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Today I’m going to show you how to make the Esterhazy cake. A fabulous combination of walnut cakes and delicate caramel cream with a thin layer of apricot jam!
This low-calorie dessert is a great meal for people who are choosing a healthy food, but like to eat something tasty!
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Macros per 100 g: Calories 117.3, Proteins 9.6, Fats 11.6, Carbs 9.3
Total weight 1300g
The diameter of cake is 17.5 cm (6,9 inches)
Sweetener: Monk Fruit (or erythritol/isomalt/natural syrup)
Ingredients for cakes (6 cake with a diameter of 16 cm):
Egg whites 5 pcs (180 g)
Citric acid 0.5 g
Sweetener powder 100 g
Corn starch 10 g
Crushed almonds (almond flour) 100 g
Ingredients for cream (120 grams of cream for each cake):
Milk 520 g
Egg yolks 4 pcs
Corn starch 12 g
Milk powder (skimmed) 60 g
Sweetener 100 g
Salt 1 g
Natural vanilla extract 1 tsp (
Ricotta 200 g
Apricot jam:
Apricot jam without sugar 100 g
Other options:
1. Dried apricots 80 g, soak in boiling water for 15 minutes, chop with a blender, add a sweetener (30-50 grams up to you).
2. Apricot 120 g + 0.5 g citric acid, chop with a blender, boil until the consistency of jam, add a sweetener (30-50 grams up to you).
3. Apricot baby puree without sugar, boil until the consistency is as in the video, add a sweetener (30-50 grams up to you).
Almond slices70 g
Milk glaze ingredients:
Milk 100 g
Milk powder (skimmed) 50 g
Sweetener (up to you) 30 g
Water 80 g
Gelatin 8 g
Chocolate glaze ingredients:
Milk 100 g
Milk powder (skimmed) 25 g
Cacao powder 25 g
Sweetener (up to you) 30 g
Water 80 g
Gelatin 8 g
Glaze preparation method: Soak gelatin in water following instructions. Heat all ingredients until dissolved.
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  1. thanks for the recipe!
    I've made this cake twice and both times it was delicious.
    Although, one thing is still hard for me to master – the milk glaze. I tried to use it when it's slightly warm but the glaze is too runny in this case – so I guess it should be warmed to a liquid state and then you need to start checking it for the right consistency while it's cooling down.

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