Easy Cheese & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe – perfect for parties!

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If you’re hosting a party or special dinner, make sure to include this easy appetizer on the menu! My cheese and sausage stuffed mushrooms with panko breadcrumb topping are always a huge hit with everyone! Every bite is like a flavor explosion in your mouth! They’re made with three types of cheese (including smoked gouda), bell pepper, shallots, chicken sausage, parsley, and lots of herbs and spices! The savory and creamy, cheesy filling is a real treat!

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Contents of this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:56 Preparing the Mushrooms
02:21 Prebaking the Mushrooms
02:59 Cooking the Sausage
04:07 Making the Filling
06:23 Stuffing the Mushrooms
06:58 Panko Breadcrumb Topping
07:37 Baking Instructions
08:42 Taste Test

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my kitchen! 
Today I have an easy appetizer recipe for you   Guys, and I’m going to be making my cheesy sausage 
stuffed mushrooms with a panko breadcrumb topping.   These stuffed mushrooms are out-of-this-world 
amazing! You guys are going to love that savory,   Cheesy meat filling. These are always a 
huge hit for all my parties and dinners!   We’re going to start by preparing the mushrooms. 
We need to clean them, scoop out the insides,   And then make a really incredible filling with 
some chicken sausage, bell peppers, shallots,   Three different types of cheese; and then that 
panko breadcrumb topping comes together with   Some garlic powder and fresh parsley. The aroma 
of these mushrooms alone is mouth-watering and   When you dig in to enjoy them, you just have 
an explosion of flavors! These are just so,   So good! Don’t forget to head on down into 
that video description box for the full list   Of ingredients and the instructions up on my 
website. Meanwhile, let’s get started on this   Incredible recipe! I’m preheating my oven to 400 
degrees Fahrenheit, and I’m going to get things   Started with the mushrooms today. I’m going 
to be using 12 large mushrooms; you could also   Use this recipe with 24 smaller mushrooms. 
And I actually like to pre-bake these! So,   I’m going to bake them about halfway through, add 
the filling on top, and then we’ll finish baking   Them. This way, the mushrooms are perfectly cooked 
every single time. I’m going to use a damp paper   Towel to clean off my mushrooms. Make sure you’re 
getting any of that dirt and dust off of them. Next, we need to hollow these out. So I like 
to very gently kind of twist around the stem,   Pop it out, and we’ll save those for 
later. And then grab a little spoon,   And clean out, like scoop out kind of like 
the membrane that’s inside of the mushroom,   And this will make more space for that filling. Then grab a knife and clean up the 
mushroom stems and finely dice them.   I need about one cup of diced mushroom 
stems. If you don’t have enough stems,   You can also just add a couple 
extra mushrooms to the mix. And then transfer the mushrooms onto 
baking sheet. And you want to place   Them kind of upside down, with the 
with the shell placing downward. I’m going to bake these hollowed out mushrooms 
at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes.   If you’re using the smaller mushrooms, you 
want to cut that timing down to about nine   To ten minutes. While these are baking, we’re 
going to get started with our sausage filling. And as your mushrooms bake in the oven, they’re 
going to release quite a bit of a liquids. So   Go ahead and just flip them over, mop up any of 
the liquids, set them straight up on the pan.   And we’ll need half a pound of chicken sausage. 
I picked up two links of this garlic and herb   Chicken sausage at the Whole Foods counter. Just 
remove the casing so we have just the ground meat.   Preheat a large frying pan 
over medium high heat. Add  

A little drizzle of some cooking 
oil; I like to use avocado oil.   And then we’ll add this chicken sausage in. 
I’m going to start breaking it apart. [Music] And as the sausage browns,   You want to break it down further 
until you have little bits of sausage. And I’m using a fairly mild chicken 
sausage for my recipe today, but you   Can also use the mild Italian sausage, 
or if you like spicy stuffed mushrooms,   You could crank up the heat by using some 
spicy sausage in the filling instead.   You want to make sure that 
the sausage is fully cooked.   Transfer the cooked sausage into a clean 
tray and we’ll set it aside for now. Into my pan, I’m going to add a couple tablespoons 
of salted butter. I just love using butter for   Cooking! It adds so much incredible flavor! 
We’ll add in one finely diced red bell pepper. Two diced shallots. And our diced mushroom stems. Mix this all together and then sauté this mixture 
for about six to eight minutes, until the peppers   And the mushrooms are tender. Season this 
mixture with a little bit of salt and pepper. My pepper, shallot, and mushroom mixture is 
also done, so I’m just going to add it to the   Same bowl with my chicken sausage. Just going 
to set it aside and let it cool down while I   Prepare my cheese mixture. Today, I’m going 
to be using three different types of cheese.   I have some softened cream cheese. I also have 
some grated smoked gouda and grated Parmesan.   I love smoked gouda! The texture is super 
creamy and it melts really nicely. You can   Also use smoked mozzarella or smoked cheddar. 
I’m using four ounces of softened cream cheese,   And before I add anything else to the cream 
cheese, I’m just going to take my spatula and   Kind of soften it. So that way when I add 
everything else, it’s not going to clump. Add in the grated Gouda cheese, 
Parmesan cheese, some fresh parsley.   We’ll need about a teaspoon of 
sea salt. Ground black pepper. I’ll add in about half a 
teaspoon of garlic powder;   Onion powder; for a bit of smokiness, some smoked 
paprika; dried oregano; and some dried basil. Add in the sausage with the 
peppers, shallots, and mushrooms,   And then we can mix this all together. 
So, you want to make sure that cream   Cheese gets really well combined with the 
ground sausage and all the other fillings. And then just grab a spoon and we’ll 
start filling these right up! So you   Want to kind of press the filling on the 
inside first, and then we’re going to   Add a nice big heaping spoonful on top. 
I’m just going to shape it into place. [Music]

And now for our topping! I have half a 
cup of panko breadcrumbs. Going to add   In a couple tablespoons of melted 
butter. Add in some garlic powder. And sprinkle in some fresh parsley.   And you just want to mix that together until the 
bread crumbs are nicely coated in that butter. And then sprinkle that crumb 
topping over each mushroom. I’ve increased the heat on my oven to 425 degrees 
Fahrenheit. And once these are all topped,   If you have extra, just sprinkle extra crumbs 
on top. They’re going to bake for about 23 to 25   Minutes. You want the topping to be a really nice 
golden-brown color. And then once they’re out of   The oven, you want to wait just a little bit like, 
give it 10-15 minutes for the mushrooms to cool   Down, because they are going to be super piping 
hot when they come out of the oven! Yumm, I can’t   Wait to dig in and enjoy these! These look so 
good! They’re gonna be so perfect for any holiday   Party. These mushrooms look so incredible coming 
out of the oven! I’m gonna gently lift them with   A spatula; hold them on the top as well. Oh, that 
looks so incredible! I love that crispy topping! Let’s cut into one of these so you guys 
can see what they look like on the inside. Check that out! Just piping hot, creamy,   Cheesy filling on the inside. This 
is going to taste so incredible! And that’s it for my sausage stuffed mushrooms! 
These smell so incredibly delicious when they’re   In the oven! Your kitchen gets filled with this 
incredible almost smoky, savory aroma! You guys   Are going to love these from the very first bite! 
For the full list of ingredients and the written   Instructions, don’t forget to head on down into 
that video description box, click on the link,   And it’ll take you over to my website so you can 
find everything online. All right, let’s dig in   And enjoy! I think these have cooled down just a 
little bit, but still a little hot from the oven. [Music] Mmm! That creamy, cheesy filling is something else! 
It is so incredibly delicious! You have like   A flavor bomb going off in your mouth! You 
have all the combination with the sausage,   The peppers, the shallots, the cheese, and 
then that crispy panko bread topping! Oh,   You guys are just in for a 
real treat with this recipe! I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe as much as I 
do, and I hope it’s a great hit at your next party   Or a dinner get together. Thank you guys so much 
for watching my latest episode. Leave me a comment   Down, below I love to hear from you guys! And 
I’ll see you next time with a new recipe! [Music] [Music]

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