FUPA Gone In 2 Weeks | Ab Workout Challenge!

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This is a 2 week ab challenge i want you to follow that will help you get rid of that Fupa…
By following this ab challenge you will be 1 step closer to getting abs in 2 weeks!

Follow the steps if you want to get involved!

1. Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrlondon_/ and post your before photo using the hashtag #MrLondonChallenge

2. Record your progress (create a Youtube video of your transformation) 📸

3. We can’t forget about your nutrition🥗! Download the ML.fitness app today and I will personally create a meal plan for you! 🤩👉 https://get.ml.fitness/zug0/StartNow

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Ladies, the NEW FUPA CHALLENGE IS LIVE 👀🔥 Get involved & download you FREE FUPA PDF 📝: https://youtu.be/Py0SFGJyw3M

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  1. doing this challenge!!
    day 1: ✅ u got me SWEATING 😂😂
    day 2: ✅ ion know if im sweating cus its hot outside orrr
    day 3: ✅ still sweatinggg 😭🙏🏽 such a good workout tho
    day 4: ✅oh my gosh im literally dripping sweat!
    day 5: ✅ loving this workout, i like the fact that it gets u burning and sweating in such a quick workout.
    day 6: 🚫i wasnt home all dayy 😞
    dat 7: ✅ week one done! i wasnt eating the best but i still notice some slight changes!! i feel like if i had eaten better i would have seen even better but for not eating that well and doing this workout everyday ive noticed changes wowow!

  2. Day three finished my workout strong,
    Started my no vegetarian diet and I feel great drinking more water than before and choosing better quality foods
    I’m excited to see the change day by day

  3. I'm a weakling, did this for less than 10 minutes and I'm feeling it in my Ab's! Great I'm going to keep watching and repeat watch this a lot. Eye candy beautiful man a plus!

  4. My husband and I quit drinking and I’m finally ready to get my self back in shape 💪🏼 going to start this workout tonight. I’ll update.

    Day1: holy freakin crap! I’m super out of shape like borderline sedentary and this kicked my ass. But I didn’t stop. I did them all. I thought this was a fupa workout 😅 my thighs are dead.

  5. going to do this challenge for 2 weeks and keep you guys updated with the results ! ( just to inform you guys , I will be dieting and drinking only water for the next two weeks and im also doing this workout and a couple of other ones that targets the fupa area ) so .. let’s get into it .. 😝

    day 1 : okay .. definitely having second thoughts about doing this .. 😭 but honestly .. i was sooo tired from this ! i couldn’t even finish the workout but I’m going to keep being consistent and working out . 👍🏾

  6. I’m starting today
    Day1: Damn I gave up on those mountains climbers 😭😭😭
    I’ll do this this night
    Goodluck to me
    Day2: I just finished and mountain climbers and planks are not my friends 😂😂

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