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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Get explosive Drop it out Let's go Let's go Let's go let's go Ah Amazing day guys we are out here in Miami Beach dusk here no no oh that's I'm glad I did not that's what I'm Talking about I admired with this young Lady was doing she's doing a great Full-body workout what is your name by The way Jersey Where are you from Puerto Rico Puerto Rico nice so I've asked you ready if I Could join her on this Quest on this Journey to be able to get these games And she said yes So she's gonna kill me but obviously She's fit so I wanted to see what she Does so are you ready Let's go get explosive Let's wrap it up Let's go Look this is a girl's routine Girl look at the man making the man look Like a [ __ ] let's go boy I'm sorry sorry bro I'm sorry that's not What he is he's not he knows that he Knows he ain't bro yeah you don't have To justify just don't do it moving Forward now we can't use your sound on This foot why should I block him should I apologize to him bro I'm really sorry

Bro good bro I'm sorry for calling you a [ __ ] bro the energy you're inspiring me Let's go crush it Let's go Over here Angie get in there bro next step we're Going to rub it out All right Done bro I've been here for two hours Come on Get that [ __ ] get that [ __ ] come on Whoa Let's go Whoa Full body legs feeling amazing core Engaged let's get it chest arms my back Feel good And my breathing is different Ah Quick effective workout yeah The burpees how long have you been Working out Hey that's crazy they can hear us Um what what what started your workout Journey so I actually got into a breakup So after that I was like Um it was like an escape room It's too bad for you bro I became a Passion Once I started healing And I'm just stuck with it ever since Let's go she turned the negative into a Positive 100 That's what you got to do guys that's

What you gotta do what's your diet like Um so I don't count calories I'm Actually Trapped for now I'm gonna Lean on muscle I'm trying to build me Muscle so I've got a little bit of a Color Surplus everything healthy high Protein Um you know my body weight in protein And then yeah that's just kind of how it Is meat no meat meat okay okay 100 Yeah okay okay yeah yeah all right cool Yeah let's go yeah How about you Um for me um right now I'm on a vegan Diet nice I tried I've been trying it For 30 mornings like 35 to 40 days now Um lost like 15 pounds wow but I don't know yeah I'm starting a cut Soon so what's your workout go um my Workout goal honestly I'm pretty happy Where I am right now there you go I just Want to maintain maybe get a little bit More lean she's a little better than me Girl you ready for the next set yeah Let's go we got two more sets guys I Don't even know what numbers we did the Number doesn't matter we did close to 20 We did close to 20. this is how you're Supposed to do it are you ready yeah we Count us down all right one Two three let's go Shopping I know Come on

You're doing a beautiful and clean for Me got this Let's go 13. That's it for me let's go See it doesn't matter what number we go To we go to failure Never set a set number always going to Your body tells you to stop let's go Real games right there gosh you have a Cardiovascular system Activate that utilize that the best way Cardio yeah Are you ready we got one more set we do Real beautifully Now shout out to the cameraman by the Way guys one of the best cameramans out Here feel me his page and his link to His YouTube as well will be in the Description Cost killing It feels amazing let's go you ready All right five Foreign Can I add something to it yeah so can we Do a squat Come down Come back and go like this Yeah so instead of pushing up you mean Going back and then go into a push-up Let me make sure I got it Yeah back and then go into a push-up There you go oh yeah he's gonna come off And then jump up and then

Oh yeah I'm not trying to kill you I'm just all Right we're gonna attack ourselves that Boy said that's Payback Let's go ready let's go Beautiful [Music] Let's go Fights are killing crazy Oh yeah Let's go she's still going oh oh Let's go everything on the table right Now everything on the table everything Everything everything Let's go amazing Awesome how you feeling are you feeling The pain ah my quads glass man never Skipping leg day guys you already know Yo show us this beautiful young lady Right here thank you so much for that Great routine what what is your pace I Can follow you on my page yeah I do so YouTube yearly dot Perkins or y-e-r-l-y Period Perkins Listen man Get up what are you doing you're sitting On the couch I don't care if it's cold Outside if it's snowing Get UPS go outside stop eating cookies Stop eating chips go get some sun even If the Sun is not there open up the Clouds yourself mentally and bring the Sun out it's sad happy angry go take it Out don't don't transfer the pain

Exactly see she understands don't curse Out your baby mother don't curse out Your baby father Yes don't curse out Your mother don't don't beat your kids If you feel bad in any way shape or form Probably is because of the food that You're eating as well but besides the Bad day that you're having just Express That in a beautiful or a positive way if You don't think it's beautiful like the Way I express myself in the beginning of This video a little Ah that's what I Like to do guys you mind doing that with Me Let's go oh after three okay one Two Three Let's go Let's go Thank you bro That was amazing

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