Do this before your next leg day 🔥

Be a good friend and TAG a friend who never warms up 👀👇

My girl we need to speak…. When is the last time you warmed up? 👀

Now hear me out I’m not expecting some 20 mins wild warm up if you don’t require it (injury prone/ getting back to it) I’m just asking when’s the last time you prepped your body before you put it through weights ?

Every single @evolveyou app program workout starts with a warm up 10/15 mins max just to get you ready! Lubricate your joints/ primer that body and warm it up properly.

Stick to dynamic movements never static to truly get that blood pumping.

✅ Perform each movement 10-12 reps x 2 rounds

Using my EVOLVE YOU fitness mat in energy orange so cushioned and protecting !

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