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[Music] So Y’all i just woke up Look at that time I just woke up from a nap today I did nothing today is a mess i woke up I slept told myself i was going to do This and do this engines and do this i Did not do it i slept i watched selling Sunset Hi baby And i slept and i just woke up So this video is going to be basically Just how i force myself to go to the gym So i’ve been working out this week not Full cut just kind of like [Music] A little bit of a cut i trained every Day this week and for some reason today I just feel so tired like i’ve trained Every day for a week before like it’s Not the first time but obviously i just Feel more lethargic More tired and extremely sore so this Video like i said i’m just going to take You guys just forcing myself to go to The gym you know you guys always ask me How i stay motivated what i do and I’m not planning i was supposed to do Leg day today so usually i’ll do like Day like on monday and thursday and then The other days i’m doing back abs or Cardio i i did my cardio this week i did Pilates i did boxing very good very good

Yesterday crap even told myself i was Not going to do anything and i still did It before i went to dinner with my Friends and today same thing i’m like You know what let’s just do something so Today i’m gonna be doing maybe like a Full body i’m gonna do legs tomorrow i Hope you guys enjoy this video so let’s Just start with This mess okay All you do is just put concealer there’s A hair You know when you put concealer on And you can feel the hair on your face It’s driving me crazy okay yeah so Literally all i do today or in general When i go to the gym i just put Concealer on I’m a mess now the reason why i’m even Putting concealer on is because i’m Telling myself mentally you know I should take a Photo and also once i put concealer on That kind of just like motivates me Makes me want to work out even more Because i’m like okay you know what i Don’t look like a total Wreck Okay Y’all don’t judge me So sometimes i find that if i don’t put Makeup on it’s kind of like you know Makeup Makeup is expensive okay so once i have

That on my face i’m like okay now we Have to go because why the fact that i Just waste makeup and concealer not even Cheap makeup not cheap concealer stay in The house and then i’m like okay once I’m working i’m like okay i gotta take a Picture putting powder even powder i Don’t even want to do but you know what It is what it is Whatever Okay i’m done Okay Now this monstrosity of the Thing that’s going on on my head just Aj Gell my hair yo This one yeah i’m really not looking Forward to brushing my hair but At the end of the day in order To feel like going to the gym nike said It best Just do it okay so i just brushed my Hair i’m just gonna Gel my hair Gel it and then pick it up okay Asmr [Music] [Music] Three hours later [Music] This is so messy okay i could like this So it just makes it all nice and messy See now we don’t look that crazy we look Decent okay i’m gonna do a haul a gym

Shark haul for you guys because they Just released Some of their new items Okay This is our fit Got Dressed is this not cute And it’s scrunch bum See that’s the only thing i don’t like About my little cutting phases Is that my bum Looks small This constant struggle of like back and Forth and like wanting to bulk Honestly even this week that i’ve done My little cut i feel like next week i’m Gonna go back to walking because i want To have a big mom lotion Just Makes you look better Okay guys so i’m going to take you Through a quick gym shark haul these are Their new collection and i’m so so Excited this is the power cropped zipped Hoodie and i love this one So obsessed i had to get it in a black As well the fabric is so soft and you Guys i am wearing a medium and this is Like the perfect like cropped um Hoodie like sometimes with crop hoodies Like they can be too long but this is Like perfectly Length and it’s so comfortable you guys Loved this and commented and

Complimented me as well i’ve had like Three girls at the gym already asked me Where i like it’s so nice Okay and next we have the cropped tank Same thing with these two i was so Obsessed had to get them in a black as Well i really love the brown because i Just feel like this one really Complements my skin tone and then the Open back unfortunately you can’t really See the open bag too much because of my Sports ride which also is gym shark but Yeah Really really love them same thing had To get in the black one thing that i Love most about these is that these are Great for You know summer time you can wear these Out for at leisure not just for the gym Next we have the paws open back long Sleeve crop top these i absolutely love I’ve never had a crop top with kind of Like this v-shaped neck before and I really really like it like it’s so Different and same thing with the open Back i love open back you know i feel Like they’re making you know really good I’m seeing it everywhere and then the Logo is just under there and again i Love this so much i had to get it in Another color it’s really crazy because They’re coming out with so many new and Different styles Which i love like i have not seen styles

Like these before you guys and they’re So flattering like I’m just i’m so obsessed like you see me In the mirror just checking myself out But anyways we have the next item which Is the paws kami tank i really love this As well because um Same thing like casual gym this for me Personally this is something that i Would wear more as a casual Um around the house and stuff like that And then next we have the para high rise Leggings i love These you guys like the fabric is so Stretchy and they are scrunch bum like It’s i don’t know And the designs that they did with these Were so unique and it’s super stretchy Like i said like the scrunch it really Makes your bum and your finger look Really really good and i was so obsessed With them you know you know me i had to Get them in other colors but i love the Black one i would say the black one and Then the other color like the light blue One would probably be my most favorite Actually even though that’s not even True because i like the brown one yeah Because i even posted a picture in that One And these fit really really nicely at First i was kind of worried because you Know my legs are getting bigger so i Felt like a medium would be too small

But they’re super super stretchy And then next we have the paws flared Pants i love these super soft and comfy The only thing is if you want a fitted Look which i would have wanted i would Have probably sized down so i’m wearing A medium recommend getting a small Careful With your pretty eyes [Music] Cause you and i and i are [Music] This is [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] A secret Fruit might drift against your skin Cause honestly It’s hot [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Careful With your pretty eyes and run with me [Music] [Music] Just you and me let’s escape girl Tonight So [Applause]

[Music] Careful With your pretty eyes and run with me [Music] [Music] This is so real Just you and me [Applause] [Music] Careful With your pretty eyes [Music] It [Music] [Music] Just you and me let’s escape girl Tonight [Applause] Do [Music] Careful with your pretty eyes [Music] [Music] This is so real Just you and me with this girl tonight [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] So [Music] So Finish the workout uh like i was saying It honestly wasn’t even a lot you know

But at the end of the day Like it’s still something i just wanted To Talk really quick You know like It’s just Forcing yourself and making yourself Like get up And just do it you know like i was Making a joke about it earlier but Really like the recipe is just It’s really just getting up just trying And then eventually like you get into The swing of it and then while you are Even doing it like you see In the videos like when i was Working out the music was Music is a big part of motivation for me So i would recommend You know having like a really good Playlist that would just keep you going You know what i mean i had a link up Like my spotify playlist so if you guys Don’t really know what to uh Play and stuff like that like i have a Range of stuff of music very very Important i don’t know how some people Going to the gym and working out without Music like my friend does that and i’m Like you you’re psychotic But Yeah like on monday i did legs and abs Tuesday i did boxing Wednesday i did pilates and then today

You know i just did like Small back abs Mostly dancing around and just trying to Make myself feel better because like i Said i didn’t do anything today like i Literally just stayed in bed and i feel Like it’s okay to do that you know like Just don’t make yourself feel too shitty And even if it’s just not working out Like if you got up and you just cleaned Your apartment or Went for a walk you know just something Just to keep you moving Then i feel like you’ll be good but for Me if you have a if you have a condo gym Like how i do i just literally just come Down Do whatever The days that i don’t feel like doing Anything i feel like i just waste my Time not waste my time sorry like i’ll Work out but it’s mainly just like Dancing around you know just making Myself feel better So yeah like it’s okay to have those Days this was definitely my day if Anything like i was procrastinating i Was procrastinating and i didn’t want to Do what i needed to do Um And my body was sore Like The last time Like when i was bulking i was only going

To the gym Two three times not even like two times A week And now i’m going you know every day So When i get to How i want to like Cut i feel like i kind of like how i Look now because my abs are already like Kind of coming through but i’m losing my Bum a little bit so i think i’m going to Do Like Three times Instead of five but maybe i don’t know I’ll take you guys with me Um Let me know if you guys like videos like This where i kind of like take you Through you know My Bulking cutting Nonsensical Structures and stuff like that but Yeah like right now i feel good you know I’m gonna cook i’m gonna eat And relax and i gotta edit this video And then give it to you guys post it you Know So yeah i really hope you guys enjoyed This video again don’t forget like i Said don’t feel don’t make yourself feel Bad for not doing anything And it doesn’t necessarily have to be

You know working out like i said you can Clean and do laundry Go for a walk all that stuff you know What i mean so Yeah and i’m everybody that’s watching This video i’m sending you Positive vibes okay see you in my next Video

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