Full Body Bikini Ready Workout Toned Arms Butt and Legs with Jessicagem_

Full Body Bikini Ready Workout Toned Arms Butt and Legs with @Jessicagem_

Hey everyone jessica here today, we’re gon na do an awesome, full body, bikini workout, so we’re gon na get nice toned arms, firm legs, nice booty, all in one okay, so we’re gon na start right here, i’m gon na use a set of gumballs. You can really get them anywhere. If you don’t have any, you can always grab two heavy water bottles or something like that alrighty. Full Body Bikini Ready Workout Toned Arms Butt and Legs with @Jessicagem_

So we’re going to start with squat to press squat position. You want to get into a shoulder press position and we’re going for as many as we can alright so come down and then bring them up once you come up so watch the knees when you come down in the squat and when you come up, you want To use your heels to push yourself up and remember, to watch the knees, don’t allow them to go forward past your toes get as many as you can all right now, when you got as many as you can, let’s go right into a dumbbell row.

Full Body Bikini Ready Workout Toned Arms Butt and Legs with @Jessicagem_

We’Re going to do both arms together lean in just a little make sure your back is nice and straight we’re going to come down and flex that back again as many as we can so failure, let’s go so keep your chest out and don’t even all right. I’M gon na put them down i’m gon na rest a little bit, so we can go on to the next set of exercises. Okay, catch your breath. Take a sip of water. All right, ready, we’re gon na go on two bicep curls now so we’re gon na.

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Do regular curls again till failure so make sure you’re only moving from your elbow down, keep your back nice and straight chest out, and you really want to keep going until your arms give out. Okay, let’s do as many as you can all right. That was it for me now we’re going on to squat to curl. Second, second exercise for this set: okay, so weights in we’re gon na come down into squat, and once you come up, let’s curl really give you some momentum up and curl remember to watch the knees as you come down and push off your heels to come up. Okay, give the butt a nice squeeze as you’re curling. Full Body Bikini Ready Workout Toned Arms Butt and Legs with @Jessicagem_

We can get a few more in all right. One more awesome take some rest time as needed. Drink water wipe the sweat off catch. Your breath take a few deep breaths, so you can get that oxygen flowing. All right guys this next one we’re starting with push-ups, okay push-ups are great to get those toned sexy arms for the for that bikini.

Okay. So let’s go. Let’S start with push-ups till we can anymore. If you want to do them on your knees, you can as well all right ready. My arms are tingling after those first few exercises all right, i’m gon na get a few more in on my knees.

Okay, bring your hips down, keep going awesome. Let’S go on to the next one skull crushers all right, so i’m going to go ahead and lay down for this one. So get into position all right, your weight’s up straight and we’re going to come back, bend those elbows and come right back up. Okay, all right, breathe and keep going last few. Oh there you go so failure all right, guys take a few seconds to breathe.


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Full Body Bikini Ready Workout Toned Arms Butt and Legs with @Jessicagem_

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8 MIN BIKINI ARMS + BOOBS WORKOUT Upper body workout Full Body Bikini Ready @Jessicagem_

Do this with me guys? Okay, now we’re going to do some core exercises, make sure you’re ready get right back on the floor. All right hands by your side make sure your back is nice and flat on the floor. Okay, don’t allow it to come up and we’re gon na. Do flutter kicks okay, make sure you’re taking nice big, deep breaths, keep that core nice and tight and that back flat against the floor all the way through all right, toe touches.

Now you ready so bring the legs up and we’re gon na go arms back and as if you’re touching your toes okay arms back up for as many as we can make sure you’re breathing. Oh, let’s go! Let’S go! Keep going all right, all right, guys, drink! Some water now’s the time to breathe, relax for a few seconds, uh all right this next one we’re doing bounce squats, all right great for the booty and the legs. Full Body Bikini Ready Workout Toned Arms Butt and Legs with @Jessicagem_

We’Re gon na do bounce squats with the weights. When we feel like we can’t anymore. Let’S drop the weights and keep going with the bowel squats to the end. Okay, so we drop alright. So let’s get into position your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, so you can grab the weights inside.

So let’s go bounce squats, okay, so squat position and stay low, push off your heels, starting to burn. Let’S go! Do it for the beach legs all right! I’M gon na go ahead and put the weights down and let’s go without the weights. Now.

Okay, all right! We can do a few more. Let’S keep going all right. If you guys did it with me. You definitely feel your legs burning up your core too.

So if you guys did it with me, if you liked it make sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe and definitely let me know down below in the comments how you did, how long you lost it on each exercise and i’ll see you guys next time You

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