The pectorals, as one of the muscle groups that receive the most attention in the gym, are often not trained correctly and this directly impacts the results obtained during physical exercises.
Even if it is sometimes difficult to gain some muscle mass in the pectorals, don’t be fooled and know that you are also capable of having great pectorals, just follow the exercises to the letter and correctly execute all the movements.
Here are some valuable tips on exercises involving the pectorals.
1 – Train your pectorals twice a week and know how to take your training to maximum performance.
2 – One of the biggest mistakes in the bench press is just lifting weight without knowing how the movement should be performed. For a good result, retract the shoulder blades whenever you lower the barbell or dumbbell onto the breasts, this retraction increases the intensity of the training on the pectorals, reducing the work on the deltoids.
3 – Use variation in your training using the barbell and dumbbells, but don’t use the barbell and dumbbells when performing the same exercises. Example: Barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press.
4 – Pay attention to the speed of the exercise. Always use loads that favor the correct execution of the exercise and do not overload your muscles with heavy weights. Lower the bar in the straight bench press until it touches the chest and use a correct grip that does not take the intensity off the chest and put it on the shoulders and not so close that it puts the intensity on the triceps.
Working out the pectorals will always be one of the main exercises sought by everyone in the gym and it won’t always be easy to achieve but with good monitoring and with the correct techniques and perfect execution you will soon see how big and strong chest muscles you can get .

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