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Thank you And it goes like oh okay yeah when I Press play all I hear is you [Music] Hey my loves welcome back to my channel In today’s video I’m going to be taking You through a very juicy leg and glute Workout mostly just hamstring and quads Um before we get started please don’t Forget to like comment and subscribe and Follow me on my socials because I do Post more outside of YouTube so as you Can see first we’re just starting up With some warm-ups Um and some stretching this workout Before prior to this workout I was Feeling a little bit tight in my IT band And like more actually more of the inner Sides sorry the inner parts of my legs [Music] Also I apologize and my voice sounds Very tired and deep I am literally Editing this video at 2 17 am because I Really want to get this video out for You guys so yeah just don’t mind me [Music] [Music] [Music] So for our first exercise I wanted to do Leg extensions and get a lot of pump to My quads if you guys have been following Me on Instagram you have noticed a Significant difference in my quads in my Last video if you had seen me working

Out with Thames she just inspired me to Grow my quads even more so that’s Exactly what I’ve been doing and I’m so Happy with how much they’ve grown And it goes back [Music] Okay so next we are doing reverse hack Squats I love these My normal gym that I always go to Doesn’t really have these so it’s really Nice to do these again but the only Thing is my shoulders I just got a new Tattoo on my back so I was trying to Avoid Um anything that had that was really Like touching my back or like hip thrust And stuff like that so Um yeah I’ve really missed doing hack Squads [Music] [Music] Every single song tells me [Music] Okay so next we’re doing hack squads you Guys if you really really want to grow Your quads and your hamstrings I highly Recommend doing hack squads like I wish This machine was at my regular gym Because like it’s insane it grows this Machine grows your legs like crazy if That is your goal so I really highly Recommend them and then as you can see If you could tell the difference between The first part I was doing kind of them

Like halfway not full so I would Recommend going all the way down as you Can see I’m struggling and it’s burning But that’s exactly what you want in Order to grow your legs [Music] [Music] Next we have rdls this one’s pretty Basic and straightforward as you know When you’re doing these keep your back Straight put all the weight in your Heels I couldn’t really do that heavy Because I have a tattoo Um on my wrist I got a new another new Tattoo on my wrist so the strap was kind Of irritating me and I just don’t want To irritate it even more so I just stuck With Um 50 pound weights but usually I can do Heavier than that so I highly recommend You guys do heavier [Music] Okay so next we are doing hamstring Curls My tip for these if those listening I Would recommend kind of like tucking Your Uh your tailbone in That’s the best way that I can describe It but like yeah just kind of like Tucking it in and you’ll feel it more in Your hamstrings every time you curl so Sometimes you see people kind of like They kind of curve their back you want

To keep your tailbone or your lower back Like tucked in kind of like you’re Almost doing a crunch You [Music] [Music] Okay and lastly we are doing standing Calf raises I did a lot of sets for These because as you can see my calves Need a lot a lot of work but you guys I Don’t know every time I tried to do cap Like it’s so hard for me to grow my Calves like honestly but to be fair I Don’t really do that not much anyways But whatever but this machine I love This machine again this is something Like they have a similar one in my Um my gym my regular gym but like it’s Just not the same and these this is Insane though look at how much weight is On the For this damn and then next we have hip Abductors I didn’t really do hip thrusts So or deadlifts so I wanted something That would just like give my booty a Pump so that was great for this and yeah That was about it but yeah anyways That’s pretty much it for this video I Really hope you guys enjoyed it don’t Mind my voice again Please don’t forget to like comment and Subscribe and I will see you guys in my Next video [Music]

Um [Music] [Music] And it goes back [Music] [Music]

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