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Thank you Look at this piece Thank you Welcome to Barbados Brett stop judging me we said you Wouldn't give me those judgmental eyes Again welcome to Barbados I told you I'd Vlog and here I am Vlog of the Year Vlogging on holiday who is she I cannot Relate to her I don't know who she is so As you saw we worked out in the morning And that is something that I always try And consciously do when I'm on holiday I Know a lot of people are like why do you Work out on holiday you're on vacation Chill but it makes me just feel better And it makes me just feel so much I Don't know just more energetic when I When I work out so that's what we are Trying to do majority of the holiday but We'll see how we feel but then today we Are gonna go Turtle watching and I have Been debating this because I can't swim I can't swim I don't want to learn how To swim before anyone stops messaging I Just I just can't it terrifies me every Time I look at the big blue ocean I'm Like my feet belong on the ground I'm Not the type of person to jump out of a Plane I'm not a type of person's bungee Jam I like to have a risk-free life Because my anxiety could just never ever Ever cope with that but I've got a life Jacket on Brett's there the life person

The life Turtle Man life God tell what's Really cool the tour guide yeah tour Guide is going to be there so I think I'll be fine and I'm excited to see Turtles also just want to show you my Bikini because I think it is so like Island life girl hold on there we go Look at this How cute I feel like a mermaid in this Bikini it's from a brand called Nina It's like I think it's oh polyester Company and I just thought it was so Cute and it's so pretty so I decided to Buy it see what it's like and I think It's quite nice so I bought this and Then Brett keeps calling me a mermaid Today because it's like a satin blue but I just I'm vibing with that I think it's Quite cute and the thing is you guys Know this I'm not like a diamondy glitzy Kind of girl I like everything to be Matte minimalistic and simple hence why Honor is like so simple and clean but I Saw this and I was like you know what We're gonna go for it it's Barbados We're gonna go for it and I don't regret It I do not regret it I think it's quite Cute why are you smiling at me Talking about what do you mean what I Was talking about do you like my bikini I don't know what are you justifying it Justifying what what that's not what I'm Saying I'm saying that I never go for Shiny things and then this one is just

So out of my comfort zone well they've Got mock me for oh I'm not God's sake Guys we're not going to swim with a Turtle the guy got the dates mixed up Man like Randall came up to us and he Was like we've overbooked the turtle Boat and I went I'm not talking about Randall and he goes pop over booked the Turtle boat so do you want to go later On today or do you want to go tomorrow And I just said do you know what no Stress we'll go tomorrow so instead We're gonna do paddle boarding and catch Up on my tan that's what I'm gonna do Life is good life is good you know when Who is it who says it future is a future That says in the Drake song Life is good I hate you Oh I'm an embarrassment that tickle you That tickle you you know when he goes Life is good You know that song Okay but listen hold on hold on hold on Can we just established like left right Left right or right left left right Okay not too far yeah look at you Chilling my friend You guys don't show you than me I'm Wanted by the cops don't worry my friend No one will find you here Now this camera and I can't cannot Vlog It cannot be hold on maybe I can hear You know what guys I'm gonna try and

Vlog for you What do you mean right yeah Right Now what you have to go yes again one Left wait we were two in turn turn The boat Row row left row wait hey we're going a Bit deep now wait where are you going You're turning that way Brett you look like you're absolutely Struggling my friend Are you okay this was always your plan To take me in the deep blue ocean knock Me out and throw me abroad let it float With your arms Where do you want to go To heaven right we're at lunch and I got Grilled fish Potatoes and a salad and bread got lamb And potato where's all your veggies You don't want any scraps So very very different people guys it is Absolutely pissing it down with rain so We've had to come back into the hotel Room and we're gonna just watch some Netflix and chill and I am trying to Convince Brett to grow his hair long Yeah Yeah but I have a vision and I think it Would look so good on you I support your Decision either way it's it's like a Preference like your preference for me Is long hair right you look good as you Are babe but if I had if I cut my hair

Like a bob or Bust or like a fair like a Pixie cart what would you say love you Regardless oh my gosh you like why is he Why are you lying no obviously be honest Be honest don't be lying for when the Recording camera is on sir please every Time I say to you I'm gonna cut my hair Short you freak out and you go don't do That leave your hell as long as it is I Love it long yeah So that's the preference I have a Preference too can I show you what I Mean Let me show you what I think Brett will Look sick with maybe or maybe not I've Been influenced by Vikings on Netflix Maybe a little bit but I think men with Long hair there's a thing there's a Thing there you can't tell me otherwise Like imagine just like yes Grow it out Either way I love you and either way You've gone through so many images and You can't find one but as soon as you See them on Netflix that's when you like It because it's all made to part of his Nook yeah Oh Foreign Barbados we have had literally the best Time but it's so funny everyone keeps Asking me if I'm engaged Brett Where is my ring the rain you promised

Me it will come so if anyone's asking Please don't because the pressure the Pressure is too much yeah it's so funny Everyone was like oh my God he's gonna Pop the question I'm like babes we all Know what happened in my last engagement Don't rush me please step by step let me Try and build an Empire let me try and Get stuck in time and then we'll discuss Other things but when I get back into The UK I'm gonna be doing a what I eat In a day because we haven't done one of Those in a really long time and I feel Like I used to love doing them and you Used to love watching them so I don't Know why I stopped doing them so I'm Going to do one of those and hopefully You'll get some recipe inspo to take Along with you in meal prep and Throughout the week so I want to love You leave you thank you so much for Watching I love you always and forever And I'll see you next time what next Time I did not say it like that I'll see You next time next time for another Episode of Chrissy and Brett take Barbados

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