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Born and raised in bed stuy brooklyn parents from Jamaica. I have been working out for 2 years consistently. My first year was weighted training until i injured myself and then was forced to do Calisthenics. Wanting to further my fitness journery. I have fell in love with Calisthenics not only did i gain alot more strength and abilities but i was able to heal myself through Calisthenics. Im a very Focused person when it comes to working out but i want to spread the love. Hit me for training
only serious inquiries!!!!!

Sorry one two one one Two One Two one one one Two one one Two Because the exercises like these One two one one Two Yo shout out to you guys thank you for Liking thank you for subscribing thank You for supporting my page roll to one Million get me to 1 million subscribers Guys let's change the world fill me Today Um I'm working on a program for you guys So I'm going to show you and I'm gonna Show you this routine and not only show You this routine it's a Super Saiyan Routine so only either Um advance or intimate to Advanced could Probably do this routine if you're a Beginner Um shoot me a DM follow my patreon so You can get a program to be able to get Uh even more beginner exercises to be Able to get to this level But guys I'm creating a program just for You guys this is one of the workouts to The program I'm going to give you a Little secret as well this is key for The program just so you can understand How to change your body so before I Started my YouTube I was I started this

Training right and I call this program That I'm working on for you guys this is The Bible that I followed by and I Stopped doing my training because I Started doing more videos teaching you Guys what to do but now I've gotten to This I call it Super Saiyan level three You know what I mean so in order for me To get to level four I gotta get back to My original training you know what I Mean so guys let us all Throw them grow together first thing First the rules of these exercises every Single rep one rep is not like this That is not a wreck I'm sorry guys we Are going to be practicing slow motion Slow tempo uh exercises Um with every rep that we do with any Exercise that we do why because we're Going to gain strength and possibly gain Mass this is how you gain mass and Strength all at the same time but we're Gonna mix some weights some calisthenics A little bit of hybrid training so check It out let's start now guys I love you Guys This is about to hurt Let's go So As you go into your pull-ups As I said two seconds Into the negative one two one second Hole one two that's one rep let's go one Two

One Two let's go higher let's pull more one Two one one two let's see if we go Higher one two One One Two One Two One one two One Two one One two the amount of reps doesn't Matter You just keep going until you can't go No more Your body will tell you Foreign [Applause] And as you can see the results Is almost instant Ah [Music] Of course if we do pull-ups we gotta do Push-ups When you finish bro Boots You put this on my back for me Brody Wow My arms are engaged to the point where I Don't want to use too much energy to put That myself so shout out to my God Ah same old Applause one [Music]

Two One one Two One Two one one Two One two One one two One Two one one Two ah [Applause] Take it off boots one two one one two Understand the muscle confusion guys Apply your weights I shouldn't wait till you resist the Training to your training period and Then taking off that weight and continue In the training Causes muscle confusion your muscle Doesn't know that you just put on weight Just feels the difference of resistance So by confusing it you're causing Those muscle groups do not only getting Engaged but to also gain Mass especially Doing this type of exercises ah Ah what's that super pump from that Whoo Super pumped from that ah [Music] Little minimum mess get down low baby Girl Get low low and we keep going every Single exercise

And we're gonna do We're gonna do like four of the big Um movement which are exercises that Work on multiple muscle groups so we're Gonna focus on our full body Ah One sorry one two one one Two One Two one one two come close and come Around So you can see one two One one two One two One one two One two One one so One two One one two One two One one Two every single exercise so Not only In my program do I show you how to test Your body out to see whatever you are With these exercises and or more Beginner exercises but you'll be able to Test your body out and I'll show you how To be able to gain the strength the Flexibility whatever you need to Progress to the next Um uh the progression of the exercise so We got the pull-ups we did the push-ups We did ABS as well

Can't forget legs Laughs Ah come on this side Right there Sing a little Applause This time I got a little weight just to Gain more mass on the legs but if you Can do a pistol squat one Two One one Two switch legs same rule of pass one Two One one two Why To One One two you activate to stabilize the Muscles you activate a little Muscle groups and fibers that normally Are sleep or lay dormant Because you're not doing exercises to Activate them By slowing your exercises down you have To focus on not only Doing the not just doing the wrap but Also other things like stabilize the Muscles balancing And you don't have to go too heavy I'm using a lightweight today so yeah I Could just so you can see my level ah Now that was all kind of sex let me show You how to do it with weights A lot of people want arms and they don't Want to do pull up push-ups different

Squats they like to lose weight one of The basic exercises for arms is bicep Curls same root applies do not fast Switch if you do a fast switch just do It for muscle adaptation athleticism That's it if you're doing one extra rep For your set that doesn't mean you've Gained strength that means you've gained Stamina to gain strength now Take your time Show these different variations Combinations One Two one one two same rule of plus one Two one one two One Two one one two One Two one one two We do this guys stay where you at we do This guys to activate the biceps to Activate the muscle groups so that we Can cause growth with the next exercises You don't want to just do one motion Thinking that that cause you growth Because a lot of times you're just Activating the muscle you're not even Working it yet so now that the muscles Is activated you're going to work it and We'll show these which as I tell you all The time sure these help you gain Mass If you don't have any weights that's all You need my biceps are feeling crazy now And activated because I've been doing it

Nice and slow Two seconds going up one second and a Negative two seconds go back into Positive we're gonna go all the way up With it now From here to here one two one one two Same rule applies one two one one So Ah 10 pounds these people these people Out here lifting heavy heavy weight but Not understanding how to activate the Muscle groups once you activate the Muscles it doesn't matter what type of Weight you have now that it's active It's fun it's just painful I could feel The growth I'm positive now full range Of motion one two one one two look at my Look at my biceps see how crazy I look Now one two One one two some guys do biceps and when You touch that biceps are still soft on When they relax if you touch my bicep Even one of my relax it's gonna have Some type of firmness Because the exercises like these One two one one Two Look guys Not only have my biceps got crazy my um Red dose middle belts uh and front delts Feel crazy my whole shoulder feel crazy My chest is activated if I do one more Set my chest will start feeling pretty Crazy my core is engaged stupid stupid

Whereas it feels like someone is like Pulling it together it feels so intact Like it's great my legs are engaged Because those nice little pistol squats Never Skip Leg Day leg day every single Day full body guys One of the things I love to focus on is Killing an area but always focusing on Full body I'll kill my arms say today I Want to make my arms look different I'm Gonna kill I'm gonna do I always do arms Exercises and not only am I going to do Arm exercises I'm still gonna do chest Exercises it's gonna be full body I'm Just gonna do a thousand more reps with My arms Or probably in a even slower manner than That you know what I mean it's like a Gain Mass my game my goal is not to gain Mass is now it's a transform into Super Saiyan level 4. From Super Saiyan level three Feel me shout out to you guys thank you For liking thanks for subscribing make Sure you slash everything you're Attracted to feel me especially my guy My brother from another mother's Girlfriend Goku pop cause shout out to My God Goku Punk because he helped me Start my YouTube make sure you go follow My Tick Tock I got this program that I'll be dropping out soon guys this is As important as your Bible at home as Your Quran that you put on your dresser

Because you will need this in your life Especially if you're going to change Your life and you can utilize this for The rest of your life filming so thank You guys for helping inspire me to Inspire you so that we Inspire the world Feel me always release your negative Energy in a positive way and five Floor got a mic guys three Two One [Music] I am the answer to all living things That cry out for peace I am protector of The innocent I am the light in the Darkness I am true [Music]

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