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Careful With your pretty eyes and run with me [Music] Welcome back to my channel and today’s Video we’re basically just going to be Talking about gym intimidation My personal tips and tricks this is a Highly requested video Um if you guys are a beginner you’re not Really no you don’t really know how to Use equipment you are a female in a male To predominant Gym or you just don’t really feel that Comfortable and you don’t really know How to get comfortable i’m just Basically going to give you guys my tips And tricks on how to prepare for the gym And things you can do in the gym before We get into this video It it see it’s been a while since i did The video i don’t even know what to say Okay before we get into this video Please don’t forget to like comment and Subscribe I know it’s been a minute i’ve missed You guys so much it’s been like a month And a half or something and you know Your girl just needed a break had to Figure out my goals i had to figure out Where i wanted to take my channel Content-wise Life stuff happens you know so you just Like need a break from social media but Anyways let’s get into this video i have

My notes here i’m even upset because i Had made this video a while ago and then When i was looking at the footage me Talking i wasn’t even in the frame like I wasn’t even focused on the thing so i Was out of focus so i had to redo it um So don’t mind if i’m wearing some if you Notice that i’m wearing something else Compared to the video i had to redo the Intro but yeah let’s get into this video I’m going to give you guys the things You can do before you go to the gym and Then i’m going to tell you guys about Things you can do when you’re actually At the gym so the first thing you’re Gonna want to do is research the gym That you’re going to whether not even Just gym sometimes like my friends when We go to restaurants and stuff like that My friends like to plan like parking if It’s not that big of a gym and they Don’t have outdoor parking you want to Know where the park if there’s parking Around like i go to a downtown gym so There’s really no parking um you kind of Have to park around or figuring out the Busiest times that is the biggest thing And you can call ahead of time and ask Them hey when is the busiest time they Have a women’s section as well you know For my extra shy girls out there from my Own experience the busiest times are Like in the morning right before people Are going to work and like around six to

Eight ish or even ten it really depends On the gym in the area i would say the Sweetest time to go is kind of like Lunch one two me realistically Personally i don’t work out in the Morning i work out usually at like Five or four which is the busiest times Till like eight or nine so yeah you can Go Times that is less busy if you are um if You struggle with more anxiety and you Just don’t want to deal with Busy people in a busy gym in general now The second thing you’re going to want to Do is wear your favorite workout clothes Wearing your favorite workout clothes Will help you boost your confidence and Help you feel more comfortable when i go To the gym especially on leg day i like To wear my most favorite leggings crop Tops or sports bras that give me a good Amount of support when you feel like you Look good and you feel even better you Know you look at yourself in the mirror You’re working out you look great and Then that’s just going to help you have An overall great workout now the next Thing which kind of falls under the same Thing which is clothing is a pump cover You guys have asked me about pump covers A few times and where i get my t-shirts And stuff like that so for those who Don’t know what a pump cover is a lot of Guys do it so it’s basically extra large

T-shirt or hoodie the point of it is is To have it whilst you’re warming up and Then mid workout or whenever that you Feel comfortable you kind of just take It off when you have a pump because That’s when obviously people want to Show off like guys want to show up their Muscles and the same thing with girls we Want to show off our I can’t even speak we want to show off You know our butt pump and stuff like That so that’s just basically what a Pump cover is i’ve also had workouts Where i’ve just gone through the entire Thing whilst wearing a pump cover that’s Also a great thing for if you feel like You’re focusing too much on your Midsection and stuff like that i’ve been There too where let’s say i ate Something right before my workout and I’m just like extra bloated and i don’t Want to focus on that or thinking about That which will cause you to not have a Good workout because you’re too focused On the fact that oh i’m bloated just a Little bit or you know what i mean so um You don’t necessarily have to take it Off but that’s just the point like you Don’t have to wear a tight clothing okay Just anything that makes you feel Comfortable and it is going to make you Continue and crush your workout so Whether it be tight clothes your Favorite type clothes or your favorite

Loose Pump cover clothing now the next thing You’re going to want to have before your Workout is a good workout playlist i Don’t know how people go to the gym Without listening to music honestly i Feel like they are sociopaths and Psychopaths um i know a few people that Go to the gym without music and i’m just Like you are absolutely crazy if you are Like me and music is a big motivator um I have a link i will have a link down Below of my spotify playlist i don’t Know why you guys in the past i have a Link to my workout playlist and you guys Still ask me where it is so for whatever Reason you are not listening i will have It in the description below and you know You can literally just search out bill c Booboo or annabelle hayes and it’ll pop Up on spotify i don’t have apple music Now the next thing you’re going to want To do is plan your workouts ahead i Personally don’t write down my workouts And stuff like that i just listen to my Body when i go to the gym obviously i Have my go-to workouts and if i’m Feeling like i want to do something Extra or if i want to do something new Again i plan ahead of time i’m not Planning ahead i’ll just tell myself That i want to try this today but if you Are somebody that is starting or You’re not exactly sure how to do that

You how to do that exercise again Planning ahead this is how i’m going to Do it also some gyms some of their Equipment is different like even this Video that i recorded yesterday they had A different hip thrust machine compared To the gym that i go to on a regular the Easiest thing to do you know when you’re In that situation and you don’t really Know how to use an equipment usually There is an instruction thing and don’t Be scared to ask somebody like i when I’m in the gym i will This is what i’ll do i either wait until Somebody is using it and then i’ll look At them or i just straight up just ask Somebody that works there or just Someone around me and be like hey can You please help me i really don’t know How to use this equipment or if Somebody’s nice enough they will if You’re not doing it properly i would Hope that somebody would come and help You uh use that equipment the next thing Is you’re going to want to bring a Friend if you are feeling intimidated or You’re just somebody that likes to bring A friend in general i personally don’t Like going to the gym with people one Because when i go with my friends i kind Of naturally just fall into like i’m Training them and i don’t mean to do it It’s just like i’ll tell them or like I’ll motivate to motivate them to do it

So i’m not really focused on my own Workout i just like i said i just Naturally just like become a trainer you Know you have people that talk too much You know you want to go to the gym with Somebody that isn’t going to talk Because you then well obviously you can Talk but just don’t spend majority of Your time talking pretty much it for my Tips before going to the gym i’m going To switch over to the workout that i did My love so i quickly wanted to show you Guys my favorite protein smoothie that I’ve been doing a couple hours before The gym It’s pretty simple and easy straight Forward as you can see it’s just frozen Fruits Um egg whites almond milk i told myself I was gonna add yogurt but decided to Change it last minute so i didn’t add That but you can add it if you want and Then of course the last important Ingredient is the ehp labs plant-based Protein powder honestly you guys this Protein powder has been like a life Changer at first i was a little bit i Remember the first time i tried it or Before i tried it i was a little bit Skeptical because i was like hmm i don’t Know if i would like plant-based protein And now it’s like that’s the only thing That i like Um i found that in the past you know

Like protein powders they have Artificial Sugars and flavors and stuff like that But Um i find that the ehb labs i’ve just Had such a positive experience and my Digestive system just doesn’t feel Irritated or anything like that and the Flavors are so Good like literally all their flavors It’s so hard to find protein powders With good flavors because they’re chalky Or like weird but this is like Chef’s kiss but yeah very simple and Then before the gym Literally right before the gym i do the Oxy shred and you guys this stuff it Makes you sweat it gives you a good Amount of energy but in the past i’ve Just had such a over time Not good experience with um pre-workouts But this gives me so much energy and When i tell you the sweat it’s not even A joke like it’s really not a joke it Gives you a good amount of energy and You sweat like you’re doing and i mind You i don’t do cardio so Yeah and the same thing with the protein Powder like all their flavors are so Good they just recently sent me this Cosmic blast and i thought i liked the Gummy shake one they sent me last time But no this one this flavor is like It’s so freaking good i yeah you guys

Just go click with the link in the b in My bio and just try it try it for Yourself Okay so this is the new gym that i was Working out at it’s actually very very Nice now the next tip that you are going To want to do is ask a trainer or the People that work there for a tour Especially at a gym that you don’t know And you’re not familiar with don’t be Scared to ask them to give you a tour That’s their job they’re there to help You and obviously if they’re trying to Sell you a membership like they have did Usually or like in good life i’m not Sure La fitness or other places do but Usually they automatically give you a Tour or they’ll ask you if you want one And you can decline if you don’t want One but yeah that is The next tip or if you are somebody that Overall is just a really Newly beginner you can just hire a Trainer just to jump start your fitness Journey just so you’re comfortable it Doesn’t necessarily have to be a trainer Specifically from that gym it can be any Trainer and then you know they work out With you it really just depends on the Gym because some gyms they don’t i know Some gyms don’t allow individual or Private um trainers to be working At their gym now the next tip is going

To be don’t be scared to ask anybody for Help especially when it comes to Equipment you don’t know how to use the Last thing you want to do is enjoy Yourself and You know everything just goes really Really bad so don’t be scared to ask for Help whether it’s asking the person that People that work at the gym Um a girl or a guy That you feel comfortable going up to And asking them even take this scene for Example you know i’m at a new gym i’m Already really nervous about recording At a gym and having people there so i Randomly asked this girl beside me to if She could record for me and she was Super nice it was a little bit awkward But she was nice you know she could tell It was like a random she’s like oh this Person’s asking me to record them you Know but that’s just typical with people When they see cameras and stuff but the Point is don’t be scared to ask and if Somebody is rude then that’s their own Karma that’s like they are just a piece Of [ __ ] you know everybody’s at the gym To improve and work on themselves This equipment was the one that i was Talking about That i’ve never seen before it was Completely different so what i ended up Doing I looked at a girl that was working that

Was using it before me and then when i Got there i still didn’t even know how To use it i was like what the [ __ ] i Looked at the the entire time i just Looked at the illustration and then it Just made it so much easier Um But damn this Usually on the other equipment i could Do like four plates but i could do only Two plates but yeah that’s pretty much It and just change your perspective you Know everybody starts somewhere don’t Feel intimidated [Music] Whenever your heart is broken Don’t ever forget you’re golden I will find the light in your

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