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Heat Up & glute activation
Smith machine squats (25lbs plates): 3 Units X 10 Reps
Smith machine squats (45lbs plates): 3 Units X 10 Reps
Deadlifts: 3 Units X 10-15 Reps
Hip abductor machine: 4 Units X 25 Reps
Hamstring curls: 3 Units X 20 Reps
Aspect methods single leg press: 3 Units X 10-15
Cable squats: 3 Units X 15 Reps
Burpees & Battle rope: Nonetheless many you’ll be able to!




Today, i’m going to be giving you guys a leg workout that is going to leg and booty workout that is going to leave. You crippled for the next few days, if you’re new to my channel, make sure you click that subscribe button to join the family and follow me on my socials, because i do post more outside of youtube. Okay, guys so we’re gon na get into this. So the first thing i like to do is just stretch and warm up and activate my glutes. I do have like three four videos already on this um on my channel.  grow your glutes after quarantine getting back in routine 

So if you guys are interested, you can go check them out, but if you guys want me to update them, just let me know in the comments below i don’t mind making another one for you guys um. I do feel like maybe the things that i do now are a little bit different, but not really, but yeah. Also, you guys. This is actually my third time back in the gym since, like quarantine like it since the gym finally opened so as of right now, i just feel okay, like i don’t even know how to explain it like it’s just trying to get back into working out in The gym it kind of feels weird, because you know we weren’t able to go to the gym for a long period of time, so just going back is a little bit weird. The two times that i went to the gym.

I actually wanted to record, but i just felt weird and i and again too, i wanted to just focus on myself the first day back, so our first exercise is gon na be a smith machine squats. Usually i like to do this as kind of like a warm up, slash, glute activation and i like to do 25 pounds on each side. grow your glutes after quarantine getting back in routine 

Before i start my workout, slow and controlled, my focusing on my mind’s muscle connection and really squeezing when i get to the top, is very important, like i’ve said in my last videos to really start up and warm up and activate your glutes before you start working Out so you can really target those muscles, as you can see, um my hamstrings are getting a little bit bigger, which is actually i’m really happy about, because i kind of recently have been liking that hamstring um look, but i need to start doing my caps, like Double time way more because my calves are very very small, i don’t know why. But that’s just my genetics like i have really small caps, but i feel like that. Just comes from the fact that before i started working out like i was really really skinny.


So it’s hard for me to gain that and then, after that, after you’re done with the three sets, we’re gon na do the same. Another three sets, but with a 45 pound weight on each side again squeezing your glutes and everything slowing controlled. Usually, when i do the first exercise, especially one is the miss machine. I don’t like to rush, so you guys really take your time while you’re doing these and squeezing your glutes. This is really important before you start getting into the big workout,

So our next exercise we have dead lifts. I remember the first time that i worked out. I couldn’t even do the 45 like this, which was regular before quarantine. I would even be doing double that and i couldn’t for like. I was embarrassed.

Okay, even in my last video trying to do cardio. I was even struggling. I’M embarrassed sweetie like, but you guys it’s okay, we’re going to get back into. I’M actually really excited because vlogging needs and just getting back to working out so you’re gon na do 10 to 15 reps of those and then, as you can see, i’m gon na superset five reps of closer compound deadlifts. Okay, guys, i’m gon na give you a big secret.

I’Ve, probably already given you guys in my past videos, so if you really really want to feel it in your glutes, this is what you need to do. So what i like to do is i’ll do a light weight and i’ll do 5 to 10, reps, usually i’ll, do 10 reps and then right after that, i’m gon na take a medium or heavy weight and then i’m gon na do five superset five reps um Of those and then take it back to the light weight and do another 10 reps, so in total we’re doing 20, reps okay after this you’re, really gon na, feel it in your mouth in your glutes. I personally, when i do the 10 reps before and after i recommend that you really take your time and you squeeze and again focus on your mind’s muscle connection. You really want to take your time and squeeze. Please please squeezing is your best friend. grow your glutes after quarantine getting back in routine 

If your glutes aren’t ugly, when you squeeze then you’re not squeezing them hard enough cysts [, Music ], so i feel like this workout. I did a lot of more slowed and controlled exercises. I’M gon na do the same with this. I’M gon na do five reps of single legged, um, hamstring, curls and then i’ll do one side and then do the other, and then i’m gon na super set ten five to ten reps of them. Together.

I just personally um when i do hamstring curls i like to do single legs and do both of them. That’S just preference. You don’t have to i mean normally, people just do both of their legs, but if you suffer with imbalancement like me, my left side is weaker and a little bit smaller than my right side. So usually sometimes i’ll. Just do extra reps on my left side and again like just focusing on those muscles: separately, okay, guys so the next one.

We have sideways single leg press. If you follow me on my fitness page, i’ve posted about this before so foot placement when you’re doing exercises is also really important. As you can see, my foot is kind of at the top a little bit in the middle part, and the reason why you want to do it like that is because and putting your all your weight on your heel. You want to do this because all the weight is going to go onto your hamstrings and your glutes. If you place your foot more so in the middle of the footstep or even lower than the middle, then you’re going to feel it in your quads.

So sometimes it really depends if i’m doing more of like a quad focused workout, sometimes i’ll do the middle part and the under so that it does my quads or sometimes i’ll, even do both all together both foot up and down. It’S really based on preference. But you should know that the higher you go, you, the higher that you place your foot, the lower um, it’s going to target your lower legs and then yeah. I don’t know why. Today i did cable squats towards the end, because, usually when i do cable squats, usually in the beginning of my workout, as you can tell i’m kind of like sluggish but anyways, my tips for these are make sure you’re in more so of a sumo position. grow your glutes after quarantine getting back in routine 

Definitely definitely definitely use bands heavy spit if you have heavy, but i would recommend you do heavy and just when you squat down and going all the way up, make sure you’re squeezing really hard and making sure all your weight is on your heels. This is very important and towards the end, sometimes what i like to do is i’ll. Do a pulsating, squat and then come up, so you can burn out your glutes okay, so, lastly, we have burpees and battle ropes so randomly. I honestly just thought of this in my head towards the end of the workout and it ended up being such a great combination, so i definitely recommend that you guys do these to burn out. This is a great full body burnout, so you’re gon na do a burpee and then you’re gon na bring a rope and do those two okay, just again full body blast out: stranded in the open, dried out,


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