Full Body Workout with Weights 15 minutes | Hybrid Training | @Fabonevafolds @GStaff @SweatCheck

Full Body Workout with Weights 15 minutes | Hybrid Training

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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

This your boy g-staff right here we About to get it I got my whole team Right here the Super Saiyans man Super Saiyans straight from Africa I got a Goku Punk right here from Africa Wait check right here you did I got Never full Fab never folded and we bout It we about to do it the real way I used To be 260 80 pounds I used to do a Straight power lifting workouts 280 pounds yeah oh [ __ ] yeah look at my Man now yeah look at me right now Man I weighed two or six two or five Nice wow so a long way to come a long Way to come but you can get there hey so I'm about to take you all through the Workout session real quick it's gonna be Something different something very Different but hey I bet y'all are gonna Love it let's go Start it up bro let's work G work We do so right here I'm just gonna go straight to it all Right It's kind of like a deadlift Okay make sure you do these right here We're gonna do five sets Let's go let's go Farmers walk with it real quick all Right come on hit it okay One let's go Let's give it some money Let's get money now get money this ain't Easy get money man get money go get

Money get your money get it up come on Get your money man That's work g wow all right yep yep oh You got it yeah okay yeah you did what Yep you did what I told you yep that's That's what we doing here Let's work Let's go man she easy Let's go come on You guys Let's go Come on it's nuts man It's after this We go straight I caused the kills man The shoulder Killers okay what are we Doing so we're doing The swings yeah Okay let's get it let's go come on come On come on G Come on come on dude work S Let's go On fire Come on I'm saying [ __ ] dude Superman [ __ ] let's work come on let's Go come on Come on Get some money Get your money Get your money let's go come on come on Come on Come on come on come on yeah you got Three more come on come on

Come on come on get that beat that back Straight Let's go what's this come on let's go Get up so we do Come on Yeah that's one okay Get your money man Do it that's words Let's go let's work find it Come on work yeah come on you got it you Got it bam finish strong one more one More buy something There we go Pull-ups come on man come on man let's Go you're almost done how many of you Man What the team 21. let's work let's go Let's work hold up That's different right here Yeah look at my man being creative yeah Yeah get your money You got it bro you already know man G-staff in the building You Ain't Know Serving that pump no matter what I got My sayings over here yes sir are we About to get in Southampton on the menu Next I'll pop it off [ __ ] let's work And they say it was nice I'd be like Shaking my hand Good night Okay Walk with it Walk With It come on let's go come on Walk with it walk with it

Walk with it Look at that back yo full body workout That's brick right there Exactly that's a workout on its own Turning with it that's a whole workout Right there Come on Get your money Wow let's go let's go To shoulders Man he knocked that one out real quick Guys let's go bang them out One okay Let's go all right this is what he do You're ready Full body workout let's go come on let's Go let's go Get that back that back is insane yo Look let's look at look at That [ __ ] Right here with you right Stone Cold Hey all right let's go Let's go come on you got it get your Money You're already halfway through now All you got is the burpees in the Pull-ups let's go Don't worry we all gonna feel the pain That's weird yeah let's work man burpees Brothers Go Let's go Ready for it you've been ready One more Time let's go let's go

Let's go Let's work man knock it out quick you Guys knocking it out quick who next you Gotta do time man oh yeah You knock it out you got attacked guys All right Self-improvement always on the menu And every day we Elevate and we go eat Let's go check out my guys man Take a look at this man out here getting Better getting money out here getting Better dog yeah you know what I'm saying Your money I ain't got no more words for Y'all we working let's get it let's work I live for this I live for this yo Um That's what happens oh [ __ ] clean that's Work rainbow laundromat go take them to The laundromat Energy for you babe Let's go get your money Kim I got energy For you babe let's go let's go Let's get it Five let's work Yeah Yeah let's go see that back guys one one Two three Three two more Cash it out twist around that's work Babe come on come on come on Come on Clean clean that's good that's good Let's go One one let's work

Two three Table thank you Work Yes sir 10 piece 10 piece All right it's all mentioned Let's go let's go let's work Fabo that's Good that's good keep on working make Sure you breathe in two yeah make sure You're breathing activate all them back And shoulder muscle right there all that All that ah yeah Half time let's work six six four more Babe Let's go do 70 percent Eight eight two more two more Last one Fate Hybrid training come on babe hyperbolic Time Chamber let's get it work Super Saiyan move right here knee tap bam back Down Back up Knee tap yeah What's that Yeah let's work Got three more fake One huh What's that Two that's three babe you got two more Foot tap let's go Last one bam That's one get off boom what's that That's one yeah let's go pull your ass

Up boy last word I'm sorry I'm sharp I'm sorry can't pull ups man Never fall never fold Boy two you don't fall boy dude you Don't fall boy oh that's work Wow half time you got five more six six You got four more Seven seven you got three more They hate two more Don't fall nah nah last one you got one Yeah What you got for them what you got for The camera talk to the folks at home man Wow I didn't think I was gonna let you Through they come out with this crazy Workout man all right they're gonna make It through I always gonna make it Through oh my brothers saw mindset hold Me accountable yes sir I could do Anything yes sir So yeah [ __ ] yeah that's all I got for You that's worse Lord have mercy Spend that energy The same Prince oh man all right come on Let's go come on Look at that pump look at my man Come on That's good Let's go let's go let's go Ah three three hey let's go this is Insane right here one more one more come

On turn around turn around turn around Let's go We right here with it Come on I know Foreign Hold one up drop it why not drop it put One up dropping six let's work Yep there you go four more time You ain't gotta run first Then you can run you gotta find it man Find it bro you gotta find it Your own pace man it's good yeah Perfect see that yeah it's them it's This it's a lot it's these last couple Of punks that yeah This is where you build strength this is How you build strength When you get that fatigue we'll keep That back straight come on come on Stronger Yeah Let's go you got it the last two just Bang it up right here you got it Come on get your money Last one you got one more man Man get your money we fill the grind bro Yeah get your money no cap breathe yes Come on Get your money oh yeah push through All right here we go man Right here bro yeah That man pumped up look at him Get your money

Back down You got it Yeah This is what you do dog this dessert Right here is what you do dog maybe bang Out 30 50. push through let's go come on Let's go Yeah five halftime Good [ __ ] brother I gotta take them For helping me start my hybrid training Man excuse to do calisthenics I didn't waste to it yep Exactly it's awesome my God okay but What's your YouTube Bro Playboy never Falls you catch me on IG hey you catch Me on YouTube I'll be on Tick Tock too Real [ __ ] this is real talk right here If you truly support me Then you will support my brothers Because without them It's impossible for me to make content Like this so make sure you guys Subscribe to the channel there's Grove He's a community thing it's all growth Smash the Subscribe button Smash the like button Smash the [ __ ] button smash the comment Button Smash everything except for my Girlfriend yeah

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