Day 6-18 JUMP ROPE CHALLENGE TRANSFORMATION! WEIGHT LOSS! My Secret Fat Melting Drink. Quick Results

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An unfiltered diary vlog of my jump rope journey…days 6 to 18 of a 30 day challenge. I was finally able to increase my time from 15-20 mins to 30 mins by day 18.
I also started a raw milk fast on day 15 which lasted 6 days. I found I had so much more energy and stamina to do jump rope during the raw milk fast.
It helps me to lose weight faster when I keep to a protein based diet. A protein based diet for me includes fish, chicken/beef, liver, eggs, raw milk, yogurt, kefir, raw honey, etc.
I try to incorporate freshly squeezed raw juice because I find it greatly benefits digestion if taken regularly. I’m less hungry and have more energy. My favorite things to juice include celery, grapefruit, lemon, green apple, beets, and ginger. Yummy. Not all in one drink though.
One thing I will recommend is the magnesium CALM powder for muscle cramps and recovery.
Helpful gadgets I used were the muscle massage roller (or what its called) to massage out tight sore muscles, which I found was very effective, as well as, a thigh toner that quickly sculpts the inner/outer thighs. I love this thing. Just make sure to get the sturdy kind because there are a lot of cheap replicas out there. The original is called the Thigh Master, I believe.
I also show my morning fat burning drink that is great to move the lymphatic system. I literally will sit and sweat will be running down my abdomin.

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