Go From 30 Sec To 30 Min Jumping Rope (Without Stopping)

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  1. I’ve never touched a jump rope, I started jumping rope at 41 yrs old, I’m 6’ tall, i was 309 lbs. What worked great for me was, week 1-jump as many times as possible rest for 1 min and repeat till you reach 100 jumps, week 2- jump as many times as possible rest for 1 minute repeat till you reach 200 jumps…. Ect ect. Add 100 jumps every week, REST ON SUNDAY (NO JUMPING ROPE) !!!!! These guys aren’t fibbin when they tell you your nutrition intake has to be less than your activity burns (calories deficit) to lose weight. Hope this helps someone. Any questions feel free to ask.

  2. bruv ur going so soft i just started yesterday and i can do 2 min w boxer skip and criss cross everey few jumps idk why u go so soft on them if u can last only 30 sec ur either so obese or u have weak mentality and u just stop the second it feels a lil hard

  3. I've been hiking at least 5 miles a day for a few years. I learned to jump rope 5 days ago. So, I've been jumping daily for 4 days. Last 2 days I've jumped 30-40 minutes using a light Buddy Lee rope, a 1lb rope and a 3lb rope. I just cycle through them. I rest between jumping. Challenge myself, like getting 50 jumps in a row before failing on the light rope and 50 on the 1 lb rope. Yesterday I just did 5 sets of 20 on each rope.
    Ordered the Crossrope 2lb rope today. If I jump everyday for 30 days the reward is the set that has the lean and strong heavy ropes. If I get sore I'll take a day off. I'm using heavy ropes before working extensively with kettlebells for weight training.

  4. I just try as hard as I can, I right now go for the two jump 1 pass as my skills aren't there and I mess up, but I've improved that as far as I guess and i even went around 30 mins one day with rest added

  5. Great video mate just a quick question does it matter so much what type of rope you use? Meaning I have just a standard speed rope at the moment would that suffice? And second question is this workout done just by doing a regular bounce or any other type of jumps for example when we start to get fitter using running jumps, cheers mate for the video, good stuff 👍

  6. 1:18 Walking 20〜30 minutes every day
    1:34 Jump rope form
    1:57 Start jumping
    Week 1&2
    Jump 30 secs + 10 secs rest.
    Repeat for 5 mins, 3-4 times/week for 2 weeks
    2:23 Test if you can jump for 1 min straight.
    2:33 Every 2 weeks add 1 min
    to test endurance.
    2:40 Week 3&4
    1 min jump rope, 30 secs rest.
    Repeat for 10 mins, 3-5 times/week
    3:00 Test if you can jump for 2 mins straight.
    3:05 Add 1 min jumping, add 5-10 mins total time every 2 weeks
    3:23 It will take over a year to jump rope for 30 mins straight.
    3:52 Injury prevention

  7. Brilliant advice. For once someone being honest about how long it takes, and how hard you have to work to get results. I thought I was reasonably fit lifting weights 4 days a week. Started jump rope 2 months ago and it’s kicking my ass 😁

  8. I am 56 yo, female. Sedentary life. I started out with no rope, just jumping, on Monday. Monday I was able to jump two times in a row – with a total of 20 jumps. By Friday I was able to do 45 jumps in a row for a total of 150 jumps. WOW!! I noticed that doing a light standing jog for 5 minutes prior to jumping was extremely helpful for bringing up the jumping endurance. I also do this light jog in place between sets to bring my heartrate down a bit. Thanks guys, for these great videos of pure inspiration!

  9. It would be great to actually be taught something instead of each video saying check this video out first. when you do you are directed to another video. I have now watched 5 videos and learnt nothing………….

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