling unintentionally when you could Just make food that you know Is wholesome filling things you love Like i love this pasta i’m definitely Gonna have it this week you know and you Know what’s going inside your body you Know you’d have to stress about it There’s three days ahead that you don’t Need to stress about what you’re going To eat in and those 30 minutes saves you In the long term so much more time Energy and f and money Like think about how much money this all


This ingredients came to about minus the Doritos i bought and the protein little Snacky things i bought it came to about 45 pounds and i didn’t even use half the Chicken half the chicken is still in the Fridge split 45 pound lunch dinner and Breakfast across three to four days That’s that’s cost like saving so much Cash so yeah i hope you enjoyed this Video i just need a little bit of a bit Of a chamomile tea something a bit like All over the place after this But what i’m gonna do is list all the Recipes in the description below so you Actually know like how much rice i use The chicken recipe the pasta recipe so You can screenshot it and have it Forever i hope you found this video Useful and i hope you actually found This video a bit inspiring to get up and Cook your own meals and have some fresh Food throughout the week I love you also forever i’ve got these Lots of food you don’t know they’re Hungry i know you’re hungry Um and yeah i I’m gonna go sit down there because that Was a lot bye You

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