Easy Orange Cranberry Roasted Chicken Recipe – Perfect for the holidays!

Easy Orange Cranberry Roasted Chicken Recipe – Perfect for the holidays!

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You’ll fall in love with this easy chicken dinner recipe from the first bite! Easy orange cranberry roasted chicken with garlic, onion, thyme, and rosemary. It’s easy enough for everyday meals and fancy enough for holiday company! The roasted chicken is super juicy, perfectly seasoned, and complemented by the tart cranberries and zesty orange slices. This easy cranberry chicken casserole will fill your kitchen with a mouthwatering aroma!

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Contents of this video:
00:00 Introduction
01:00 Preparing the Roasting Pan
02:04 Info about Chicken
02:26 Seasoning the Chicken
04:15 Roasting Instructions
04:51 Serving Suggestions
05:31 Taste Test

Today of a quick and easy chicken dinner recipe   For you that’s going to be perfect for the
holiday season! I’ll be making my ’Cranberry   Orange Oven-Roasted Chicken’ with thyme, rosemary,
and lots of garlic. This chicken is so incredibly   Aromatic, juicy, and delicious! I also love that
it’s easy enough to enjoy as an everyday meal, but   Fancy enough so you could serve it for a holiday
company. We’re going to start by seasoning the   Chicken with lots of different herbs and spices,
and then layering it into a casserole along with   Some fresh cranberries; sliced mandarins, because
it’s mandarin season and they are local here;   We’re going to add lots of garlic, onions, thyme,
rosemary; and then roast the chicken until it’s   Golden and crispy. I love to serve this with
my ’Butter & Thyme Mashed Sweet Potatoes’,

Easy Orange Cranberry Roasted Chicken Recipe – Perfect for the holidays!

But you can also use my ’Butter Mashed Potatoes’
recipe, too. For the full list of ingredients and   The written instructions, don’t forget to head
out down into that video description box and   Follow the link over to my website. Meanwhile,
let’s get started on this incredible dinner.   I’m going to start this recipe by preparing
the roasting pan first. We’re going to layer   Everything in there and that way, when we season
the chicken, we’re not going to be losing any   Of the spices and seasonings. So, I’m going
to be using a large oval casserole; you can   Use just about any kind of pan that you have on
hand. I’m going to start with one large onion,   And I just cut it in half and then sliced it into
pieces. Drop that into the bottom of the pan.

  Next, add in some sliced oranges 
or mandarins. Here, they’re local   We have lots of mandarin farms all around
us, and they’re so sweet and so delicious.   I have about 20 garlic cloves; I
like to have lots of garlic in here. I like to add lots of cranberries! I have
about a cup and a half of fresh cranberries. And let’s add some of these
fresh herbs, some fresh rosemary. Fresh thyme. Doesn’t this roasting pan look so pretty and
festive?! And all those ingredients are going   To add so much incredible flavor to the
recipe! We’re going to switch gears and   Start on our chicken. So, today I’m going
to be using six, bone-in chicken thighs.   You can also use this recipe for drumsticks or
even bone-in chicken breasts. Just remember to   Kind of adjust the baking time depending on
the size of the chicken that you’re using.

I’m going to grab each chicken thigh
and then drizzle it with a generous   Amount of olive oil. This will help all of
our spices and herbs stick to the surface. I’ll start by seasoning the
chicken generously with salt   All over. Make sure you get
the back side of it, too. I love to use a little bit of smoked
paprika; you can also use regular. Garlic powder or dried garlic.

All right, a little bit of onion powder. Lots of thyme and you can use fresh or dried. A little bit of rosemary. And of course, ground black pepper. I’m going to tuck some more
onion pieces around the chicken.

 Chicken Recipe – Perfect for the holidays!

Along with some more mandarin slices. Add some more cranberries to the pot. And our final ingredient is chicken broth.   I’m going to add about a cup and a
half to two cups of chicken broth.   Make sure that you’re pouring it kind of on
the side, and you don’t want the chicken to   Be covered in the broth. You just want it to be
kind of sitting on top of it. It’s going to add   Lots of extra moisture and then you’re going
to have this incredible pan sauce at the end.

My cranberry orange chicken is ready for
the oven! It’s going to roast at 400 degrees   Fahrenheit until it reaches an internal
temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit,   Usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an
hour, depending on the size of your chicken   Pieces. You want the skin to be a really nice
and golden brown color. You can even turn the   Broiler on at the end for a few minutes to give
it some extra color. While this is roasting away,   I’m going to make my ’Butter & Thyme Mashed Sweet
Potatoes’ recipe. I’m going to link that down in   The video description box below. It is the perfect
pairing for this delicious and aromatic chicken.   [Music] I just took my chicken out of the oven and
I love that color on the top! Just grab a spoon,

  Scoop up a piece. I like to grab a little bit 
of everything, so you grab some of the onion,   The cranberries, and we’re just going to
set this right onto our sweet potatoes. I love to add some of that sauce over
the top. Adds so much great flavor,   And we’ll dig in to enjoy! Check out how juicy this chicken is on the
inside! And that’s it for my ’Cranberry Orange   Roasted Chicken’! This smells was so incredibly
delicious when it’s in the oven, you guys are   Going to love it for the winter months! For the
full list of ingredients and the instructions,   Don’t forget to head on down into my video
description box and then over to the website.   I’ll have everything online for you guys. Let’s
dig in and enjoy! I’ve got my sweet potatoes;   I love to get a little bit of those garlic cloves
from the pan along with some of the cranberries.   Grab some of the mashed sweet potatoes. You can
also enjoy this with regular sweet potatoes. Mmm! There’s something so special and festive about
this dish! And this chicken is so perfectly   Seasoned and incredibly juicy! You get lots
of those flavors from the thyme, the rosemary,

Easy Orange Cranberry Roasted Chicken Recipe – Perfect for the holidays!

The garlic, and then when you add a little bit of
the tart cranberries with every bite, it’s just a   Mind-blowingly delicious! You guys are going to
fall in love with this from the very first bite!   And I love these the sweet
mashed potatoes! My favorite! Mmm! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick
and easy chicken dinner recipe this   Holiday season. I love this for
an everyday meal and for company,   Too. Thank you so much for watching my latest
episode! Please leave me a comment down below,   I’d love to hear from you guys! And I’ll
see you next time with a new recipe.

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