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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Like a strong poppy at home 30 seconds to one minute or at least Three to five sets do these 30 seconds to one minute for at least 10 Seconds seconds going down for at least 10 cents duties 30 seconds coming up Booties Duties what's the punches Wow what you want to do it for 36 for One minute for at least three or five Seconds Duties working the obliques and the legs At the same time do these alternating Arms with the burpees working the full Behind the leg nice and slow that's the Fastest way to grow [Music] Duties at least it's 30 seconds to one Minute just hold it Especially if you want to build that Stronger back and get that nice mobility In after 30 seconds

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