Full body workout @BrolyGainz007 @StayCreative96

Full body workout @BrolyGainz

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Full body workout @BrolyGainz007 @StayCreative96

Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Holding down Legs up higher right there Full range I need four range One Yep shot he’s taking all that sound Let’s go Yeah Hold it oh come on let’s play it with Him yeah right there right here come on No head money Yo come on where you at bro let’s go Feel me yo make sure you smash that like Button smash that subscribe button Anyone can do this Calisthenics man that’s how you build Your body and then Baby girl Create a Spirit Bomb in the gym if You’re not if you’re not awake if you’re Not awake you will wake up at that point In time get motivated start working out Shout out to my guy Dre in the building Guys and this video today will For 10 minutes Hold it down Let’s go Let’s go No excuses Seven Breathing Doing great 20 seconds left Is that your own pace All right next exercise lay down Hollow body hole one minute

Turns up Arms up Down a little bit right there yep legs Up power right there you know 30 more seconds 30 more seconds So Come on come on come on 15 seconds come on hold it hold it 10 seconds Push-ups hit time one minute straight Foreign [Music] [Music] Seven seconds One switch Up we’re on the wall So yeah Yo shout out to my guys notice what he Did a central score right there let’s Put his foot a little further back so You can feel more attention you continue To pump why is muscles already Let’s go no excuse me come on keep going Keep going see still feeling it let’s go Let’s go we got this Come on yeah let’s go 20 seconds Full range I need four range There you go door Bahamas without faster Take your time nice and slow forward Into motion 10 seconds [Music] Six five Four three

Full body workout @BrolyGainz007 @StayCreative96

Two come on inverted rows let’s go Let’s go y’all be taking the glasses off Guys you turn it up to the machine let’s Go let’s go inverted Rose Foreign Push pull in your case pull let’s go oh Let’s go pull Pull pull three don’t forget to breathe It’s all about the breathing see you Stop breathing right there focus on your Breathing don’t stop breathing continue Freezing yes nice and slow yes there you Go 15 seconds come on nice and slow take Your time take your time don’t rush your Reps come on get back down there get Back down there come on guys give him Some motivation where y’all at where Y’all at come over here give me some Motivation what’s up where y’all man Let’s go you put in that paint right now Let’s go come on that’s it come down Come down come down nice Stop now Straight nice and slow Until you hit the ground Nice and slow down yeah [Applause] Let’s go let’s back up let’s go slow Slow nice and slow nice and slow 10 Seconds Far away From my God Come on yeah I know I know we ever got That ball it’s like the worst enemy

Let’s smoke it’s your best friend . Right there huh let’s go see if we had Neutral yup just like that just like That scaffold yeah just like that there You go Working your back working relax that’s About building the muscle burning your Fat hip rounds because it’s true Let’s go Let’s go bro Okay now this one’s gonna be challenging Brody I’m gonna put you through the Chest this one’s doing the real Challenge [Music] Let’s go let’s go let’s work get up There One leg right here Let’s go no let’s go let’s go Yeah hold it hold it Come on you got 30 seconds get up there Get up there come back come down let’s Go let’s go Shake It Off Get back up let’s go we’re back up there Let’s go I don’t want to put you up There you got to go up there all right Feel me you got this Let’s go Oh oh Turn your arms around Turn your arms around let’s go Pull-ups regular pull up let’s go Let’s go you feeling the pain you’re

Full body workout @BrolyGainz

Feeling the pain normally Dre never gets Like this but this is beautiful It’s quite cold Just like this Daily let’s go come on You got this come on focus on your Breathing while you’re down there take It right there Together Yes let’s make sure we’re gonna give you Some Mobility while gaining strength While burning the fat we go [Music] You’re almost there Feel me let’s go Five seconds come on you know what’s Next But you’ve been working on planks I’m Here with you foreign [Music] Yo make sure you smash that like button Smash that subscribe button anyone can Do this Calisthenics man that’s how you build Your body and then when you get to a Certain level that you feel as if you Master the calisthenic movements then You start with the weights there’s Nothing wrong with it try everything It’s a master

yourself let’s go 15 seconds He has 10 now For Three

Two One Got Andre in the building yeah I didn’t Even know he was in the gym I thought That he came early and I missed him Because I already went and worked out But I still came against at the gym to Not only shoot content for you guys but Spread them freaking her running Sam’s Spread the energy motivate the people You know what I mean let’s go man shout Out to my guy right here too excuse me I Met him in the gym today who came Through show Mass support shots of my Guy around Foreign Man don’t kill them bro follow the Progress see his story he already lost 50 pounds already so let’s see where he Goes let’s go bro good work today bro Thank you I am the answer to all living things That cry out for peace Detector of the innocent I am the light In the Darkness [Music] Need more tips on how to get your body Shredded with just body weights you Don’t need a gym Check out the link in the description to My program where you can practice Staying consistent and different Exercises to be able to build your body [Applause]

Full body workout @BrolyGainz007 @StayCreative96

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