DRINK 1/2 CUP DAILY to Lower Cortisol, Lose Belly Fat, and Help Depression

Learn how a simple 1/2 cup of tea could help lower cortisol and create some interesting health effects.


0:00 Introduction: How to lower cortisol naturally
0:10 Cortisol resistance
4:48 How to decrease stress and cortisol
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Let’s talk about how to lower cortisol, lose belly fat, and support a healthy mood with a simple 1/2 cup of tea.

Cortisol is the main stress hormone. Many people are exposed to chronic high cortisol levels. When you’re exposed to high levels of cortisol over a long time, you could potentially develop cortisol resistance.

Cortisol resistance is a situation where you have high levels of cortisol in the body, but it’s not working as it should. This can lead to a cascade of health problems.

Some people end up with cortisol resistance due to stress, but others have a genetic weakness that can lead to this issue.

Potential effects of high cortisol:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Belly fat
• Cognitive problems
• Metabolic syndrome
• Bone loss
• Insulin resistance

The best remedy to lower cortisol is a phytonutrient called EGCG in green tea. Drinking green tea regularly may help reduce stress and lower cortisol.

Other great natural remedies to lower cortisol:
• Licorice
• Curcumin
• Emodin (Japanese knotweed)

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Thanks for watching! Try drinking green tea to help lower cortisol. I’ll see you in the next video.

Was a really great tea that you could Consume on a regular basis in fact you Only need to drink a half a glass of it Per day to create some really Significant effects especially on Cortisol as you may already know Cortisol is the main stress hormone and A lot of people are being exposed to a Chronic amount of high level cortisol And here’s the problem when you’re Exposed to cortisol over a long period Of time it’s like being exposed to Insulin over a long period of time your Body starts developing cortisol Resistance just like insulin resistance And that’s a situation where there’s a Feedback loop problem so in other words The receptor is blocked so the signals Don’t get back to turn off things and so The cell actually is suffering from a Cortisol deficiency and so then the Adrenals just start pumping up more and More and more and more so you have a Situation where you have a lot of Cortisol in the body yet it’s not Working so you have all sorts of Problems inflammatory problems stress Problems weight problems Etc etc But this problem can actually come from Two different ways one is through stress But the other is not through stress but Just by having a genetic problem with The enzyme that turns the inactive form

Of cortisol into the active form okay so There’s this enzyme that basically does That and if you have a genetic problem With that enzyme you can either have two Situations one is that the enzyme is Turned up too much so just the tiniest Bit of stress you get this high level of Cortisol and a lot of problems that are Connected to it on the flip side if you Have this enzyme turned down because of Some genetic weakness or whatever Then it could be the opposite right you Go through stress but you don’t get the Benefit of cortisol so it’s kind of like Having cortisol resistance so both of These problems really give you the same Bad problems the where I got this Information is I was recently Um for fun reading this book called Natural products and their drug Discovery it’s a textbook of all sorts Of research on how they develop drugs And what’s interesting is about 50 to 70 Percent of drugs that were developed Were derived from plant compounds and so I was looking in the area of stress and I found this one phytonutrient that had Some significant Potent effects to inhibit the enzyme Okay that converts the inactive to the Active form of cortisol and so some of The comments in the book were like this Could be a therapeutic Target To replace some drugs that do this with

Virtually no side effects and of course It’s not going to happen because there’s No money in it and you can’t patent this But I’m going to make you aware of this One phytonutrient that can potently help You reduce cortisol I first want to just Mention all the effects that can happen If you have too much cortisol in the Body whether you’re experiencing stress Or have a problem with this Gene so Number one you could experience Depression Anxiety you can also experience more Belly fat okay because these receptors For cortisol are in the belly as well so You could be just pumping out all this Cortisol and getting fat the medical Term for a cortisol is called Glucocorticoids it’s because it’s Involved with glucose so when you’re in A state of stress your body is not going To be running on fat it’s going to be Running on glucose like quick energy Cognitive problems relating to your Focus memory concentration and this also Is related to metabolic syndrome and That’s a combination of midsection fat High blood sugars which is kind of Diabetes or pre-diabetes and then also Hypertension and then also High lipids Like LDL cholesterol things like that All of that coming from high cortisol And high sugar another one polycystic Ovarian syndrome okay which is an

Androgen problem in females where They’re getting facial hair and Midsection weight in a deeper voice is Really coming from high levels of Cortisol Could come from a diet Problem by Consuming too many carbs or experiencing Too much stress okay now another problem That’s actually quite common is bone Loss after you go through menopause and That could come from either this genetic Problem or high levels of cortisol Cortisol is very destructive to your Bones so that’s going to put the person At risk for fractures and of course the Person also is going to develop insulin Resistance not necessarily from sugar But from the stress so What is this phytonutrient okay well it Is e g c g in green tea okay now that Run so green tea is what you need to Start drinking on a regular basis you Just need a little bit but consistently Just drink it every day and it’s an Inexpensive thing it’s easy to do and it Can greatly help you reduce cortisol in A potent way there are a few other Things they mentioned in this book that Can also inhibit and that enzyme called 11 beta hydroxy steroid Dehydrogenase type 1. now you can sound Very very smart at a party but here are The other things you could actually do Licorice curcumin which is good for just

About everything and also emotein in Japanese not wheat so there you have it Some really great information on a Natural way to lower cortisol without All the side effects if you have not Seen my video on the acupressure Technique to lower cortisol you have to Check that one on mix and I put that Video up right here

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