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[Music] Thank you [Music] Hey my loves welcome back to my channel Before we get into this video this video Is sponsored by elements element is a Tasty electrolyte drink mix which Contains a science back electrolyte Ratio which is 1 000 milligrams of Sodium 200 milligrams potassium and 60 Milligrams magnesium of course there’s No sugar no artificial ingredients or Colorings no gluten and my favorite no BS it’s formulated to help anyone with Their electrolyte needs and is perfectly Suited for people on a keto low carb or Paleo diet when my boyfriend saw this Package he immediately was so excited Because he never stops talking about Salt and it really helped me a lot I’m Always fatigued and that was one of the Symptoms of having electrolyte Efficiency and it also helps prevent and Eliminate headaches and muscle cramps Element is offering a free sample pack With any purchase that’s eight single Serving packets three with any element Order that’s a great way to try all the Flavors I will have a link down below so You guys can check them out hey my loves Okay let’s get into this video before we Start honestly I apologize for the Quality of this video it was really dark In there as you can see somebody was

Already there and I don’t know I think One of the lights was turned off and I Didn’t realize but anyways Um I know it’s been a minute since I Posted a video honestly I’ve been Struggling with like trying to handle Both All my socials like Instagram and YouTube so I feel like for work when I Have to do it’s easier for me to like Have one content week for Instagram and Then have another content week for just YouTube so that I can Balance it all out but anyways Um before we get into the studio as well Again Um as you can see I am not at a I’m just Using my condo gym So basically this video is just gonna be More of the upper body Exercises that you can do at your condo Gym or like if you’re traveling Something that’s pretty basic and also I Want to point out that my upper body you Know it needs some work as you can see In the photos I feel like my shoulders And my traps and my arms look better Than my back personally I personally Feel like I want to gain more definition In my back Um but I’ll talk about you know muscles And upper body stuff the uh later in the Video but Um yeah we’re just warming up and I’m

Gonna do a part two of this video and The part two is going to be more at a Gym because I have way more upper body Workouts that I love doing at the gym But like I said this video is more for Like basic or beginner type stuff but You might see the same thing again in The part two so I don’t know we’ll see In this video I also wanted to touch Base on Um the fact that I get a lot of messages From girls Um saying that they don’t want to work Up work out their upper body because They’re scared of looking manly or Bulking up too much muscle and stuff Like that and honestly ladies like if You’re listening that is not the case Unless you’re training your goal is to Be Um super super buff and fit it’s even Then it’s going to take you such a long Time to get to that physique Um but training don’t be scared to train Your upper body training your upper body Will give you that nice definition and Obviously everybody’s goals are Different Um I personally have recently like I Love the look of a shredded back or I’m Gonna show you some photos or examples Of people that I mean and I’ve come to Life like you know my shoulders or my Traps and like my um my lats and stuff

Like that I just feel like overall it Makes my physique look better and again Like I said everybody has a different Opinion and perception of how they want To look and stuff like that that doesn’t Mean we should judge other people based On what they you know what I mean me Personally I create my own body goals I Look at something that I want and I work Hard to get it Um even though like sometimes I may Struggle or I’m not even there like Personally my back or my upper body it Doesn’t even look like how I actually Wanted to be you know so Um I feel like don’t be scared to train Your upper body and you should just do It you just look overall you look so Much better and for the longest time to I only trained abs and legs occasionally I would do my upper body but it was so Small and well I mean in the term of Like I would rarely train my upper body And I started to notice even though Because I I was bulking right so that I Could gain weight in my lower body I Noticed that I was I was starting to Gain a lot of weight in my upper body And it didn’t look good so once I Started training my upper body it just Meshed my physique all together and it Just looked fit if that makes sense I Don’t know if I’m explaining it properly But

Basically the point you should take is Train your upper body because you’re Gonna look good And honestly for the people that comment Below my videos or anything really That’s like oh I’ve gained weight or uh Oh that’s too muscly or that’s to this Listen I’m not living my life for you You commenting doesn’t do any like That’s your opinion so I don’t know why You’re trying to force your own opinion Or your own perspective of what’s Beautiful Um under my comments you know what I Mean like go and mind your business go To the gym go find something better to Do I’m not my body is how I want it to Be so shut up [Music] But anyways yeah personally I feel like Overall my back back is like okay Um I feel like uh as of right now my Upper body would be my shoulders and my Arms that probably look better than my Back but then again I don’t really train It’s been a while since I trained my Back and you guys you always have to Remember if you want to improve Something you actually have to go and do It so you can’t complain that this isn’t That defined or I haven’t gained muscle In my legs or or my calves but yet You’re not actually putting in the work Don’t mind me to do it you know so

Um you know that’s when the Accountability comes in of you know Being like hey I haven’t been training This so it looks like and in order For it to look better and improve I have To put the work into it so yeah Um anyways I feel like I say I feel and all this stuff more Often honestly you guys it’s been a While since I posted a video so Um the audio part of this is just like Me ranting and stuff like that but Anyways the part two that I’m gonna do Next I will do it at the gym because This is my condo gym and it’s not really It doesn’t really have that much thing That much equipment and stuff so I feel Like if you really Um are looking for upper body exercises To Um Define and help and grow your upper Body and stuff like that or not even Grow just like tone or like I said Define Um stay tuned for my part two thank you So much for watching and I will see you Guys in my next video [Music] Let’s be alone [Music] Are you hanging on the road all by Yourself [Music] [Music]

Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] What the hell

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