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Do This Everyday To Lose Weight And Burn Fat! | 7 Day Challenge

Ladies, in this video we will be doing a 7 day challenge that will help you lose weight. If you Do this everyday you’ll definitely lose weight and burn fat but you need to also remember… DIET COMES FIRST!

So do this workout everyday to lose weight and let’s transform your body with this 7 day challenge!


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What’s going on ladies, Welcome to my YouTube channel. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for almost 8 years. I provide online coaching helping thousands of women every year worldwide. As you can see my main focus on my channel is helping women mentally and physically. My goal is to give women the motivation, confidence and knowledge to be the best versions of themselves!

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0:00 – INTRO
0:49 – WARM UP
15:27 – REST
26:05 – WARM DOWN
31:50 – OUTRO


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34 Comentários

  1. My 7 day Challenge is one and done! Thank you for inspiring me to get my exercise mojo back! I've now moved on to your Dumbbell workout and the Back Fat Challenge! I love that your videos and moves are easy to follow. The exercises are done at a manageable pace so it doesn't feel like I'm killing myself lol! Most videos are short and not too long so I can get a workout in during a 10-15 min break from work! The music is awesome too! I recommend your videos to anyone who would like to get in shape!

  2. It's really a brilliant idea to give temptation of weight reduction in 7 days. This way we can easily commit and make it our habit. Once done for 7 days, we do it for 14 then 21 and woahhh it becomes a habit. Loved this workout and your idea.

  3. Just started this yesterday! Firstly, WOW! What an amazing work out! I've always been afraid of HIT but you created a programme that is very encouraging, 🙌🏽😊 Thank you! With your epic video's and dietary advice I am really looking forward to improving my fitness and health!
    Would it be possible to do a 7 day resistance band challenge? Thanks again Mr London 🙌🏽👑🤗

  4. …then you finish it with a plank. At this point I looked at the screen and said "he's is (bleeping) crazy!" But I did a 45 sec. plank 💪 thanks for the morning workouts!

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