Doing Push Ups at My Friends Party 🎉 | Push ups for Chest @Fabonevafolds

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My name is Bam BAAM, I am the CEO of SenzuCulture™️. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a Plant based diet, and free mind. I was raised in both Nigeria and Brooklyn and learn you don’t need a gym membership to be fit. You don’t need short cuts to reach your fitness goals the world is your gym. Hard work, motivation, and dedication is all you need. I’ve been training for 5 years without taking any supplements & steroids. I’ve have proved bodyweight training alone can help build a great physic. Representing the calisthenics community 100%.

What is calisthenics?

The gymnastic exercises

[Music] Yo what is up guys we are back at it Again Cause we can't stop we won't stop we Never stop you're too addicted to this We are out here where are we at bro guys Scott Barrel man yo what what is this About brother bro this is an IC Company uh-huh organization where we're Trying to uplift young black people like Ourselves they want the higher Heights So basically yeah we're taking from zero To a hundred Real quick [Music] Step in Step In Yo like I said though You know we are addicted to this man Wherever we got we got to stay active we Gotta stay fit so today we are going to Do a push-up routine one to ten push-ups Slowly man we're gonna build that chest Up we're gonna build that tricep up hey Whoever want to join they could join man But we gonna have a good time we still Gonna party hey cause you don't stop Let's go Google [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Let's go one [Music] Voila

Two let's get it [Music] Four [Music] Five Six six 101 One one Hand let's go let's go let's go Let's go [Music] Out two people out come on man I'm gonna Call it this Two people out two people two two weeks [Music] All right Now let's go [Music] Tonight [Music] Let's go One more all right let's keep doing this Interrupting tonight [Music] Please make sure he talks to the people Who are concerning you one more time and You know get your numbers get their Contacts again and make sure you go Check that out of school yeah [Music] Yeah [Music] Yeah Grab one of these one more time

And make sure y'all take that corner Let's keep it rocking the music All right show me your style show me What you guys show me what you guys get Let's go let's go let's go let's go Let's go [Music] Hello [Music] What's up [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] All right [Music] Now [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Come Away [Music] Come on [Music] [Music] Yo guys [Music] We just finished up [Music] Here Excuse me [Music]

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