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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Oh oh oh You like that let's go let's go Okay Yo got back again with another banger Feel me especially for the ladies we got A special beautiful guest over here or Am I the guests everyone is just Jack The number two the letter u Brooklyn Gaines is in the building if You if you ain't know now you know who I Am at least you know and about to do a Nice little 10 minute workout you know I Mean cater to the ladies especially and The beginners at home everybody whoever Want to be able to build muscles are we Going to Target the glutes we're gonna Talk with the core we're going to Target The legs we're going to talk with the Hamstrings we're gonna Target the calves We're gonna Target the toes we're going To Target the feet we're gonna Target The toenails everything will be a Muscles today okay sounds like a good Match she got the tum right there Oh yeah are you ready we're gonna start Off with some crab stretches to warm up The body you know what I'm saying like The one with the body at least 30 Seconds to one minute before I sets of These so let's see what we can do just Oh yes Take your time girl you're stretching it Up brush I want you to stretch over here There you go that's what you're doing

Yeah yeah Oh yeah good night Your core in the air that core in the Air Yeah Nice 30 seconds is complete come off See how you feel it's gonna go into a Squat you ready yeah Let's go squat Yeah [Laughter] Yes where's that leg higher yeah Raise that leg Oh Okay next leg what you doing I'm doing extras let's go [Music] Oh yeah [Music] Who is it Crazy Oh All right oh that was beautiful No a lot of cars are on fire nice and Engaged we shot double dabble by putting A little bit of spicing on it Good another legs going raising onto the Toes Um [Music] Stay oh gosh oh I'm still in the Negative don't stand [ __ ] what you Doing what is that let's go I want to Have some oohs and eyes yeah I only had

No quietness so I noticed quietness all Right that [ __ ] hurt bad let's go down To the ground Apartment we kicking them let's go yes Yeah Yes yes Yes Yes yes no No Yes 30 seconds is done I'll give you 15 Seconds to rest though oh dear Wow He's in control of me Oh my God it's okay cause it's gonna Feel it on your knees Okay hold put your foot back hold your Toes I mean no just hold your ankles Core in the air Core in the air Jose there you go there You go There you go So what I want you to do from there put Your butt down Put your butt down and I come up Can you feel me begin a person Advanced Version ready let's go let's go Oh yeah you ain't even thought the Trauma that's crazy after I gave you Some rest you didn't even start the Timer wow Oh Very important New pause yeah I know of course I'll give you a second to rest stand up

We'll walk them out let's go come on Stand up I can stop Tom Let's go walk it out Let's go come on bro yeah [Music] I'm gonna jump up give me that jumper Yeah [Music] But you don't put a combination to it That's all come on oh yeah Hey let's go Lister let's go Then come back yes Push up Very good very very good yes I'll give You another 10 seconds Another testing is Jumping lunges that's good yeah jumping Lunges all right you're gonna start See what it says Four Three Start with the right leg let's go [Laughter] [Music] Oh yeah Like that You like that let's go let's go oh yeah 30 seconds Come on Yeah [Music] Come on Monster comments monster College Push up

Up Down push up monster comments push up Let's go huh okay cool Monster comments push up Hit the core let's go push up monster Cars no push up Let's go Push him not to come push him 10 seconds rest 10 seconds oh yeah wow Oh yeah oh yeah Taxes She was annoying me yesterday It was one of them days we were driving And she was annoying me How's that fight I've got to argue taxes You ready I'm gonna text him let's go Jump Push up monster Commons knees to the Elbows push up up let's go here we just Add a little bit to it Let's go Jump [Music] Down push up Mount The Columns knees to The Elbow Oh yeah Mastercards Up ah [Music] So with the squash is different Let's go oh yeah stay right here you're Staying right here oh yeah Smash that like button smash that Subscribe button smash everything except

For my girlfriend you feel me let's go Yes [Laughter] [Laughter] Smash that like button smash that Subscribe button smash every single Thing that you're attracted to the home Workouts is the worst those are the most Intense life-changing so [Music] Sucking it takes everything out of you But it changes you and it's harder Probably because you're at home with Yourself getting to know yourself which Is the most important thing because if You can know yourself you can spread the Positive energy with other people make Sure you subscribe to just what's your Page It's just Jackson never to the letter U My heart rate went up to 170. in this Well 172. how much do you weigh About 160. what's your heart rate normal Heart rate yep Chile is like 80. It was more than double that so for fat Burn for me I only have to hit 130. so I'm at 170. so that's a beautiful space To stay because you're really running Through the fat so so guys you want to Be able to have this type of mathematics Or scientific uh you want to know about Your body a little bit more you want to Have the scientific terms for your body

To know exactly how much you need as far As protein carbs or how much five Percent fat you need to burn or where Your heart rate is to be at if you want A birthday click the link in the Description and check out the program Let's go yep big deal guys you can work Harder or smarter combine them

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