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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Guys welcome back to my channel if you Didn't know this is Broly Gaines and I'm About to show y'all a beautiful Beautiful workout for you guys today but Before the workout I was just doing a Little stretching you know what I mean Rubber bands on the back helping myself To be able to do a pancake guys well if You don't know what a pancake is it's my Body my head going all the way down to The ground things like this passive Stressing active stretching is way Better to be able to learn and adapt a New movement if you want to do if you Want to open up your super powers you Know what I mean look as if you're a Gymnast without all that gymnastic Training guys you feel me so I did this For 20 to 30 minutes And with the weight on my back but Um for those who celebrate Christmas Merry Christmas this is I'm sorry it's Christmas today guys What But the work never stops Feel me happy Hanukkah early Hanukkah Happy early Kwanzaa all that stuff it's Holiday season but the work never stops For me so for this episode of Broly Games we will be doing a full body Routine that's catered for you to be Able to open up your super powers feel Me so we're gonna start with the

Pull-ups let's go to the pull-up bar Guys Shout out to everybody that's been Following along staying tuned though Feel me I am out here in Thailand Thailand guys Shanghai Thailand right now and we are traveling The world Learning new exercises changing the body And Always Forever turning super saiyan Now for those who have not mastered the Pull-up bar You do need you don't need a weight vest You probably need bands for me I have Mastered a traditional pull-up so to Make it even more Uh challenging for myself I have to put On some a weight vest pop out Keep the shoes tired right First thing first 100 Pull-Ups Why 100 Pull-Ups simple simply because Whatever whatever exercise you do you Should do 100 because I'm giving 100 to The exercise to be able to get those Jeans Foreign Let's go you think your shots of the Camera man because I don't even notice That my speakers my speakers or my mic Just dropped 20 down 80 more to go A lot of people practice Pull-Ups But don't understand the variations that You need to do as well that a lot of

People have problems with to be able to Go to the next level which is a muscle Up before you're able to do a muscle up You have to master the pull-up guys one Of the basic exercises so we did 20 Pull-ups a part of the pull-up regimen Are pulled Downs let me show you guys That as well so we're not going to do 100 of the same pull-ups we're going to Do different variations some to Um strengthen those muscle groups those Pulling muscles so that you can be able To Get that super power that is in you Unlock that so these are pull Downs You jump up Come down slowly That's one Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Wow Nine Ten oh amazing my lights my traps even My biceps 11. 12. These are called pull Downs 13. 14.

15. 16. Foreign Ty 18. 19. Ah That's 20 right there Has 40 altogether Your muscles don't understand If these are pull-ups pull Downs or any Of that what what you must understand is Is being worked so stay consistent and You will get change Pop out So we did 20 Pull-Ups 20 pull Downs Now Tony Australian 10. Ah Believe it or not this pull-up actually Burned more than the other pull-ups Variations because my muscle groups has Been worked and it as I said it doesn't Know the difference between pull up pull Down or Australian pulse All it knows is being worked those same Pulling muscles are being worked so it Causes muscle confusion Foreign 60 pull-ups done already guys And then we're gonna keep on going with Another variation Take your time Of course and make sure you have some

Water to stay hydrated but full body Exercises are the best exercises to be Able to change your body Foreign That felt amazing 10. Ah 20 more and I'm gonna do 20 pulls in my problem area now a lot of People problem area they may ask what is That Everyone has a problem here some type of Exercise that you believe you're a Weekend Foreign Mind you guys we're not worried about Range of motion Because your muscles once again don't Know the difference between short range Of motion and full range of motion The most important part of these Exercises is that you stretch warm up The body because the longer the longer The muscle is the stronger the muscle Will be And the slower you go It's the faster you grow For me when I see me doing fast switch Motions and these workout videos is just For that video To show you guys that you can do it as Well but when you when I'm training Alone Working like this Foreign Nice and slow

Ah That's 80 pulls right there look look That pump Now for the last 20 pulls My problem area are certain skills I started doing calisthenics what Three three years ago now So my problem area will be front lever Pulls So I go get a band And then we do our front lever pull-ups Guys Oh Foreign Normally I do 10 reps but because of all Those other pull-up variations My muscles feel tight and pop So either that took a longer rest to be Able to do longer to be able to do full Range of motion but if I consistently go Back in a short amount of time that's Building up my endurance Feel me so understand why you're doing Certain exercises and how it helps you Definitely understanding this will help You be able to adapt involve change Whatever your goal is lose weight Whatever your goal is a lot faster than If you didn't know Good Foreign Normally I hold for 30 seconds Oh We got 10 more pull-ups and then we move

To the next variation and as you can see Right here this is what my no routine Will look like 100 ABS 100 pull-ups 100 dips 100 Reverse hypers 100 100 squats and we do Different AB variations different pull Variations different variations to add Up to a thousand reps Why a thousand you may ask To be able to master our movement you Need to do it ten thousand times so I Got a lot of work to do I got five more that's 15 right there Guys Look at this pump And a lot of guys Before we do the last five On sixth one And I weighed 190 I mean 89 89 kilograms 89.4 kilograms this is like 109 pounds And at six one Five more This these are pull-up variations work On your triceps your biceps your Forearms your shoulders your your traps Your lats your core and your legs If you're doing it like these because You have to flex them To stay up And your hips Yes Now that the upper body's nice and Pumped guys we move to the ABS

100 ABS It's only fair Because you should go outside shout out To the cameraman by the way guys Go outside to your mind shots of the Cameraman one of my guys from Brooklyn Whom happened to be out here as well and Was definitely happy to Help me with this this Journey by being a good cameraman so his Page three to his page will be in the Description I So now we may be working on that That's not the only thing that will be Worked Our shoulders will be process will be Work that's what we work a lot of money Traps will be work a lot of other muscle Groups will be worked while just Focusing on the ABS this is why I looked Out of steps One two three four five six seven Eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen Fourteen fifteen sixteen Seventeen Eighteen ninety twenty one two three Four five Ah Whoa Oh Oh Technically That's 50. So I'll show you how I do it

Each range of motion or motion that we Do technically Scissors You're kicking somebody You want to work your abs and your Pelvic which is why we do the scissors Now we're going to do curls curls For the girls Hey toffee Okay can we stop bro where is this Thank you Big coffee Sorry guys We got dogs around the promises that Protects the area so They expect us to be out here but We are out here on Christmas working He's not playing today guys Now we do curls One two three four five six seven eight Nine 10 11 12 13 14 15. That was amazing The abdominus the transverse abdominus Oh Meaning the six-pack area has all worked But we haven't finished yet we did 50 Reps of that 50 reps of carving up right here what About the obliques Let's work those weeks as well One two three curls four five Six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen

Seventeen eighteen nineteen Twenty One Two Three Four five Not only is this working obliques But by holding up yourself with your Legs You're strengthening your knees Bulletproofing your knees get down a Little care man for your mind Bulletproofing your knees Come on two three four Five Six Seven Eight Nine ten eleven twelve Thirty forty Fifteen sixteen Seventeen eighty Nineteen twenty one two three four five Oh Whole side the whole side will Bleak Over there the right side You're amazing Now of course we got to switch sides One two three Four five six seven eight Nine Ten eleven twelve Thirty fourteen Fifteen sixteen Seventeen eighteen Nineteen twenty one two three four five Oh Amazing Remember guys pace yourself Because these type of exercises will

Cause your full body each one exercise Will cause your full body to activate So even though I'm doing abs right now Obliques right now to be specific Between my legs activate I'm also Working on my legs because my legs have To keep me up and stabilize one Two three four five six seven eight nine Ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen Fourteen sixty thirteen eighteen Nineteen twenty one two three four five Oh That's another hundred That's another hundred I'm just Stressing the fact that if you're gonna Do any of these exercises at least give It 100 not 25 That's 75 100 at all times and then you Will get 100 results Obviously so we did pull-ups we did abs Olutely And now we're going how much minutes are We in this video 22 minutes perfect that's how long we're Gonna finish up with it Put it Yes Ah Come on 100 of these now guys Soon if you can't go all the way down It's okay Going into that negative where you feel Attention and coming back is where you

Want to be while having your your pelvic Hip out as if you're going to you know Do the a dance Full but that would be short range of Motions will allow you to strengthen Yourself to be able to do a full range Of motion Oh Five six Seven Eight Now Ten oh no rush right here We got 90 more to go what have we Learned for today Every exercise we need to do 100 a Longer muscle is a stronger muscle Different variations is how you Basically Master a movement but you need To do 1000 reps At least ten thousand reps to master That movement so stay consistent guys Your journey is very far but it's one It's only closer when you take each step At a time to get there shout out to you Guys for liking that you guys for Subscribing ah the link to the Cameraman's uh page will be in the Description it's also Bob the beast as Well This page will be in the description as Well you guys make sure you follow along And guys always and forever release your Negative energy in a positive way don't

Go out cursing out your baby lover don't Go out because you had a bad day at work Be upset or bad to your kids take that Energy that you have put into something That's different that you normally Wouldn't do maybe it might be exercising Try that Michelle to you guys let's go roll to One million subscribers Let's go and 90 more

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