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Fasted Weight training Or Empty Stomach Gym workout [Good or Bad?]

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Please watch: “GVT (10 x 10)- PROGRAM OVERVIEW- Workout| Nutrition| Supplement Info by JEET SELAL”



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26 Comentários

  1. I am really sorry but I always workout in the morning and in a fasted state and trust me I never feel weak and every body is different and don't say anything as a fact if it's your assumption

  2. I needed this video af , all people on yt are just telling difference in evening and morning workout , but you , sir you scientifically explained each and every thing pros and cons of morning workout. 🙏🙏 . We all need people like you

  3. Guru mann, gaurav taneja and Jeet selal they all have different openion for empty stomach workout ,whom to beleive ?? 🧐🙄 U three r my idol .. m to confuse ho gya .m doing only normal workout and 15 min cardio .pls suggest

  4. Sir I'm a big fan 🙇🏻‍♀️
    Kindly mujhe batao ,Can i do 10-15mins of jump rope in the morning and weight training in the evening? Is it effective or not effective for fat loss? I want to loss fat ,kindly reply 🙏🏻

  5. I do cardio and muscle training without weight and I feel good but I've a doubt that my body is going strong from inside or not or I have to take a good diet plan to maintain my health and physique
    I'm confused
    Because I got unconscious suddenly when I hang for few seconds on the wall 🥺🙁

  6. Sir Main shaam ko gym jata hu 6 to 8:30 PM.. after that I don't eat anything.. for weight loss ..but i eat in afternoon before 2,3 hours before workouts.. is it okay to eat before workout and not after the workout for weight loss?

  7. I have been training for the last year, always eating something before working out. I started intermediate fasting three months ago and working out with a cardio-empty stomach. The gains and fat loss I got are impressive in only two months. The only thing I was losing was fat, not muscle .

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