Dilatex vasodilator combinations potentiate the stimulation, synthesis and maintenance of nitric oxide, rzresponsible for winor muscle mass. The supplement has become the rage of the moment among bodybuilders and athletes whose goal is hypertrophy.


The pump effect, in bodybuilding, has a great relationship with hypertrophy. The term means ‘to pump’ and refers to the increase in blood flow circulated in the muscle: vasodilation. The amount of blood in the tissues results in the muscle being denser, making it appear larger.

What is Ditalex?

Developed by the Power Supplements laboratory, the vasodilator has the OxyPump technology, which offers an effective effect to stimulate nitric oxide. Studies point out that OxyPump can maintain the PUMP effect for a longer time and generate progressive effects in mass gain.

What are the results of Ditalex?

  • Permanent muscle pumping from five to seven days of use;
  • Fast gain in muscle mass;
  • Increased vascularity (jumped veins);
  • Amazing gain in strength;
  • Considerable load increases in exercises;
  • More resistance and breath;

Furthermore, Dilatex takes away fatigue without straining your central nervous system. You get past the times you would normally be tired naturally by stimulating carnosine. In addition to the main effect: the pump monster.

What is the Dilatex formula?

The Dilatex formula is based on the components that generate the NO effect in the best-selling pre-workout supplements on the market such as: Jack 3d, Nano Vapor, NO Shotgun, No Xplode, Plasmajet and others. The technology combines a composite of Alanine and Arginine through chelated minerals. When a mineral molecule is linked to one of these amino acids, it facilitates the assimilation by the organism, promoting a rapid absorption of the amino acids.

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